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on 21 December 2008
A misguided work that seems determined to send realationships between man and women back to the dark ages. If you see your role as a woman is to put yourself second to a mans' needs, and love and support and yeild to him no matter what. Oh, and to look decorative; and you role as a man to do what you like and expect a woman to submit and be grateful, then fine this book is for you. If you what a realtionship based on mutual honouring and respect, when the space to fulfil the potential for each partner is allowed,then I'd go elsewhere. The polarisation of masculine and feminine just because of our physical sex is not necessary. We all need to be able to flow between both depending on what is needed in the moment, rather than trap ourselves in one or other end of the spectrum and have a fixed expectation of what a perfect partners role is.
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on 19 October 1998
Oh Yeah!.... Absolutely!..... That explains it!.... No wonder!.... Of course!.... Right!.... Oh.....yes, that's what I want! are just SOME of the things I felt and thought as I read about this brilliant, yet elegantly simple three stage relationship theory. To see myself and my relationships, past and present, in the pages before my eyes was 'enlightening'...to say the least. To read about another possibility in relating with the opposite sex, a way of understanding, honouring and respecting our differences.... and gifting each other with these differences, made me yearn for the third stage. As a woman, I have never felt so deeply seen, heard and understood. David Deida and 'Ophelia' are committed to a 'intimate communion' - a relationship I have always dreamt about. A relationship I have somehow always known about, deep in my heart, yet could never really grasp.
After fighting for my independence, after finding out that instead of waiting for the outside (usually a man) to give me the love I wanted or even 'craved', that I could give it to myself. After realizing and owning my co-dependency and 'working on myself'. After finally creating and still living in a 'new age' '50/50' 'inter-dependent' relationship, I still feel something missing. David Deida is shining a light - a way or path towards more fullness, wholeness and peace. If you are interested in conscious loving, breaking FREE from the constraints of life and getting the LOVE you so deparately want, buy and read it now!
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on 27 February 2014
I've read several of David Deida's books, the description of relationship levels, polarity and the importance of maintaining a sexual energy in the relationship is recognisable. David gives clear pointers what you can do to maintain or develop polarity. I also recommend watching his workshop on YouTube filmed in Australia, it shows his work with a group. Eye opening and fun. Before starting a relationship I'd read this to check what you really want from it. If you are in one, read it together. It may either improve your relationship, or show things for what they really are. Better to know than to waste time.
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on 2 October 2016
Defiantly worth reading. Begging was a bit slow but the more i read it the more i enjoyed it.
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on 1 October 2016
excellent book, very useful, if a tad repetitive: i did like more his "the way of the superior man"
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on 7 November 2012
...then this is a great practical book. I had many enlightened Oh yes! Oh my God,this is so true - moments!
Find out why you are acting and attracting the people you do... and how the dynamic changes throughout a relationship
depending on which force (feminine/masculine) is exerted. I love this book. Much insight gained. Thanks!
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on 8 November 2015
This book has given me so much food for thought. I highly recommend it.
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on 20 October 1998
An exceptionally clear and insightful book. The author seems to have a gift for cutting right to the heart of every relationship issue, especially in the context of each individual's spiritual growth. This book, more than any other, has informed my current perspective on relationships, and has proven quite helpful in creating the context to discuss masculine/feminine issues between myself and my partner. We have been using Deida's suggestions with great success for some years now, and our relationship has blossomed in ways we never thought possible, due to our increasing faith in honesty and full expression of each of our gifts. I recommend the book highly to anyone who's at a place of questioning how one can reconcile one's sexuality with one's spiritual path.
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