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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars

on 15 January 2012
This book is a definite must have if you are even interested in the idea of operating a chainsaw. I have operated lots of power tools and am always wary of being safe, especially with thing like bandsaws, circular saws and especially chainsaws. I have no previous experience operating a chainsaw and having purchased one through amazon after a lot of advice from professionals. I still felt the need to get myself as much information as possible and came across this book. It covers all aspects without being tedious, or patronising. it shows everything from safety, setting up right through to felling and even covers how to cut planks ad trim them. I haven't read it all yet, but will be as I know it will serve me well.
I showed it to my brother yesterday who has used chainsaws for nearly as long as I can remember ( not quite as far back as school ), and he was extremely impressed. I had to say I would loan it to him when I had chance to study it enough to feel safe with my new saw. All I can really say is it is worth every penny. Mine was supposed to be second hand, but I don't think the previous owner had even looked at it. their loss, my gain. It is well illustrated with mostly photos and some drawings. It is both suitable for novices and professionals alike. My bit of advice to add to this book is get it and read it. You won't be disappointed.
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on 2 July 2012
This books is superb. I am SO glad I bought it, and I found it compulsive reading. On the strength of it, I changed my mind about what kind of chainsaw I needed and fundamentally reassessed what I could expect to do with it. The guidance on all aspects of chainsaw purchasing, operating practices, health and safety, maintenance, personal protective equipment, etc., is quite simply brilliant. The writing is clear and straightforward. The book is lavishly illustrated and the photographs and diagrammes have been made and selected with great care. The book is utterly authoritative and well-organised. And a little thing but one that was MUCH appreciated, are the extended front & back covers which unusually for a book of this kind are "perfect bound" but extend beyond the opening face of the book with folds front and back that can be used to bookmark pages. The printing is of exceptionally high quality, too. The book arrived quickly although sourced from the USA. Its timely arrival saved me a lot of money because the guidance offered within the book stopped me from making stupid choices or taking greater risks than I supposed I was about to make without reading this. The book costs little. It is excellent value for money. And it will help readers avoid serious injuries, and it will save lives.
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on 13 August 2014
Really well written book. The first few pages dealing with safety are some of the most convincing pages i have ever written and have revised how i intend to approach my chainsaw totally. Totally. In these first few pages we learn how the accidents happen and what it is like to get a cut (very very bad - many many stitches….). I think this is important because you, like me, are probably approaching chainsaw use without doing a course (and i am still considering a course). I have had my eyes opened to the risks by this book.
The author goes on to deal with many aspects of forestry and all the different situations that can arise. Photos are really clear and demonstrative. I would go so far as to say that this book should be used as an example to anyone who wants to communicate clearly by text and pictures. If there was a ten star rating I would give this ten stars.
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on 19 December 2011
This is a clear and very well illustrated guide to using one of the most dangerous (yet readily available) tools on sale today. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who is planning to buy (or already has) a chainsaw, or will be operating one. This book would also serve as a useful preparation guide for anyone considering obtaining chainsaw qualifications in the UK (e.g. CS30 & CS31, or LANTRA).

The guide gives advice on selecting an appropriate saw for your needs, as well as the relevant PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) you should buy before using your saw. It then covers a range of "projects" from basic cutting of firewood through to felling large trees, plus important guidance on maintenance and servicing of chainsaws. The style is knowledgeable without being patronising - the authors appear to be husband and wife, and both have many years of chainsaw experience.

The only slight downside is that the book is clearly written by Americans for the US market, and so some of the suggested accessories/suppliers aren't readily accessible to those in the UK. However, the advice, techniques and tips are all applicable, and the chainsaws used in the illustrations - mainly (but not exclusively) Husqvarna and Stihl - are widely available in the UK. (In any case, the principles of safe use and maintenance of the saw are essentially the same, whatever the make.)

Considering the costs (both financial and otherwise) of chainsaw-related accidents, this book is money well spent. I wish I'd bought it before I got my CS30 & CS31 qualifications, rather than after!
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on 28 July 2014
This is an excellent book. Although it did in the end persuade me that I should probably hold off buying a chainsaw for now, I believe I very much understand the principles involved and dangers of using a chainsaw, which I intend to purchase in the future. I have a large garden with a number of medium sized trees and large shrubs. The garden has only a few large mature trees, but that will change over time. Currently I can make do with loppers and hand-saws but it will become unmanageable without a chainsaw. This book takes a reader with limited knowledge through all the stages of choosing, using and maintaining chainsaws, whether electric or petrol. It has an American slant to it, but the frequent full-colour pictures makes it attractive and very easy to follow. I would certainly recommend it to anyone thinking of buying or using a chainsaw for the first time.
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on 21 October 2016
I am a complete novice who, just needed enough knowledge to cut firewood and small trees in my garden. Chainsaws can be extremely dangerous if used with no knowledge, this book covers everything you will need to safely use one. This book is the book you should buy before you even buy a chain saw. Everything necessary for my purposes and more is covered with a plethora of excellent images to back up the descriptive. Well worth the price I paid. Oviously the author is passionate about the subject and it shows in the contents on this book. Cannot recommend enough for the novice who has started or is going to start to use a chain saw.
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on 3 January 2016
I've been doing a bit of "weekend" chainsawing for a while now. Nothing too spectacular, just cutting logs for firewood and small fallen trees. I did a two day course before I started chainsawing and bought all the safety gear so I'm not a complete novice. I bought this book and I've found it an excellent chainsawing book. I've learnt a great deal. It's very informative and easy to read. There are lots of useful photographs and diagrams and useful projects. I wholeheartedly recommend this book if you are a novice chainsawer or even if you have been chainsawing for a while.
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on 27 March 2015
Thinking of buying a little chainsaw to cut up logs for my wood burner, but was a bit concerned with regards to how dangerous they can be in the wrong hands ( the most dangerous ) power tool you can use without a licence apparently. Must say this book is excellent, very well laid out and easily understandable even if it is for the american market.
Good safety tips and guidance. Haven't bought a chainsaw yet but I have a better understanding now for when I do buy one thanks to this great book.
Highly recommended .
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on 31 October 2017
I am very impressed with my complete guide to chainsaws book,
It gives you so much information, and I would recommend
Any one who uses a chainsaw to defiantly read this book its a must read book
For beginners and professionals.
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on 7 October 2013
I've fairly recently got a chainsaw having moved to a house with a small wooded area. Recognising that a chainsaw can be a lethal tool if used incorrectly I purchased this book to learn some good practice. The book is excellent - loads of photographs and very easy to read. I've not encountered anything so far that has not been adequately covered by the book. So as long as you want the basic skills of chopping trees down, limbing, dealing with wind damage and standard chainsaw maintenance then this is the book you want.
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