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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 20 March 2014
I've just finished this book. I cried through the whole last part. Part of the subject for me was very personal. I felt like Kristen had gone into my heart and mind and knew how I felt. It was unlike anything I've experienced before.

It is a beautiful story, well written, funny and it will pull and your heartstrings.

You will fall in love with Matt within seconds and you'll love Nic too - I certainly did.

This is my favourite story of Kristen's and I will reread over and over I am sure of it.

If I could give it more stars I would. Fantastic.

I'm off to cry some more now :)
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on 21 March 2014
Wooooowwwwwwww Kristen proby does it again in a big way.

Matt shows takes us to new heights to show a slightly different dominant, he may have convinced himself he just has needs that have to be fulfilled but he couldn't be more wrong love finds you in the end.

Nic is skittish but developer a deep love for her man and all that he is, loving him so much it culminates to a shocking twist.

I'm not going to spoil this for you just get reading
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on 26 March 2014
You know when you read a book and at the end you feel like your saying goodbye to friends. Well that's why I had to give this book 5 stars. I felt connected to the characters and feel like I have also gone through the emotional rollercoaster with them. Is it the best book in the series well that would be like asking me to pick my favourite child.
I have to congratulate Kristen Proby on another fantastically emotional story.
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on 19 March 2014
Big fan of this series. Downloaded n read as soon as I saw it. Enjoyed the story but in truth, not as much as the previous. I think maybe the bondage thing just doesn't do it for me. But it's always nice to read about all the previous couples joining together. Looking forward to the next story. But hoping for better.
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on 12 June 2016
Another great book in this series #6 love this family and character's of Nic Dalton who's cupcake business is doing so well she meets an handsome stranger Matt Montgomery there chemistry is explosive. she is everything he wants in a partner but will she want to be when she finds out more about his life ! she soon changed her mind to think the same has him but she has got some issues that she thinks that it can't last has she can't give him the life they both deserve,
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on 19 August 2014
I love the Montgomery clan and I think that with each book, they get better and better. The story pulls you into this huge wonderful family so you feel like you are a part of every plot.

Matt is the quiet one out of all the Montgomery’s, and he likes his sex with a little bit of kink, yum.
Matt is very patient with Nic, he doesn’t push her too far past her limits. Matt is a dominant man but not all controlling alpha.

Nic, well she is so vanilla she could be and ice cream. That is until she watches Matt demonstrate his so very sexy kinky BDSM rope tying. Then she sees a different sexy side to the world and she wants to try it.
Nic is a great heroine she no wilting wall flower, She is a independent woman who runs a successful business a very popular cupcake shop. Nic is very kind hearted and a easily likeable character.

This book is heartfelt and emotional, Kristen has out done herself with this series, the writing is brilliant.

If you love a series that is full of romance, sex, smoking hot guys, an amazing family dynamic and a hilariously rude and crude bunch of girls. This is so for you, all these book can be read as a stand alone in think but you will get so much more out of them if you read them in order.
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on 21 March 2014
Oh how i love this serids, after stumbling onto Come away with me, the Montgomery family has me pre-ordering the next book!

Always thought Matt was missing something in his life, ever the protector. He is great with everyone in his family, the love in his heart is immense.

Nic although successful was always second guessing herself. She has a great friend in Bailey who is always looking out for her.

Love catching up with the gang, how those wonderful alpha men are so thoughtful, protective not to mention handsome, there is not one clear book boyfriend fore runner, all the men; Luke, Nate, Issac, Will, Caleb, Leo and now Matt are all great men.

We get to learn about the kinkiest member of the group, but always the perfect gentleman, always making sure Nic was OK, feeling fine etc. Oh wow the sexy chemistry dripped off the page they totally sizzled.

Nic totally got where Matt was coming from and because she loved him like she did she thought she was not good enough for him. I love how domineering all the men are, especially when they think they are about to loose the woman they have lost their heart too. The make up sex these boys provide makes you want to be the one getting that kind of attention.

