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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 26 September 2016
I am in love with the food in this book. I purchased both this and the second book (the sustain plan) to brave losing my post baby Mum-Tum. I was fed up of crash dieting, as whatever gains I seemed to make would be so easily undone by one night off the bandwagon. I was fed up of diets that required you to calorie count all day, as with a family to look after I just didn't have the time to waste deliberating over numbers. These recipes are so simple and (on the whole) quick that it is possible to lose weight and get leaner, even with a busy home and work life. I know you're not meant to be on the sad step (scales), but after 3 weeks I have lost 9lb and so many people have mentioned I look less full in the face. My partner is also on the same plan as me and he has lost 7lb. The exercises are also intense but manageable, meaning I can fit in an HIIT session during baby nap times. Just be warned; you'll have so much more washing up to do if you stick to this as a weight loss plan (3 meals a day!), and stocking up the cupboards with whole foods is costly (although as time has gone on we've needed fewer stock ingredients, bringing the price down a little). I've attached some photos of the recipes I've been making across the Shift And Shape Books. All in all, I'm feeling full, healthier, and a little bit fitter, and am super surprised at how much this book has already changed my eating habits.
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on 9 January 2016
Finally, a no nonsense 21st century diet and work out plan. Brilliant thank you.
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on 22 August 2016
I needed something to kick start me to lose some weight and a number of work colleagues were following this book and had lost weight. Easy to follow and substantial meals. Never hungry and have lost over 10kg in about 7 weeks.
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on 26 January 2016
This is my first ever review! I never usually bother but I've taken some time to write this as I am in love with this book and think Joe certainly deserves one!

Firstly I started following Joe on Instagram around February 2015 and loved his enthusiasm and passion for cooking and being healthy. It was very refreshing to see such genuine enthusiasm. So when his book was announced I pre-ordered immediately!! When it was finally released and got delivered (28/12/15 - if I remember correctly) I was stoked!!

The recipes are delicious, easy to follow and an absolute winner with all our family. On a Friday/ Saturday my mum and I sit down to plan out a 'menu' for our dinners for the following week, to 'prep like a boss' as Joe would say and it makes it so easier for us.
What I love the most is that it’s so simple and straight forward – done by a regular guy with effective results. It’s FAB if you’re not sure where to start/ what to eat/ what exercises to do/ not much cooking experience (hello fellow students).

This book has got me eating new, healthy, tasty things I wouldn’t have usually opted for. I highly recommend the prawn Singapore noodles, had them about 7 times already! If you don’t eat fish and/or meat you can swap for the other or tofu alternatives. Which is also great if you fancy a meat free meal/ day or if you’re a veggie.

I have read the low reviews on here and I am absolutely MISTIFIED as to how someone could write those, because this book is an all rounder, very affordable and so worth the money. I love Joe’s work!!! One person did mention expensive ingredients however it is not that costly as a lot of recipes contain the same ingredients (hence why the ‘menu’ plan I do is good). Plus I would rather spend a little more money on good, wholesome, healthy foods rather than rubbish which has little or no nutritional value.

It’s a great story behind his work too, which I really admire. He’s honestly given me inspiration to eat healthier and generally live healthier – sounds cringey but it’s true! Since eating healthier with these recipes I have noticed slight weight loss (however I have still indulged at weekends and need to up my exercise) but the main improvement is definitely my mood!! I feel more energetic and happier as I’ve been eating such good foods.

I truly believe in the effectiveness of Joe’s plans, recipes and exercises – he produces some great work so I cannot wait for his next book, which is out in summer! He has great advice too which I have also taken on board. I can’t wait to see more results over the next coming weeks.

I have at least 25 cookbooks (mostly all for healthy living/ easy/ cheap recipes) and this truly stands out, due to Joe’s approach, recipes and how easy it actually is to eat well! I’ve used this book alongside Jamie’s Superfood which I also received for Christmas… I highly recommend the pair of these to anyone. 200%! If you are looking to make just 1 purchase though, opt for Joe’s as it’s far easier, simpler and the ingredients can be found in a local Aldi/Tesco/ASDA easily! Also if you don’t follow him on instagram… do that straight away! His IG is full of motivation, inspiration, enthusiasm, tips, recipes and exercises! I LOVE IT!!! 5/5
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on 26 December 2016
This book is great! The meals are really easy to follow and do genuinely take about 15 minutes to cook. The HIIT sessions are as hard as you want to make them but if you put the effort in you will see results!! 💪
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on 18 January 2016
Ok bear with me...

Why I bought the book
I completed the full Joe Wicks paid for plan last year with really good results without joining a gym! In my opinion this book is a very good introduction to Joe's principles and what would essentially be similar to the first month of the plan. There are some recipes that look familiar and yes they are a bit more involved than some of the Instagram/Facebook videos you may have seen but I'm not a great cook at all and I seem to be able to do it - when I haven't got any of the ingredients I just sort of use what I have or follow similar principles to make a nice meal - no biggie. I brought the book because I felt like I might be slipping back to old ways (bit too much sugar consumption!) so I wanted to nip it in the bud and straight away I am already feeling the benefit! For £6 I can hardly complain!

