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on 17 November 2015
The book arrived in excellent condition and at the start of the EDA
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on 22 August 1999
As I am a practicing psychic, and been doing this as a living for 20 plus years, I feel qualified to support the legitimacy of Sylvia. I find her to not only be psychic, but down to earth and truthful. As I have also experienced, people often attempt to understand the psychic realm through analytical criteria. It's simply not possible. It's like describing an apple by viewing an orange. I found Sylvia's book to be inspiring, born from truth and a real sharing of her perception of spirituality. Although some details differ with my spiritual vision, I find her to be an excellent source for psychic and spiritual information.
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on 13 July 1999
I found this book thoroughly disappointing. It was redundant and self-serving - 'check on it.' Also, if her best examples of her psychic powers are described in the book, I have to say, they are not impressive in the least. Sylvia Browne is always telling people to check on her accuracy but her leads are impossible to follow up on and she keeps things general enough to prevent accurate validation. She is rarely consistent in anything she says; for instance she talks about Francine in her book, yet stated on Montel that she does not talk to spirit guides. She also said that everyone 'on the other side' is thirty, yet minutes later she is describing a child spirit who is bothering someone. And what is this 'not knowing you're dead for a year' stuff? Aren't there any helpful spirits over there to inform the deceased that they have passed over? I think it is horrible how Sylvia shocks people with terrible news about loved ones (i.e; they are dead somewhere), then smiles, tells a joke or two and moves on to the next victim. I would like to know if any of these supposedly dead people have ever resurfaced?!? Sylvia mentions her son Chris in her book with great affection but barely mentions her second son, and doesn't have much to say about her mother either. I think the Browne family could use some serious counseling. This book did not make me a Sylvia Browne fan. Instead, it made me discount everything she says from now on. Anyone who pays her 400.00 for a reading is desperate indeed. Sylvia may say she is like an emergency room medic 'patching people up and sending them on their way' but I find her callous and cruel with no concern or compassion for those who seek her help and guidance. People would be well advised to look elsewhere - ANYWHERE else.
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on 5 November 2002
Having seen Sylvia Browne on the Montel Williams show, I was certainly captivated by her psychic ability, as she seemed to be so on the money with her revelations about some of Montel's guests. I purchased this book in hope of finding out more about this intriguing woman, who certainly seemed to be blessed with a remarkable psychic gift.
The book is informative and highly entertaining, as Sylvia relates her life story, and the reader discovers how she evolved to be the person she is today. She tells the reader of her dysfunctional family and suggests that her gift is a hereditary one. She describes her psychic gift in detail and informs the reader of the use to which she has put her ability. Her journey in life has, thus far, been a fascinating and unusual one.
She also gives the reader her vision of what lies ahead for each and every one of us, after we have moved on from this earhly plane. While one cannot be sure whether she is right or wrong, it still makes for some thought provoking and interesting reading. She believes death to be one's reward for living. This is certainly philosophically in keeping with her vision of what lies ahead for each of us, after death.
The book, written in a warm, breezy, conversational tone, is very reflective of Sylvia's actual cadence and personality. Whether or not one is a believer is irrelevant to the enjoyment that one will derive from reading this book. Keep an open mind!
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on 5 January 1999
After being glued to this book as well as listening to her other books on two audio tapes per book. I love and am nurtured by this loving mother, Grandmother, clairvoyant, psychic, and could be your friendly person next door who is giving and feeling and can see right through dishonesty; so men beware if your wife asks Syvia if you are cheating on her because Sylvia can tell your wife what color hair the woman has and her name. LOL I love it. I have clairvoyant experiences all the time and it's a God given gift to be thankful for- it's healing for many and a learning for some. God Bless all in 1999. p.s. Sylvia can find your lost pocketbook but explains why she can't find her own...Be sure to read it and be prepared to not get out of your chair until finished. You'll laugh you're socks off.
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on 21 January 1999
This is wonderful, insightful book, of an amazing woman, and her gift from god. Not only do you learn about Slyvia herself, she teaches you so much about the other world, life after death, amd why things happen the way the do. I learned so much from this book, and feel slike i have gained a friend in the process. She is genuine and down to earth, and is truly a gift from god.
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I loved this book! I've always wondered about who I am, what is my purpose in life, if I have been here before and do I really want to know about life after death? Sylvia has enlighted me to the point of looking forward to life after death. This book have taken away some of the fears that I have had about dying. It's calming to the soul and yet it has a charming way of opening your eyes, your natural senses to what we already know about ourselves! I'm not sure about coming back to earth once I'm gone, but to know that I have a choice is refreshing. In this book, Sylvia makes a believer out of you and at the same time, you want to know her, experience her first hand and somehow become her friend! In her afterlife, I hope she will become my guide in another life if not this one! I respect her wisdom! Best of luck to you Sylvia in all your future endeavors! You are serving your purpose on this earth!
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on 7 August 1999
I believe this is the best book I've ever read, yet I haven't read Sylvia new one yet- I hope it's just as good or better! One reader said that he didn't like that she started her own religion. Well, I'm sorry that you think that all people are satisfied with the organized religions of today. That's just not the case. I myself have been searching for what "religion" I honestly belong to because the ones I see around me, I have some major disagreements with. Besides, all religions were started by SOMEBODY. Just because some of the more popular were started hundreds of years ago doean't make any relgion less important to the people who believe in it. How excited I was to see that Sylvia had actually started a religion that fit my beliefs perfectly! I know I'm not alone now, I just wish there was a "church" of hers where I live. Even though we all know we don't have to go to church to go to heaven- I just want to be with others who believe the same as I do. This book gave me so much hope. I know realize that everything that happens to me, happens for a reason. It was a choice that I myself made to perfect my soul. My family relations have been improved greatly due to my attitude after reading this TERRIFIC book!
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on 17 January 2003
Sylvia Browne is such a brave and inspirational woman, I think everyone at some point in their lives should read this book. I learned so much from her. She talks in depth about her psychic abilities and her conversations with her spirit guide.. Francine. I would recommend it to anyone who searches for the meaning of life, who needs confirmation of their own thoughts about life after death... or simply wants a very good read! I am certainly going to buy the whole collection of her books.
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on 14 March 1999
I've watched Sylvia Browne for a few years on Montel Williams. I got the book and started to read it and couldn't put it down. I used to be afraid of death, not anymore! Her words and inspiration turned my life around. I look at every situation with a different outlook now. Sylvia Browne is truly an angel and a gift from God to all of us!! Thanks!!
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