It was good to see Nic deal with fitting in with a new family, even stepping in to help when needed and the realisation of fitting in.

The stiry was great if a tad short, cant wait for Mark's and Meredith's story, i feel were going to get fireworks.
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We have come a long way with the amazing Montgomery Family and in this book we get to meet in a little more depth the quiet guy, the sober soul that is Matt.
Matthew Montgomery, detective in the Seattle PD, is a bit of an enigma. He keeps himself to himself but through his brother Caleb we learnt a little more about him and in this, he gets to show his true colours. It has been intimated in previous novels that Matt has a predisposition for the more erotic but nothing has ever clarified. In this we get to see that he is a bit of a Dom and a Master in the Shibari (the use of rose as an erotic art form – he likes to bind his women and is a master at the art)but his dominance extends to the bedroom and no further. He knows his limits and he will not be topped. He is actually a really considerate lover and while he definitely rules the bedroom, day to day he is really nice guy – he loves his family unconditionally, he is loyal to his friends and partner.
Demonstrating his art at a Fetish Festival Matt comes into contact with Nic Dalton (Nicole) when encouraged by her friend, she allows him to tie her up. The draw between them is electrifying and one thing leads to another.
Nic has one small issue – that being that she is a bit of a control freak and giving up control does not come easy to her. Unfortunately for Nic, since the first time she laid eyes and everything else on Matt, she can’t get him out of her head, so when she meets him again at Caleb’s wedding ( she supplied the wedding cake) she just can’t stay away.
“Give in to this, Nic. Let me prove to you that I will be one of the best decisions you ever make.”
The ensuing romance is a complete mix of everything that Kristen Proby does best, it is every inch the perfect romance novel with just the right mix of sex and angst to make it a joy to read.
Despite the issues that they face (and I like that Kristen always has an obstacle for her couples to over-come – life isn’t plain sailing after all) Matt refuses to give up – he knows she is the one – he describes it beautifully when he says:
I see the whole package when I look at this woman. Marriage and babies and houses and bills. Fights and laughter. Everything.
The argument between them is intense and when he walks away we know that he is definitely coming back – and what a comeback it is – and I hope we hear more from Ben in future stories because I think he could be a great addition to the fold.
I loved this book and it too precedence over another novel that I had sitting read to read on the same day but Kristen Proby is one opf my all time favourite authors, someone I know I can allow to take me into her world and who will thrill me while I am there.
I love the fact that we always get a catch up with the rest of the Montgomery family during the novel but I also love her humour. Kristen brings in great secondary characters to each novel and in this case it was Bailey who is an absolute scream – such a wicked sense of humour ! And also Asher, Matt’s partner on the force.
Despite the implication of Matt being into BDSM- it really is quite tame and is dealt with in a very sensual and loving way. Their story is intense but above all romantic, Matt’s priority is Nic and for her he is prepared to do anything;
At the heart of it, we are you and me. This” —he wags his index finger back and forth, pointing to both of us—“ doesn’t work without you.
One thing we can all take refuge in is the fact that with Ms Proby at the helm, the relationship we all have with her works!!!!
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on 20 March 2014
Another Montgomery man to fall in love with. I have read all this series so far & have loved them all. This family just makes you fall in love with each and everyone of them. Cannot wait for the next book.
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on 12 June 2014
This series never fails to produce a great story. I know Kristen has slowly introduced us to all the Montgomery and Williams families but Matt was always more in the background. The quiet and kind one , who is protective of his family and friends. We met Nic before and I loved her crush on Leo and sweet she was with Asher's daughter. It's really good to see how all the couples are doing and catch the hints for future books she drops with the single men. Matt is so patient and thoughtful towards Nic and how he slowly introduces her to his lifestyle. Gail's chat to her near the end is very poignant and understanding to Nic's worries. Matt sums up his feelings for her superbly saying ''You put your arms around ma and I'm home''. The girls are always funny in these books but how Nic deals with being caught for speeding in Matt's car is great. As usual can't wait for the next book.
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