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on 19 May 2011
This is the last & in my opinion, the most fundamental book of the trilogy by Patricia Cori & offers spiritually channelled information regarding the human journey into the planetary transition known as 'Ascention'. If your new to this, the book will still make sense & even without reading the previous two in my opinion as the information is fairly easy to digest, but you would be missing out on a fascinating shake down of human & planetary history as foretold by 'off-worlders' the Syrian High Council. Ironically, I thought there was more information regarding secrets & lies in her previous book 'Atlantis Rising', however, this book offers practical exercises that are (according the channel) necessary to initiate the preparation & formation of strands in our DNA that are currently inactive. This would result in a huge evolutionary development in humans if true, & is well worth a go for the small price of a book in my opinion. I have only completed the first exercise so far & can vouch that the excersise is fairly straight forward but requires a few read-throughs beforehand, as it's quite lengthy if your new to meditation. The first excerise took me the best part of an hour to perform. The promising thing is that much of the information is correlating with that of other authors such as Sheldon Nidle & also the Kryon books. If it turns out to be a load of hocum, then.. hey ho, you'll have only parted with a few quid & been very stimulated. If it turns out to be true, then you'll have done yourself a massive favour in preparing for what claims to be the most fascinating change in human & planetary consciousness.
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on 21 July 2011
I really enjoyed this book. Very well written. I have tied to pass the message on to my friends and family but invariable get looks of disbelief. I know this is a very complex subject and very difficult to accept when your understanding of this world, and the life we lead is so blinkered. They may think I am off the wall, but I know that a seed has been sown and information is accumulative. I do wonder what the future holds for the human race. If the book is correct it is sad that we have been unable to evolve to our true potential. This earth belongs to every living thing on this planet. There is enough food for us all to eat, but through man's greed and lust for power so many suffer unnecessarily. It appears that nothing is done with love but only by gain of wealth or power.
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on 18 September 2009
Its time to awaken and see how we are being manipulated 24/7. This book opens a can of worms on how the world is owned and run by a mere 2000 elite dark cabalists who are destroying our world. Thats one of them to every 3 million of us. This is a must read if you want to take the dive into the real agenda as to why everything in our world is headed the way it is. Everything is down to choice and this book shows us another way to combat the madness and fully explains the whole agenda of the dark ones. Take you head out of the sand, get off your knees and awaken to the power that resides within you. Now is the time, this book is a priceless gem channeled from the 6th dimension and it holds nothing back all is revealed.
Hugs to all Leon.
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on 11 March 2009
This book has many answers to "This world does not feel right" feelings you may encounter. Ones personal issues with life along with the air you breath, the water you drink and the food you eat are covered and it will really make you think about the covert control the Matrix have over all of us. Most people are not aware of this but we are awakening and if you were to read this book you will awaken.
The book contains much more information aimed at opening our hearts and eyes. A must read.
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on 10 February 2010
Fantastic! Thankyou so much to Patricia and all those who contributed to this book, along with the rest of the trilogy this has truly been a life changing read!! Written in a clear and concise manner i feel that these words speak straight to my soul.
If you are ready to move up and out of the 'fear' then this book is for you!!
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on 21 May 2010
Now, this is MY OWN opinion, respecting every one else's point of view.

I have started reading the book but stopped after about 30 or so pages. I then scanned through the rest of the book.

I feel that now days some "channels" write just what people might want to listen and have absolutely no respect about the pursuit of the truth and their audience. No exact information is given at any point whatsoever, as far as I've read (I scanned the whole book, for whatever that's worth). No dates, places or precise information. Now, a civilization that is so advanced and talks so "wisely" and from our "future" would certainly be able to tell us a bit more about what's already written. And I'm not accepting any kind of "our future is in our hands" answer. A lot of spiritual beings on the planet are able and willing to provide the seekers of the truth with a bit more precise and measurable data. But the "Serians" don't...

The Sirians couldn't really evaluate the humans society, it took them to measure high levels of radiation (due to the atomic bombs) to understand that we were taking the wrong path. Please. So they couldn't get any information about the human race by any other means, like our literature, TV, radio, etc to get to know a little bit about us. However they fly through time and space. Right.

"This book is revealing more information than the previous 2 as the channel itself is more ready than before". Please give me a break. No, this book is just telling more stories about stuff that's been widely available on the net for at least 2 decades (actually for more than a century for some of it), science fiction and/or mouth-to-mouth unverified rubbish too.

