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on 19 April 2016
I have 4 of Mr Alexanders books. Book 2 follows on from book 1 in the sens of approach and learning style, but also stands alone in terms of content so is perfectly useful if you are comfortable with your rhythm playing but want to work on soloing. Many books focus either just on licks, or just on theory and either can be difficult to take away and use as well as a bit dull.
The approach in these books is a good balance of theory and usability so is more productive, at least I find them that way. The Blues you can Use series is very popular for that reason but I found them a bit locked into one style, so although good they could also be a bit dated. These books are a great alternative and especially if you have younger or more modern players who still love the blues or blues rock, then I would suggest these over others.
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on 1 May 2017
A must, you have to have this it will take you a long way learning blues.
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on 12 October 2014
I bought book three first.Which is great.

But this is more of a philosophical approach..and it is quite wonderful. Basically it brings everything else in his other books together and is about emoting.Playing from your heart.By using exercise ' patterns' and devices.Like a singer.

It's best just to keep getting the books until you realise that practicing and practicing is the way to go.

The greatness of these books cannot be over-egged.They all are really ' loveable'.
Not many guitar tuition books are loveable.But these make me a far better and expressive musician all round.And that is something special.It's worth really learning the basic scales all over the neck until you click with it and start to ' sing' with your fingers using all the
musical conversations that have been inspired/encouraged by this talented teacher.
I basically love T-Bone Walker, Hendrix and Zep etc.
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on 7 September 2014
As with my review of the first book in the series, and the supporting book "The CAGED System and 100 Licks for Blues Guitar", I simply restate the fact that you cannot go wrong with these tutorial books.
Accessible, easy to understand without being patronising and well supported with good audio files (downloadable once you make your purchase, from the author's website) this book and indeed this series has been really well thought through, evidencing Joseph's long journey and apprenticeship in guitar playing and teaching. By separating out into two parts the essence of good playing - rhythm on the one hand (Book 1) and melodic phrasing - i.e. soloing in this book, it is possible to make real progress in your playing with a good solid understanding of why things sound the way they do (in the Blues) without overburdening the budding player with too much technical stuff. So, I am really pleased with my purchase, and feel I have finally found the tutorial books I have been seeking for many years.
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on 2 July 2016
Although I had worked through several books by other authors purporting to teach the elements of blues guitar playing my solos still sounded contrived and lacking in spontaneity and expression. Joseph Alexander's approach seemed to be very different and I was immediately impressed with the way the separate techniques were introduced, each individual technique being developed in the example exercises then integrated with the next technique. These example exercises are available as an audio download and I found it extremely useful to play along with each one until I felt I was sufficiently accomplished in the technique embodied in each. By the time I had reached chapter 5 my playing was becoming far more expressive and dynamic as a result of the techniques I had learned and practised. I really felt I was achieving my desired goals with my playing.
Very sensibly the book makes no attempt at introducing all five minor pentatonic scale shapes in the first chapter but instead allows development of all the important techniques in one scale position only. When the other scale shapes are introduced in chapter 5 it is then simply a case of applying the previously learned techniques to these four new scale shapes. The book then concludes with example exercises in linking together the five scale shapes. To sum up, this book provides an excellent foundation in blues soloing with which the player, with further experience, can build upon.
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on 14 April 2014
This, together with book 1 of the series are probably the most accessible and practical self study guides I have come across for guitar so far. They are logically structured and progressively build on the concepts and techniques covered to provide the player with a menu of options for approaching blues guitar. Extensive examples are provided for all the concepts in classical notation and tablature.

There is theory enough to provide an understanding of what is being taught but without blinding the reader with science.

Additional bonuses:
1 If you buy the Kindle version you can request a pdf copy from the author, which very practical for playing along with the examples.
2 Audio files are also available from the author. These are very good quality and essential for those like me who find sight reading a challenge. There are also some nice backing tracks to practice improvisation.

All together an excellent package, particularly at the low price compared with the many of the books available in this segment.

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on 7 November 2015
Ok so I bought this book to learn about blues guitar and after I get a idea on how lead guitar works I could advance my knowledge by listening to blues rock guitar and find a way to add tempo to lead to make it sound like blues rock .

So the book started as I anticipated , with slow blue phrases an it continued . At this point I was like " ok , blues is slow and fill with silences just like what Clapton does , I'll finish this and find another book with much uptempo rock feel" , well than I got to chapter three and I realise the basic pattern Of blues and blues rock are exactly the same !! Need more tempo ? Just add patterns to the measures !!! . An from than onward I realise all I new to Learn to play hard rock blues lead like slash is to finish the book and practice !!

The thing that makes this book greatest of all time is that it consider all 5 positions of minor pent and ALL ideas that can be implemented , that's right I said ALL !!! So if your are interested in groovy leads , give this book a go !!
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on 11 April 2014
Learning blues licks is certainly an effective 'quick start' approach to this hugely enjoyable and influential musical style, but one which, in my limited experience, can limit us to a rather predictable 'playing by numbers' sound which neither builds our confidence nor inspires our listeners. This book shows us how to avoid or break out of such a trap by showing how a single lick can be played in many different ways by varying its phrasing, rhythm and feel. In a very well-structured way, this book introduces us to the twists and tweaks that we can make to our existing blues vocabulary in order to develop a more truly personal blues accent and dialect with which we can express ourselves more freely. How inspiring is that! Another great book in Mr Alexander's growing canon. Highly recommended!
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on 24 November 2015
Yet another great book, 2nd one in his Blues series. Having purchased several of the other titles now, I just don't think you can go wrong, with each book being real value for money, especially in the Kindle format.
As a intermediate player on that never ending road of learning, I've found the Blues series full of practical quidance with the theory to back it up. Combine this will all the audio example tracks to freely download, means a really rounded package.
May be if you've played for years you'll quickly progress through the simpler stuff. For me personally the two books combined will keep me happily busy for quite some time. Can't wait to see what the 3rd in the series covers ....... but now I'm getting ahead of myself.
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on 23 September 2014
Having already purchased Book 1 in this series (and improved my rhythm playing massively), the natural progression was to move onto Book 2 - Melodic Phrasing. My solo playing has tended to be stuck in a rut of regurgitated pentatonic licks but this book focuses on the phrasing, feel and melody to really help bring more out of a solo.

This book is taking me a lot longer to get through than Book 1 but that's deliberate because I want to deeply embed the concepts being learned here. I'm convinced that by carefully following the path laid down by this book I will become a much better sounding guitar player. Really looking forward to see what Book 3 in the series has to offer!
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