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on 11 December 2014
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on 9 December 1998
I fasted for 7 of the prescribed 8 days in Sept. 98. The results amazed me; at 60, I hadn't felt so good in years. However, as pjlynch says, Larry's book is loaded with recommendations strange to most of us. If you have PCa, I think they're worth trying.
I've had BPH for 5 years and prostatitis since Feb. 98. I don't think anything in Larry's book will cure or diminish these problems. But the fast and cleansing were worthwile for me (even the prospecting thru one's stool in search of parasites). I plan to fast again in March.
I had the BTA test and found I was pretty acidic. I'll have this done again after 6 mos. It's an interesting test because of what you can find out about yourself, as Larry says.
One thing I didn't like about the book was the uneven footnoting. For example, 2 statements are carefully footnoted on p. 28. On pp. 33 and 196 we read about belt buckles and tight clothing. Altho' a couple of names are mentioned on p. 196, no footnotes citing the sources of this info appear.
Another thing I found problematic is that Larry's recommendations can be expensive. The BTA, the doctor's consultation, and the supplements Larry and the doctor recommended were expensive for me, esp. because they aren't covered by insurance.
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on 31 October 1997
The commonly-held belief in the medical community is that benign prostate enlargement and cancer is a normal part of male aging, a fact of life to which we should unquestioningly resign ourselves. But attorney Larry Clapp didn't buy it when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1991. He refused to have surgery, radiation or chemotherapy, and opted instead to investigate alternatives, finding that prostate problems don't exist in other cultures, and concluding that prostate illness was neither inevitable nor incurable. Clapp propelled himself into an intensive research effort to evaluate both traditional and alternative healing methods, and the results became the basis of the healing program that ultimately cured his cancer. The details of his journey, and a step-by-step program for becoming cancer-free in 90 days are outlined in his easy-to-follow, emotionally sensitive book,"Prostate Health in 90 Days Without Drugs or Surgery." The foundation of Clapp's program is the Nobel Prizewinning work of Otto Warburg, who won the coveted prize in 1931, for proving that cancer cannot live in cells that are in pH balance. Most of us living in an urban environment are very acidic, and therefore unwitting hosts to prostate and other cancers. The book explains how the prostate is especially vulnerable, and how to achieve a pH balance that will increase the flow of blood and oxygen to the prostate and force the cancer cells to return to normal cells. Clapp's program is based primarily on balancing the pH by clearing toxins from the body, improving the diet, exercising and working toward a healthier emotional and sexual life. A key part of the program is the Biological Terrain Assessment (BTA), a European test which is gaining popularity in the U.S. The BTA is a major break through, measuring pH, reduction oxidation, and the resistivity of the blood, saliva and urine, to two decimal places. These nine measures provide an in-depth view of the body's present condition, revealing levels of dysfunction that traditional tests don't encompass. With present weaknesses precisely established, a healing program can be mapped out and equally important, progress or lack of progress can be monitored and precisely adjusted weekly, monthly or quarterly.
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on 18 December 1997
At first glance, Prostate Health in 90 Days looked like another good overview of the many avenues of alternative medicine -- written to apply specifically to those with prostate problems, and useful to both men and women interested in healing any condition or achieving optimum health. As I began to actually read the book, however, I found that Dr. Clapp has included some fascinating, yet completely common sense and scientifically validated ideas that even I -- a dedicated patient of alternative medicine -- had never heard of before. His program is designed to cleanse and heal the body through basic good health practices that are the cornerstone of the alternative health movement, and in addition he includes new information on monitoring one's "biological terrain" and preventing illness of all kinds through achieving the proper body pH. One caveat to the reader...in his zeal for completeness, Dr. Clapp also includes some optional practices that may be considered "far out". Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. This is a good smorgasboard of resorative alternatives to the often permanent damage of drugs and surgery, from which the reader can pick and choose what is appropriate to construct their own healing plan.
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on 13 November 2003
This book gives you something to hold onto when first pronounced with prostate cancer. The dietary fast and other dietary suggestions do make you feel much more positive and give more energy in your day to day activities. Explanations of medical terminology and grading of cancers provides the questions to ask your medical practitioner. An excellent book providing information on someone who has 'walked the walk'. However, remember not all outcomes are as lucky as the author's, but I would recommend this to anyone who needs to get all the information necessary to make an informed choice.
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on 16 November 1998
Mr.Clapp promises "prostate health in 90 days". It's important to note, he does not promise any "cure", an important distinction, especially for a lawyer (which is what Mr. Clapp is, not a physician. However, a lack of medical training does not prevent Mr. Clapp from offering a wide range of "New Age" remedies for prostate health. There is the special maple syrup fast, parasite removal herbs, colon cleansing, and let us not forget examining one's stool in a kitchen colander with a popsicle stick for worms (no kidding); tantric sex techniques, G-spot location (I guess he presumes our prostates are getting better), aural bodies, chakras, aroma therapy, mercury dental filling removal, wearing non-metal belt buckles, channeling by his guide "Lazaris" (probably not his birth name) and of course diet advice. The Clapp diet (like everything else, is a little bit of this and a little bit of that. He recommends the Zone Diet which teaches carbohydrate control. But then he recommends a high carbo, low protein diet, in direct contradiction to the Zone Diet. Then he revives the long dead "Fit For Life" food combining diet, and warns us not to drink water or liquid with our meals. One thing I've accomplished in 90 days is confusion!
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on 12 February 2013
Plenty of advice making this awkward subject a little more informed topic for men. Essential reading even eve if you are not suffering.
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on 6 March 2013
Firstly, this book is a yellow pages of where the buy all the products he recommends.
This is fine if you live in the US.

If you're thinking of buying this book, make sure you consult a trained urologist too rather than relying purely on these remedies Mr Clapp suggests.

I am not sure how old Mr Clapp was when he found out he had prostate cancer but the younger you are the more likely you are to die from it than from old age.
Maybe he was old enough to think he would die of old age before the prostate cancer got him.

This would give him time to experiment. Younger sufferers of this disease are taking a big risk with this kind of experimentation so I do think this book needs to be treated with utmost caution.
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on 5 December 1997
There seems to be an almost inexaustible supply of books describing the medical and surgical approaches to prostate cancer treatment. But there are other, less traditional paths to be trod and Larry Clapp proves to be an informed, honest, entertaining and compassionate guide to them.
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on 9 December 1997
Well, I got this book, started to read it. It all makes good sense to me.
I am 55, had appendectomy in March and a TURP in June. I just had my 3 days of fasting, and sure it feels good......It's never too late to clean our system.
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