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on 10 July 2017
The original walkthrough was professional and fully comprehensive.

This one by bradys is more of a quick/rushed guide that did not appeal to me. The pages are dark and cheap and to be honest I would not recommend it. Sorry.
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on 16 June 2001
Youve got the game. Youre stuck. Who do u turn to? you buy this book of course! I was only an average Final Fantasy 7 player until i got this guide. It tells u the location of EVERY item, monster, weapon and ALL the materia in the game. It helped me to defeat All of the weapons including Ultima weapon, Ruby weapon and Emerald weapon with its powerful materia guides. Buy it now - Its worth it!!
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on 8 October 2003
I bought this guide book after completing the game twice without it, and I am very glad that I did...
Nothing compares to going through a game with no guide the first time - it feels great when you solve a puzzle or discover a secret for yourself, and also there is no temptation to read a few pages ahead and find out what will happen next. I guess I am weak-willed!
The guide itself looks a little dated inside, and there are some missing bits of info. However, it will tell you everything you need to get the Golden Chocobo, defeat Ruby and Emerald Weapons, and get everybodys' ultimate limit break and weapon. I also find it much better than printing a guide from a website, as it is a lot easier on the eye, and contains some basic background info on each character.
As an additional note, this is a much better guide than the FFIX guide, which constantly suggests people go to playonline.com to find the games secrets. The FFVII guide is generally complete, and a great addition to any gamers library.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 7 September 2010
This is a reasonably good guide to assist with playing Final Fantasy 7. It is poor in parts, but some of the hints and tips and location information is invaluable. I can't believe how many important potions, materia and weapons I just ran past without noticing.

I'm new to this franchise and after (finally) finishing the game I decided to find out how I should have tackled various areas where I struggled, so when I saw this book I decided to see where I was making the mistakes.

It covers the game basics, character profiles, walkthrough, side areas, bestiary, weapons, armour, accessories, items, materia, and world maps.

The game basics are done in small groups of one or two sentence bullet points. Not really as informative as I would have expected. The character profiles are more like upgrade guides telling you what moves you require for the four levels; and it covers every playable good guy. Both these sections are poor.

The bestiary is very handy. It tells you the monsters level, type of attack place it can be found, and a lot more information about form and points level which will enable you to take on every level of boss. It does take, however, a while to get used to the key code which accompanies the bestiary.

The "walk-through" is in fact more of the guide to how to approach the game. It gives you a number of tips and warnings as well as small maps areas. The maps show at areas where you may be able to pick up items such as potion. Each area section also contains a guide to the boss fights.

I am mainly using this to see where the potions, materia, and weapons, are that I missed during my own first few runs. I have also spent a certain amount of time looking at the hints and tips for the boss fights to see where I was going wrong.

I am, however, extremely glad that I finished the game on my own first. For me, the object using a game guide like this is the ability to dip in and out of it once you have finished the game yourself and are going through it on a subsequent attempt. I don't believe I would have enjoyed the game is much if I'd have used the book at the beginning.

If you are stuck and can see no way out you may be able to find some help within the hints and tips of the book.
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on 24 January 2006
I have completed this game a few times before, so i thought I would get this guide and see what sorts of things I had missed in the game. You wouldn't believe the ammount of hidden items, secret areas and such. This book in no way spoils the game, it adds to the pleasure of playing. I would recommend anyone who has played this game before to buy this book.
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on 21 December 2005
I have completed the game several times but yet never found all the hidden items.When I saw this guide I thought yeah why not. I can honestly tell you it is well worth the money. It go through step-by-step walkthrough of the game and provides tips and hints for difficult parts.
The only downside is that when you have completed the game and think that you have completed all aspects it goes on to tell you about things like coloured chocobos and how to fight the weapons. Overall this is a fantastic guide and would recommened to anyone!!!
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VINE VOICEon 19 May 2002
To be fair, the walkthrough section is pretty detailed, although the layout isn't great (there's a lot of wasted space that could have been put to better use). But beyond that, it's pretty disappointing. The bestiary and equipment lists are incomplete and inaccurate in places, and certainly could have used more detail instead of being squashed into the last few pages. Certainly, it's a good book if all you want to do is get through FF7 from A-Z, but if you're looking for details like how to get the Curse Ring, what the Enemy Skills do or how much HP Emerald Weapon has, then you'll need to look elsewhere, because this book, despite what it claims, does not have complete coverage of the game.
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on 4 October 2003
So you like to cheat then?!! tut tut. This book has it all to Final Fantasy VII, if your to lazy to do it yourself, find every item, destroy each and every weapon then this is the book for you! It shows you where EVERY item, weapon and character is located, providing indepth information on spells, materia, summons, character profiles, locations, how to defeat bosses and a great walkthrough! especially in the Great Glaicer.. boy did that annoy me!
You can pratically become a Final Fantasy VII god with this book, you can find out everything you need to know in the game in the few hundred pages- from enemy stats to obtaining secret items.
In my opinion this is a great investment ONLY if you've completed the game, otherwise you've just wasted good money on a top title!
If you want to take it one step higher, you can always get an Action Replay and hack it to death..
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VINE VOICEon 21 February 2006
The guide shows every section of the main game, where to get the items and what's available in the shops - dead helpful and detailed, so you don't miss an item. There's a good bestiary, which is handy if you want a particular item fom Morphing a monster.
The bad points come to light if you're looking to do all the extra quests. For a start it doesn't tell you exactly when things are available...
It doesn't go into detail in how to defeat the Emerald and Ruby Weapons.
Nor does it tell you when the its best time to visit the crashed Shinra Submarine (you can miss out on a not-too-vital fight against Rude and Reno otherwise!)
If you want to get all the Enemy Skills then you need to keep checking the bestiary - rather than telling you when the skills are first or easily available! Not helpful if you've missed your only chance to collect a skill!
It's not very detailed with betting on the Chocobo Racing - where you could get the Sneak Attack, Gil Plus, EXP Plus materia!
If you want to complete this game to it's fullest, then you need to know exactly when side quests are available, when to gain Enemy Skills, when to do the chocobo racing and gain a Gold Chocobo - otherwise you could miss out on many smaller elements to the game. The EXP Materia, for example, is a time saver when it comes to trying to Master all your Summon Materia, so you can gain the Master Summon Materia... and so forth!
It's quite annoying that the official guide isn't that deep. I do feel rather let down that the games creators have created something so shoddy. Thankfully the game is ten years old and this guide has been banging about the same time - the wonders of the internet and all FFVII fans have taken their time to create indepth guides freely available to download!
For the sake of a tenner, you might as well buy this, and then print out the other information from the internet. Then you can truly say you've completed the game for 100%!!
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on 13 March 2007
I've completed FFVII many, many times using this guide and others on the net. It is generally a good guide but there are a few secrets that it doesn't mention at all. There are a number of monsters missing from its bestiary and a materia that isn't listed. Other than that it is ideal for all causal FFVII gamers but the hardcore would be better using online guides written by FFVII geeks like me!
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