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on 12 May 1998
After years of being an outdoor enthusiast, I have finally found a book that gives practical, well thought out, easy to follow explanations of techniques of survival and practical outdoor skills. All too often I have found that survival skills authors seem to simply lift a technique from a book written by someone else 20 years before. It doesn't seem to matter if it works or not, or whether the conditions have to be exactly right for it to work, they just paste it into their books. It has become obvious that most of the authors have never even tried many of the tecniques since the techniques they write about don't work or need such specific conditions to work that you never find the exact right conditions in which to use the techniques. This book is different.
Every single skill presented is detailed and clear. They have all worked for me in REAL conditions. It is obvious that the author has not only written about the skills, but has spent long hours LIVING the skills and perfecting them. There is advice and observations that I have found nowhere else, another good indication that the author has written from experience rather than from reading what other people have already written and regurgitating outdated or worthless knowledge (and knowledge that doesn't work becomes dangerous in the bush). His attention to detail (he even drew all the drawings in the book himself)and his great concern for safety in performance of the skills goes unmatched.
I would hardily recommend this book to anyone who wants to feel a little safer when they may be faced with an unexpected emergency, whether you are a backpacker, mountaineer, camper, outdoor enthusiast, or simply driving in your vehicle in a snow storm. This book could save your life one day, when you least expect it.
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on 23 October 1998
If you live in the northern climes you are a fool not to get this book. If you live anywhere else it will still be invaluable! Really good thorough and easy to follow instructions on axemanship, knifecraft, fire-making, shelter building, cordage & rope, bark containers, working with birch, conifers, willows, moose and snow! A bestseller in Canada, with a cult following in the US.
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on 21 October 1998
The first reviewer has really said it all. I have also found that EVERYTHING in this book works. I have found myself in a few unexpected circumsatnces that have required the knowledge that this book taught me and I am here to write about it.
I hear the author of this book is writing another comprehensive and exhaustive book on the same subject. I will be first on line to pick it up if his first book is any indication of his knowledge, and I know it is.
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on 26 January 2016
Mors really is one of the most knowledgeable bushcraft instructors alive. He has spent years developing and teaching his skills . This book reflects the real life experience that has been earned through trial and error. There is no trendy , flashy, "new" ways of doing things, just effective skills and advice. Mors has spent years teaching these skills, privately and as a college instructor, teaching everyone from outdoor professionals and search and rescue right through to young outdoors types. This experience as a professional educator shows in the structured and clear way that every subject is addressed in this book. I read a lot of outdoors books in addition to spending a lot of time outdoors and this is one of...if not THE best , that I have read.
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on 25 June 2017
This is on the the original bushcraft classics. Mors Kochanski was one of the people responsible so bringing bushcraft back into the public arena. This book is one that everyone interested in bushcraft should have. It is focused around North America and so some things are specific to that area. But the lessons can be related to anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere.

It came in Amazon standard packaging and was delivered in their usual efficient manner
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on 18 November 2015
Whilst this is geared towards the boreal forest I think I prefer this to Ray Mears bushcraft. Though the book is a little dated in places the level of detail in this book is something that Ray's book lacks in my opinion. Personally I think Ray tries to cover too much where as this book focuses on some core skills. A great read with some very practical advice.
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on 22 April 2016
Brilliant book that goes into lots of detail. I already knew some of it and some parts may seem a bit patronising but that's better than assuming people already know things that they might not. Definitely worth purchasing
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on 23 April 2013
First of all - Mors Kochanski is one of THE names to conjure with in bushcraft, and his book is well-written and thorough.

Loses a star for a UK audience for the concentration on the US/Canadian environment, which is perhaps slightly unfair on my part, as Mr Kochanski is writing based on his experiences in Canada, and the original title was, in fact, "Northern Bushcraft".

Definitely an essential for your bushcrafting bookshelf.
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on 4 October 2015
Whether your an armchair Ray Mears or you do get out there this book is a must have.
A great read and superbly informative.

If you have Ray Mears Essential Bushcraft, make sure this book is sat next to it.
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on 18 July 2017
Goes into some great detail. I'm sure it will be useful when camping/hill-walking.
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