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3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 26 June 1999
Hello graphics gurus,
I've got some news for you if this book looks good. I'd like to direct you to the FIRST CHAPTER. This chapter covers simple transformation animation, even though the chapter is titled "ADVANCED Transformation Animation". This is NOT what I wish to squabble about. What really shocked me was the unclear transition between the text, the pictures, and the files on the CD. Following the directions, I labeled, linked, and altered several objects and dummies. Once completed, I continued to the next step, only to discover that the book forgot to mention several objects that needed to be labeled, linked, and altered. Once again, I was able to continue reading without losing respect for the editors ... The next step instructed me to rotate a dummy by its Y-axis in the top viewport, which I did. The comment under this instruction directed me to look at the figure on the next page. The blurb next to the figure stated "Top view of the UFO, with the leg properly positioned." Naturally, I figured that when I looked at the figure, I would see exactly what I had on the screen, but instead, the image was a screenshot from several steps before the rotation instructions, in the FRONT viewport. There is no mention of this image anywhere in the text, and there is no image demonstrating the proper rotation that the text led me to believe.
What should you learn from this little story? Well, I hope the editors are reading this: If you publish something, the consumers would appreciate it if the editors do their job and offer the public a book worth buying. I received Vol. #3 in the mail several hours ago, and I've already downed four aspirin. If the first chapter is any indication of the quality of work put into this book, it's looking to be a LONG weekend.
So long, fellow gurus, And remember, Scum lurks in pretty packaging.
Boss Hogg
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on 2 March 1999
After grinding through the horrendously written Volume I of this series, I thought that maybe by Volume III things would have improved. Well, they haven't. Written by different authors, this book obviously draws upon the faults of the first Volume, and thus keeps consistent with the faulty scheme of the series.
The examples in this book, while informative, are extremely frustrating, as the authors have obviously not put the time into ensuring that they work. Textures don't ship with the CD, so when you open certain examples you are greeted with "BLAH.TGA" not found error messages. Examples don't work properly, even the ones shipped on the CD, they take extra tweaking to make them do what they were intended to do. For example, in the first chapter there is a certain example in which you are to go to frame 145, but in the .max file on the CD, there are only 130 frames!!!! What?!?!? Do we rescale, or do we assume a typo or just a basic laziness on the part of the authors/publishers.
What a shame, as this topic had potential.
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on 6 September 2000
I am already an experienced user of other 3D programs and have read and found the Inside Truespace4 book very good, however, this book reads very badly, I too have had problems with the authors making huge leaps in the "step by step" tutorials leaving me guessing and muddling blindly in places, I can't stand this sort of book as it assumes you know what the author is thinking, if I knew that I wouldn't have bought the book! Saying that you can't argue at its depth, there are a lot of pages but I just hope that I can stick with it as the open window beckons more with each turn of page.
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on 17 March 1999
This book is Great. It provides an indepth explanation of the concepts and abilities of 3D Studio Max2. It is definately for the more advanced user and is definately a must. The first Vol is like a big encyclopedia that explains the concepts but does not provide real hands on learning methods, This Vol. is by far the best of the 3 and is an important tool in every animators libary.
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on 15 September 1997
Maestri and New Riders come through in this 3rd book of the Inside 3ds Max series. The book offers highly complex real world animation projects as tutorials which not only stress proper techniques but also the most common mistakes in their application. The most in depth book of its type so far on the subject of Animation in Max.
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on 4 April 1999
This book is by far the best of the Max 2 series. The chapters on Controllers, Video Post and Compositing are invaluable. The knowledge of the authors really show through and the power of Max is appropriatey showcased in this book. Beginners may find it daunting, but it is a must for anyone who is serious about Max.
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on 15 February 1999
I am writing specifically about volume 3. It would be an excellent book if they had just proofread it first before rushing it for publication. Filled with mistakes and worded very poorly I still recommend this sorry book because it is one of the few 3d max sources that actually attempts to teach animation.
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on 28 July 1998
this book is one of the best books if not the best for indepth training in MAX 2, i own the entire set and rate them all 5 stars because I am now an experienced 3D artist thanks to them.
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on 27 March 1999
good progrs
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