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on 12 January 2007
It is hard to disagree with the critical reviewer, who was obviously misled by the synopsis provided for this book, which fails to mention the core concentration of the story on physical discipline. It describes prolific and all-embracing sex, but it combines this with a rigid and intricate system of corporal punishment. All females of all classes are seen as fair game by the males and dominant females who inhabit the West Indian island which is the book's setting. Impregnation outside marriage is here seen as a way of populating the colonies. The Tutor of the title, David Hunter and his male friends are well accustomed to beating their wives, children (boys and girls) and servants, with canes, birches, tawses and whips. Some of the chastisements are delegated throughout a hierarchy within their households, including the beating of teachers by their pupils. The children are trained to give, as well as receive, beatings from their peers. These chastisements appear to be completely accepted by their recipients as part of their lot. The book is a classic of the genre, and will give considerable satisfaction. Those who enjoy spanking as a prelude to more conventional activities may find the book inadequate, but it does manage to maintain a strongly erotic atmosphere despite this.
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on 22 August 2013
Okay, there seems to be some confusion.
This is not an erotic novel in the contemporary sense. I am going to try and do this in a spoiler-free way, but I think it would perhaps help if you understood the dynamics at play here. Skip to the bottom for a summary.

There's a lot of sexualisation in the characters and events, but by and large, it's not following a character through a landscape as she gets BDSM'd. Mostly, because this book is specifically about SPANKING not BDSM/erotica. It's a different category.
Basically, the underlying assumption to this book is a complex hierarchy structure, where the men are unequivocally in charge of everyone, with traditional job titles/gentrified titles falling into their proper places, with the youngest men coming last in the male pecking order. The ladies' level of dominance is determined by 1) who they have married and 2) their ability to follow rules. Unmarried women are dependent on their male relatives or their employers and are generally fairly low in the order of things. Women who do not follow the rules will be spanked. Men can devise punishments although they often follow a ritualistic format (e.g. the same crime causes the same punishment with similar preliminaries) Sometimes this will involve sex, but the focus is generally on the spanking because it's a spanking novel, where the act of spanking/being spanked is often the end point in and of itself, and this aspect is independent of any romantic relationships between the various characters.

What I particularly liked about this book was the natural sequence of events where each event led to another and didn't feel forced (I get sick of reading about "hapless" women in contrived situations getting spanked; this book totally avoided that). Every woman has the power to prevent her own punishment by behaving better, and every woman knows exactly why she is being punished and what she can do better next time.
That explains the genre and this book's part in it.

To summarize:
Buy this if you have been reading spanking fiction e.g. from Blushing Books, the Library of Spanking Fiction etc and want a solid book that defined the genre (would be good for going on holiday).
Buy this if you like spanking.
Buy this if you are in an ALG/DD dynamic (and you're allowed to).
Don't buy this if you want lots of romance/sex scenes and are confused as to why the women are getting spanked so much.
REALLY don't buy this if you are uncomfortable with the underlying assumptions I outlined above.
That's about it. Thank-you.
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