This book is full of speculations and unsupported evidence that we are expected to believe just because the "channel" tells us to. Huge amounts of data have been gathered and collated from other similar "sources" (other books of that sort - a very common practice in the field) and thus much of that information can be found in Barbara Marciniac stuff and other "reputable" channels etc. I suppose that Barbara Marciniac was more "ready" to channel the Pleiadian stuff 2 decades ago than Patricia Cori was, but now she is ready. It seems to me that Miss Cori just copied a lot of info straight out of other books in the field (or just made it up)

Now, what I know is that you're either in contact with something superior or you're not. You are either a medium or you're not. And despite what people is used to think, a medium's quality and truthfulness is quite a MEASURABLE and TESTABLE thing. Reputable Universities have actually been widely involved in the 50s-60s-70s in performing exactly such mediumship experiments (such as Edinburgh university, Columbia University, etc), with tangible results. The mediums there were able to provide accurate dates and measurable facts. Here we see none of that.

I have personally met a lot of "phoney" people in the field and I am very sceptical now days in believing just whatever information comes from unverified sources. Keep in mind that, if one wants to keep people away from the truth, then the best way to do it would be to support the publishing of all the rubbish that one could think of. This creates an ocean of misinformation and false data that floods the reader, steering him/her away from the truth.

The feeling I get by having read a part of this book is that it belongs exactly in this category.

Since I'm the only one here writing a negative opinion, please make your own decisions.
This is ONLY my PERSONAL opinion.

Myself, I'd rather protect my mental clarity than just digest anyone's rave and delirium. I've had enough of that in this field.

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on 21 July 2008
The 3rd leg of the 'Sirian Revelations' trilogy following 'The Cosmos of Soul' & 'Atlantis Rising'.

No more secrets, no more lies sheds further light to uncover the last untruths of darkness which have been & are being used against us to try & prevent us from realising & recognizing are own TRUE Heritage as multi-dimensional beings & brothers & sisters of the Universal family of light.

Part 1: Light Upon Darkness - Reveals the history, origins & dark nature of the power 'Elite', a minority of 2000 top secret government overlords who STILL manage to rule over the entire planet! Their very secret & dark motives to control all of the Earth's resources & enslave the human race are finally brought to light in this section which uncovers the many dark aspects of this plan. The evidence of the success they have already acheived towards the fulfillment of their plans suddenly becomes very clear when you reflect on the current state of world events. The world is NOT the free world you have been lead to believe! This 3D reality you consider real is the distorted version that has been moulded for you by those who wish to own & control you! Light upon darkness makes clear to us that there is an ongoing 'stealth' war being played against humanity which has been very cleverly constructed & disguised behind 'smoke screens' of illusions & deceit. This is the TRUTH WE ALL NEED to KNOW! This is the truth that will EMPOWER you - to stand up for yourself & all that you belief in! The government does NOT serve the people - it serves it's own selfish wealth & power-hungry motives which are not for the highest good of the ALL. They are AGAINST you in EVERYWAY! Tax payers money goes towards funding wars, space exploration & aircraft (keeping any discoveries to themselves), creating & mass producing weapons of mass destruction, biological warfare & creation virus's in secret laborities which are then tested on the unsuspecting people. Technologies exist around the Earth's orbit which transmit inaudible frequencies directed at us - provoking negative emotions & mental states within us such as fear & despair! The book will eloborate even further the full extent of their crimes against humanity! (oh yes there's more!) Does this sound like a people serving government to you? If the world is to become a better place the government are the worst people for the job!!! The light of humanity (over 6 billion of us- the majority) is realized & made stronger in the light of the truth. The ruling Elite (the minority) are out numbered & our time of being enslaved & held captive in society is almost up! This information is the very catalyst for major change & reformation on the global level! It is US - THE PEOPLE who will do this. In the Light of this shocking Truth humanity can & MUST unite in Truth, Love, Light & Brotherhood taking back the control, the power, the Earth herself & all that was originally ours. Who needs a government anymore anyway? They do nothing to serve the greater good of humanity - so why do we allow their darkness to rule over it? This book may awaken extreme passion & the spirit warrior within you. There will be no more secrets no more lies - you will finally know the truth & won't be easily fooled again! You will certainly want to abolish the government after reading this so long as you're not of the dark persuasion! The Anarchist within you will be awakened along with the Light & Love for humanity, for our Earth mother planet & her exquisite beauty & of God/Goddess all that is and the Love within our flaming hearts.
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on 26 November 2012
Very very good book I knew all this info as it is but the writer hits the nail n the head for this book Abit sceptical about the last chapter as I think something else about 2012 and beyond..
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on 22 January 2011
A load of unreadable guff. This is the kind of text that gives the new age a bad name. Appallingly Fluffy, you can practically hear the celestial choirs playing as you stagger through it.

Not that I doubt the premise of the book, which could very possibly be true, but its just so badly written that one risks throwing the baby out with the bath water.
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on 22 May 2016
Interesting good in depth book well written . Works well if you read this then use the stars we'd oracle deck. Gives you more of an understanding
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