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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 15 May 2014
First book I've read from this author and I like what he's written here. The assessment of the UFO phenomenon over the decades is done in a very open minded, level headed and logical way. No pushing to say this is right and that's wrong etc, just a great assessment of what's out there. Based on this book I'll be looking at his other writings for certain as I think he sees things fairly and honestly and not pandering to the critics, self styled debunkers or the die hard supporters of this phenomenon. Great book.
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on 5 March 2014
There's something for everyone here-the novice who is just coming to the discussion ,the more seasoned UFO enthusiast and those who are on the fence-The author never tries to convince you with fantastical tales or bury you in tedious documentation ,he just lays out the facts and the myths, offers the information and lets you decide for yourself if there's something to this subject or not. His writing style and language are totally accessible and its simply a must read for anyone remotely interested in the subject matter. Richard Dolan is a leading light in this field and when you need a mature, well thought out, no nonsense highly intelligent approach to the UFO subject and Disclosure he is THE man to search out. A superb piece of writing.
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on 11 May 2014
Being a fan of Richard Dolan's work and his academic take on the subject of Ufology, I picked up this book as soon as it came out.

It's an immersing read and packed with valuable information. However, If you've got an advanced knowledge of the history and exopolitics of UFOs, then you will not learn a great deal from this book.

What intrigues me the most is not the chronological presentation of UFOs (highly recommend Dolan's first 2 books), but rather Dolan's rational and profound analysis which takes a unique sociopolitical perspective. An approach that's yet to mature in the field.

Having said that, for anybody taking up this subject, this book is an excellent read and will put things in the right order for you. It touches upon the history, politics, sociology and science of Ufology with enough details, equipping you with sufficient knowledge that will open up countless doors into this highly complex realm.

Richard Dolan in says it's a book for both the advanced readers and those new to the subject. I agree. Nevertheless, it's more useful for beginner and intermediate Ufologists.

I would've given the book ''5'' stars, but since this book contains a lot of recap of Dolan's 3 last books I'm afraid I'll have to take out one star. 4 stars for the academic style and unique yet comprehensive analysis of the subject.

Would I recommend it? Most certainly.
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on 21 October 2014
Yet another great book by Richard Dolan added to my collection.
He covers so many different subject's related to UFOs that I never even thought about.
If I haven't have owned his first 3 books I'd be blown away by this book, but to top UFOs & the national security state, or A.D After Disclosure he'd need to pull something truly special out of the bag.
But saying that he covers so many different subject, & go's into great detail about so many different things that in a strange way this book still holds its own.
It will be interesting to see where Dolan go's from here tho.
He's already written a full 2 books on the history of UFO reports & the subject cover up of those reports.
He's also written about what he thinks would happen after disclosure, & now he's done a full cover of the entire UFO subject & why the subject is so complex.
So I wonder what's left for Richard to write about because Dolan never gets involved with speculation reguarding the UFO subject.
If this was to be Richard Dolan's last book on UFOs, it would be a great shame as he's a brilliant writer & is in my eyes in a league of his own when it comes to UFOs.
But this book would still be a very good book to end on.
I just hope Dolan has plenty of ideas left in that very clever brain of his, because I want to read more of his books.
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on 30 May 2014
I was recommended this book by an American friend. Having had a 40 year interest in this subject, it is the best overview I have read in years and draws together a lot of different threads. John Keel Operation Trojan Horse from the 70's needed updating and this fine fellow has done it!
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on 2 June 2016
I love Dolan's most recent book.
He has gone the extra mile this time and included some very insightful information.
Books of this kind are hard to come by, which offer an overview of the subjects associated with the UFO phenomenon.
Another book which manages to cover such topics in depth is The Alien Enigma by J.P. Robinson which I also highly recommend.
The Alien Enigma: Extraterrestrials: Science Fiction or Science Fact?
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on 11 May 2014
An historian by training, Dolan writes freshly & eruditely about the subject & draws on a vast number of useful sources (including websites).
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on 27 September 2016
A mature,non sensational read for anyone interested in the subject. He does though seem to downplay some of his belief's aired on Ancient Aliens. Almost at times contradicting some of his beliefs shared on that TV show.
Also at times a little light on details of certain cases, more time spent on some of his newer revelations would have made for a better read.In his defence I guess this was not his purpose in writing this book.
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on 14 April 2014
Richard Dolan is one of the absolute best of the UFO researchers - all his books are thoroughly researched, intelligent, and completely absorbing, and this one is no exception.
A clear overview of the subject, which, even if one has already read much about it, is nevertheless a very helpful review of what is currently known - buy this, and his other books!
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on 27 February 2016
Richard Dolan is an excellent researcher,he examines the topic of UFOs in a clear, unbiased way. His books are so easy to read.
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