How easy is it to use?
I've found it pretty easy and I'm not that great in the kitchen. Nothing is too complicated just read through and after a while you get the knack of it and it's loads easier and you can do it from memory. We made the 60min Chicken pie (yes not all recipes are 15mins!) recently and it was really delicious - it felt naughty but it's good clean food so it's far better than getting a pre-made one. In fact, through following the plan and using his fairly simple recipes I have definitely got more confident in the kitchen. There isn't a load of calorie or macro info in this but then I think it's primarily due to the fact that that is not the focus on the plan as can be too much of an emphasis on calorie counting rather than nutrition. For instance a Bourbon Biscuit and a medium Egg have about the same amount of calories but one is certainly more nutritious (and will keep you going longer) than the other! I love the fact that butter and cream (and odd glass of wine!) make it into the recipes too - it's not about deprivation and the odd lettuce leaf - it's about stir-fries/chicken pies/steak with creamy sauce/pasta and meatballs/burgers/smoothies etc - stuff to keep you going there are also some ideas for snacks and sweeter treats too.

Cost of ingredients?
Depending on where you shop, it could be expensive but I would say if you stock up on meat (there are plenty of places you can buy a batch) then most of your purchases revolve around eggs (they feature prominently) and veg. I mainly purchase from the lower cost supermarkets and I have found that I can get most of my ingredients from there - if you use the larger ones then I have noticed a bigger difference to my food bill (typically for my husband and I we spend about £60 per week). It certainly isn't cheap but the cheap often equals not so healthy! I found that after a few weeks you get your main stock sorted out and your favourite meals planned so it makes everything easier an cheaper. You won't be buying lots of crisps/chocs/cereals/ready meals/bread etc so that makes a difference too. It's just a slightly different way of living and to be honest it's one of the most important things we can do is fuel our bodies with nutritious food.

Responding to some criticisms
Couple of things to note, Joe Wicks is keen to get everyone thinking differently about breakfast - so not just your usual cereals and toast combos - this is weird at first to get your head & sometimes tastebuds around but when you do it's pretty liberating! But don't worry there are smoothies and some other breakfast alternatives like avocado, eggs and bacon and if you do a workout first thing you get to experience the pure joy of the Build Up Bagel! So don't expects loads of old school brekkie options you'll start to be amazed what you want to eat in the morning if you throw yourself into it.

Weightloss and exercise guidance
I lost over a stone and 13 inches on the full plan as well as becoming far more toned which was great and after putting on a little on over Christmas I have been using the recipes and the principles in the book and have already dropped the 'Christmas bloat' and can feel myself getting stronger and fitter again. In terms of weightloss 80% of the job is done via food and nutrition so the fact that there isn't tons of exercise advice is concerning to some but fear not, the principles of HIIT training are REALLY simple so you don't need loads of guidance basically hard as you can go on whatever is challenging for you (this could be sprinting OR even walking steadily up a slope etc - it depends what is challenging to you). This is the key thing, as you get fitter and stronger you must keep pushing - going faster or choosing more difficult exercises for that 30 secs - it's crazy but it works. My husband who doesn't do the HIIT exercises eats the same as me and has gradually lost over 1.5 stone in six months without doing anything different other than eating the recipes. I believe that there is another book due later this year and I think this may give greater emphasis to the weightlifting side of things for muscle development.

Why didn't I give it 5 stars?
I'm not sure really, I guess because I'm hard to please but I also haven't tried out everything yet so didn't think it was fair to give a 5 star review.

I don't necessarily think anything which is in the book is rocket science but it's a GREAT introduction in to the principles with some very tasty recipes thrown in - my husband and family (including small ones) have tried them too and have been really surprised at how good they are. There may be other books that are completely clean eating/simpler/cheaper etc but I think this is a very good all-rounder for people trying to get more confidence in the kitchen and gain control of their weight and well being.

This book isn't a miracle cure BUT if you follow the simple principles in it - based on mine and my husband's experience - I think you'll be successful in either losing weight or maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Good luck to anyone wanting to eat more healthily, this might be a good simple book to start you on your way.
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on 24 March 2016
Loving this book, realistic recipes to use easily everyday. Love this guy as he keeps it real and down to earth, great fan of his hitt workouts too.
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on 4 January 2016
Perfect for anyone who wants to get fit and loves eating tasty food but has little time to spare. Now there is no excuse!
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on 25 February 2016
Anyone that doesn't think this book is brilliant are mad! All recipes so easy and so tasty thank you Jo I no longer feel the need for a pudding after dinner hooray!
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on 23 August 2016
This is the best book I have ever owned, easy to follow healthy recipes and workout sessions. Have been cooking and exercising following the book and I can honestly say I feel more energised and fitter, buy this book !
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