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on 21 March 2018
Tarot For Your Self is a wonderful resource for reading tarot for yourself. The Prosperity Mandala, the Body, Mind and Spirit daily reading with an extended option, the three modes reading, relating to the court courts and the Horoscope, Chakra and Tree of Life readings are explained thoroughly and are very useful. I like how the emphasis of the book was on empowerment, not just energy reading. The exercises got to the heart of what you wanted to do and how to bring that about by understanding yourself and how to actively plan using the Tarot. The Five Year Fantasy reading was a combination of seen and unseen cards to include your own desire and what the Tarot energy saw in the reading. The only part of the book I would change was in Chapter 9, Becoming Conscious of What You Create in the exercise for using your Natal Chart. I ended up making a chart similar to the charts used in the other chapters to keep the Natal Astrology Chart information together for easy reference. I found you had to flip back and forth to find what each house represented, what your Natal chart was and then do the Horoscope Reading. This book is well worth getting and can be used over and over to keep tabs on your progress towards having the life you desire. The book is well referenced and has further reading information for each Chapter. I purchased the Kindle edition and worked through the book via the Tarotgeekery book club for further support.
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on 6 January 2013
This is a good book with some inspiring ideas and different ways of looking at the Tarot making links with Numerology and astrology, and encouraging to use your intuition to interpret cards and spreads. BUT and this is something that could have easily be put right in the kindle edition that I have, there are a number of basic mistakes in the calculations of year cards. At the beginning of the book there is an example sum that does not add up, the total should be 2035, not 2036 therefore card 10 not 11 and most of the table called Calculating Year Card is out by one from the very beginning as there is a duplication of year numbers in the first section. I only found out after charting my year numbers and ending up with a year card that did not correspond with the year card I had calculated for 2013.
A further criticism is that because this book was devised as a workbook in which you could enter personal information there are lines and spaces throughout which push the formatting out of line. These gaps and lines are totally redundant in this version of the book and could be edited out to make the book easier to read in the e-edition. The consequence of this de-formatting is that sentences get cut up and disconnected, headings get spread across the page or two lines, or even two pages. It would also help in the reading if everything was justified to the left rather than some headings justified to spread across the page. It helps a bit if you hold your tablet in the portrait mode but some editing would improve the layout considerably. Lastly, one of the advantages of an e book is that you can link to websites and other information, unfortunately not all the links work...
It is a shame that these irritating factors are present, it interferes with the serious study this book deserves; as an e book it is not cheap and you would expect better quality of editing than is displayed here.
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on 25 March 2018
We used this book in our Tarot Geekery group on Facebook for a two-month book study in February-March this year. We found that it was suitable for all levels though beginners sometimes felt that some of the Astrology and Kabbalah stuff was a bit too much like jumpin in at the deep end. But the beauty of this book is that it's one of the books you will want to keep for reference and return to often. Growing as a reader, you are likely to want to revisit some of the 'heavier' stuff to uncover more layers of meaning/understanding. The title is perfect because you do learn a LOT about yourself in the process of working your way through this book. Hence, it's not for the faint of heart... Spiritual bypassers beware! I hear this book will be out in a new edition so I will look forward to that because I will most likely want a 'second round' with this gem of a book in a few years to compare notes. I'm not usually keen on writing in the book but I actually loved the process of making the book itself a journal and a keepsake. Of course, you can always print pages for your own use and add to a ring binder if you prefer.
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on 21 December 2017
A great great book!! The information and resources its contains are fantastic, here i learnt my soul card and year card, which has helped increase my personal growth on a massive scale, to even begin to list all the qualities, we'd be sat here all day. Quite intricate, and full of useful infornation to help you really get to know the cards and also develop your personal interpretations.. Theres bits and charts to fill if you wish, historical facts as tarot dates back years, and also plenty of useful resources and souces of information for further reading. An absolute classic!!
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on 20 January 2017
At last I've found such a book....I am a reader and so many if us have trouble reading our own spreads. Not anymore! Full of ideas, techniques etc. Arrived this morning & have hardly put it down. For the experienced reader who's interested in reading their own don't look any further.. Brilliant. Delighted
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on 14 August 2008
Being a tarot beginner, I bought several books teaching the tarot plus I've got some books that came with the decks too. This is by far the most indepth book I have found. It doesn't only focus on teaching you the meaning of the cards and how to do spreads, it encourages you to go on a real journey of self-discovery and meditation. I like Greer's focus on following your own intuition rather than just using book interpretations.
Personally, I am more attracted to the symbolism in the cards and what it tells me about myself or my situation rather than the divination side of the tarot and Greer's matter of fact kind of approach suits me more than some authors who put great emphasis on ritual and divination. If I would recommend one tarot book, it's definetly this one.
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on 1 May 2017
Recieved the book about a week after ordering from world books. The book was listed as very good condition and it was. I am very happy with the condition it came in.
I love the book as it has some very good excerises to help you learn tarot. Definitely recommend it
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on 8 August 2013
As i said above a great tarot book. its worth owning. another book you can keep going back to and if like me you like to read what you have written then this book is the book to have its great value and if theres anything you dont understand in you cards this book should help you understand them better
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on 3 October 2015
Very good for reading for yourself, not as in the standard reading but great for your spiritual journey. Helps with goals, lessons, gifts and hidden ablities.
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on 27 March 2018
Brilliant its helping me in my tarot development & a joy to use.
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