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on 24 March 2002
This CD has got two thirty minute tracks. The first track consists of different positive affirmations such as 'I feel good about myself''you feel good about yourself' 'I release the need for self-critisism''you release the need for self-critism' 'I feel loved wherever I go' etc read to relaxing music. Some of these affirmations just made me laugh at first but you get used to it! All you can hear on the second track is peaceful music and this track is said to contain the affirmations subliminally. This track won't distract you if you have it on as background music while you concentrate on other things or even as you fall asleep at night (and you won't feel silly if others overhear this track as its just music!) The idea of this CD is supposed to be that the messages sink into your subconcious mind whether you believe them or not. I was highly sceptical but I now think it's really worked and was well worth it! As well as that, the music on the second track is so relaxing and peaceful to listen to whether the CD works for you or not! I highly recommend this CD - try it, you'll be suprised how much it works!
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on 29 April 2017
An effortless way to self help
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on 3 September 2007
I have used this CD for about a month now and am so glad I bought it. I have suffered from low self esteem for years and I am so glad that I am getting more confident. My husband said there is a difference.

I feel stronger and sometimes used to back down in troubled situations but now I am more assertive and approach things with a much more positive attitude. If, In the beginning, you don't feel anything, don't despair or give up - keep going and really work at it,it will be well worth it and you can always use it again if you need it!
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This CD has three tracks; an introduction, positive affirmations in spoken word and a subliminal track. Louise Hay has a very comforting, soothing, kind and tranquil voice which makes the experience very pleasant.

I was very wary of how this product could possibly work; but that's probably because through depression, I was stuck in a pattern of negative thinking. My confidence was shattered and any resemblance of self-esteem was stuck in my boots. However, I knew I needed help to fix this, which is why I came looking for this kind of product. I guess you may be in a similar frame of mind if you too are considering buying this.

Listening to the positive affirmations felt silly at first, and I found the critical voice in my head was contradicting each of the positive statements and coming up with reasons to challenge the positives; but then - that's exactly what it's like being trapped in a pattern of negative thinking! I stuck with it though; listened to the CD every morning whilst getting ready for work or to start the day. It's best in the beginning to let the statements just wash over you, don't analyse them or let the inner critic come up with "...ah but..." Just try to clear your thoughts and feel peaceful while it plays in the background.

I found it was better to keep listening to just the spoken track for a couple of weeks to become really familiar with each affirmation and it's background music. Over time, I started feeling different when hearing each affirmation and found I was slowly starting to acknowledge and agree with most of them. My inner critic had been silenced and another inner voice was coming up with reasons to compare and agree with the affirmations. Now each morning when I listen, I feel peaceful, optimistic and a kind of contented feeling. Once I knew the track really well, I found the subliminal track generated that same peaceful, optimistic, contented feeling and kind of reinforced a feeling of gentle positivity.

So how does it work? I guess it's like walking through a field of grass each morning - each walk wears the grass down until eventually there is a small track; over time, the track becomes a clear path. Perhaps it is helping to create a new neural pathway that links the positive statements to positive feelings that by-passes the neural pathways that were created by negative thoughts. If I keep walking down the positive path, perhaps the negative one will fade over time and be lost.

At the end of the spoken track; as another reviewer pointed out; Louise says "I love you". I believe that she sincerely means it in a form of unconditional love that she feels in her heart for all people in the world. It is nice to know there is someone out there who sends out love to the world. I find myself smiling and saying 'thank you' now each time I hear it.

After a month of daily listening, this CD has really helped me make small changes in my thinking step by step, and help me feel different about myself - and even appreciate myself again!
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The cassette version has Louise Hay explaining about self-esteem and subliminal technology on the A-side, followed by the music and audible affirmations. On the B-side, all you can hear is the music. Yes, the phrases do sound a bit childish, but that is exactly what the subconscious mind responds to – simple positive statements delivered in a warm and friendly voice. Since self-esteem or the lack thereof lies at the root of many psychological problems, this is a great place to start in a programme of self-improvement. Hay is an expert in the field and is blessed with a very comforting voice. Listening to this cassette does work if you are consistent about it. What is even more effective, is when you memorise some of the affirmations and repeat them to yourself, silently in your mind, throughout the day. No cutting-edge brain entrainment methods (such as metronomes) are used here, but her reassuring voice makes up for that. Give it a try!
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on 28 July 2009
i brought this cd about a month ago and i have to admit the first time i listened to it i had to laugh. but i've acually found it very helpfull. after about a week of putting it on as i'm falling asleep, i became noticably more positive and less cloudy. it's worked really well for me- and if i forget to put it on for a couple of nights my friends and family deffinatly notice a change in my mood. i'm so glad i brought this, although i do use other therapy techniques aswell i find this cd most helpfull especially as it's accessable so if i need a boost in the afternoon i can put it on in the background. i deffinatly reccommend the cd and even if it dosent work for you track 3 is so realxing that it's probably worth the price for that alone
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on 27 July 2007
if you want to feel good about yourself it helps you let go of built in past tramas,your tears will surface, but it clears you out,
[Great for healing your life if you are going through emotions],
I am starting to love myself which i never looked at before listing to this cd
I also recommend a book i bought just after, this will awaken you to who you are she is a medium and reiki master of healing and it will help you understand why we are here
both this cd and the book [the calling of your true self] will help heal your life great cd great book both recommended highly
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on 29 January 2009
Im a 39 year old male and I have suffered with very poor self esteem,confidence and depresion for over 20 years. I was very sceptical and didnt think for a minute this would have a real positive impact on my life but guessed it would probably be relaxing to listen to so bought it.Ive been listening to it daily for about two weeks and at this point it seems to have changed my life which confuses me. Im far more confident and have far better self esteem than I ever had. Im starting to believe in myself and this is showing in all areas of my life. I work in a vey stressful job and for the first time am no longer a shrinking violet but am confident and deal with my managers far better putting my point to them appropriately and with confidence. I feel quite energised about my life. As I say It amazes me that this appears to have achieved what medication and counsellers have never done in 20 years- long may it continue and I hope it gives you the same experience.
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on 29 July 2002
The first part of the tape recommends listening at least once per day for 30 days to get some sort of benefit. I have only listened to it a couple of times and i do seem to feel slightly better afterwards (obviously don't expect miracles !).
At first (as the previous review stated) - some of the comments are pretty "cheesy" for lack of a better word. The tape starts with a brief introduction to the concept of sublimal tapes, then goes on to a whole load of statements in the "I am...." "you are...format" such as (to pick out just a few) "I express my joy through singing and dancing " , "you express your joy through singing and dancing" "I take care of my inner child", "I am a gift to the world"," I give praise freely" "I am loved by others", "I deserve to be successfull", "I love my world", "I am loved by my parents" etc etc (all of which are said to quiet background music).
The second side of the tape is just quiet, relaxing music (different but still similar to the first side), and apparently contains the same statements that were heard on the first side of the tape.
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on 14 February 2008
This CD is wonderful in the way that it gives you the choice to either listen to the affirmations ( in part 1) or to listen a few pieces of music which contain effective subliminal messages that act on your subconsciuos mind ( in part 2). I definetely recommend this second part of the CD: the music is quite pleasant and relaxing, you can listen to it while cooking dinner !Also being the messages subliminal your subconscius mind is just absorbing these affirmations without fighting or rejecting them. The results are visible even after a week. I have noticed great improvement in my belief in myself and it has been noticed also by my friends and colleagues. Highly recommended!
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