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on 28 August 2009
The Holy Bible is a compilation of books in many different styles relating to the mythological history of the jews in Palestine up to the first century of the common era.
There are some high points in the poetry of the book, as in nice pessimistic stoicism of Ecclesiastes and the love poetry of the Song of Solomon. Some of the propehsies have an invigorating blood and thunder ring to them - especially Jeremiah - and the new testament accounts of the life of Jesus of Nazareth, though contradicting each other at many points, do depict a fascinating and lyrical figure who was prepared to die in agony rather than adapt to the institutional demands of the established church of his day.
One gets the feeling who would not fare much better in the modern world than he did in his own time.
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on 30 June 2015
Excellent transaction, Delivery on Time, Highly Recommended. THANK YoU.
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on 28 December 2009
returned this product as i purchased it as a gift, picture looks good but is printed on cheap paper, good as a working book, but not suitable as a gift.
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on 29 December 2015
The Holy Bible What can I say? The greatest Love Story ever told.
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on 9 April 2017
there is a page missing from the front.. "This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
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on 15 October 2016
Very well made. We haven't used it yet, but it looks okay.
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on 11 April 2015
Bought for a friend, who was very pleased with it.
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on 19 September 2010
God is the main character and creator of the world. I get very confused in reading both the old and New testament as God appears very ambigious. In the old testament he will only save the Jews who will fulfil their sacrifical duties and respect the code of conduct he has laid out, then suddenly in the New testament thats thrown out the window, and people following the original code are actually ridiculed for fulfilling such useless duties that belong to the world. (im guessing the only reason these versions were squashed together in one book was to try and make Christianity victorious,over the Jewish version)No wonder religion is so divided and confused but only because people do believe that this is the word of God and not the battle between cults which is how it reads to me. However, back to my confusion, if i can overlook the fact that the world is only classed as thousands of years old despite the fact that historians have found fossils which are billions of years old, and that God made man out of dirt, then woman out of his rib,and that Noah built a massive ark which incased two of every kind of animal without sinking, and except that this is not meant to have any logic, then... i turn from confustion to disturbance. Women throughout the bible get blamed for their own raping,(two 15yr old children are blamed for their own rape as their father claims he was so drunk he was 'unconsious' that they raped him?), highly unlikely knowing physics and how alcohol affects the capability of a man to perform, another example is a man sends his cocubine out to be raped to death rather than men defile themselves with eachother, futher more a prophet sends out his virgin daughters to be raped to protect the male angels he is entertaing from again a mans lust for another man, woman get blamed for the sins of men, choices of men. Women do not get the promise of the afterlife as they came from man. They are defiled when on their period, are doubly defiled when giving birth to a daughter than a son, (thank goodness for the angels of the 20th century Tampax and Bodyform who were ultra absorbent with wings). From reading Cain and Abel, Cain slays Abel out of jeolousy and then fears repecussion from OTHER people, so God puts a mark on Cain so that OTHER people will not harm him, then Cain goes to the land of Nod and MARRIES a WOMAN FROM THERE. It appears that the author has suddenly forgotten why he has written the bible, 'as an explanation for our existance', because if Adam and Eve are the mother and father of all creation, who is Cain afraid of, and where did his wife come from? this points out that there were other people in existance. then there follows story upon story of war, greed, corruption, rape, child sacrifice, slaughter, all by God's prophets, God sure has a big ego and loves a bit of bloodshed be it women having there unborn children ripped out of them, or babies being slaughtered. At some points everyone has the power to prophetise, and sometimes especially when Moses is going behind a curtain to talk to God I'm left wondering if I am actually reading the wizard of oz. This book should really have an 18 certificate on it. Its very repetative and no one learns from there mistakes. There is no forgiveness or mercy here. Oddly no giant dinosaurs are mentioned either?

Then comes the new testament. Confused again because the apostles Mark and Mathews story's do not add up, jesus is born in two separate places, and a censor is taken for descendants who would have been thousands of years old (the purpose being?). It reads that Jesus is apparently Gods son born of a virgin Mary, and not a descendent of David ie related to Joseph, so does not fulfill the so-called prophesy. There's some good lessons in some of the stories Jesus tells, reminds me a little of Aesops fabels, bit too much for children though. Continues to claim sick people to be demon possessed, but again this is written in a time of ignorance. No one ever sees God, but only hear him, or have dreams, which are interpreted in the most odd and trippy ways, Jesus gets crucifyed, or hung by a tree (in another part of the bible), so not sure which it is and for what purpose i still fail to understand because throughout the book God claims, boasts even, that he controls everything the good the bad, the way the jews reacted and the crucifixion of his Son, so what was the point in all this, if it was to release us from sin, how could it when God claims to control everything we do? How and where does self will come into this it just doesn't make sense? Either god controls everything or he doesnt which is it? And its never addressed. Acts again states that God will judge that it makes no difference if you behave good or bad he controls what you do,Paul takes over most of the writting in the new testament a man who did not even know Jesus, this book says he is a christian (which is what they call people who follow Jesus' preaching) he elaborates on Christian ways, seems to know more about Christianity than Jesus's disciples, and you can't help but read it as the setting up of a cult as money and christian soldiers comes into it, as far as i read Jesus never promoted making money, or fighting. Paul admits in letters to all different areas increasing the 'church' that people are questioning the authenticity of his stories and phophetising as they do not 'add up but he tells them not to enter into arguement with people regarding the authenticity of what he says as their faith should be blind, and that they should love their greek brothers (christian brothers). Then he says again God is not mercyful to non believers or the anti-christ, then he says God is, then he isnt. It ends with the apostle John in Revelations who sounds like he is havng a bad tab of acid. John Prophetising about dreams he has had with regards to dragons (Satan), monsters with 7 heads and bear paws, monsters with 5 heads and leopard bodies, monsters with wings covered in eyes, God returns to the old testament method, sends plaques, angels on horseback who produce swords out of their mouths, slaughtering non believers in all manner of speaking, he makes some lead way on the predictable battle with Satan but this Satan chap just dont know when to give up and makes a comeback, then eventually God wins and fire and brimstone bring down the earth, and a new world is founded (so no descent to heaven for anyone unless you are one of the undefiled 144,000 greek brothers,who sit by god and the lamb (christ) so is that god sitting next to himself? i just dont know anymore. And then it ends. This book could have been made much shorter as its very repetative, goes into long description about buildings, and lists of tribes which can leave your mind numb with boredom. Each apostle says or makes the same mistake as the first in both old and new testament. A very confusing, uneven book,the plot line is very muddled, proverbs had some good sayings probably the highlight of the book, i recommend you only spend short bursts with it, worth the read for historical relevance of the book in literature to an extent, but still gained no more understanding of how people actually base there lives on it if they have actually read it. Again if your've read the bible i dont know how some readers can justify how God represents himself as a loving heavenly father when to me if he plans everything he sounds like his a very bored chap playing a senseless game with his toy soldiers.
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on 21 February 2015
The KJV is a great Bible. God bless you all.
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on 9 August 2014
Good size and not to heavy for little hands
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