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on 12 January 2014
This colourful book is beautifully created.

It is effectively two workbooks in one - with a good amount of repetition - one for your life (about 60 pages) and one for your business (about 35 pages).

Both workbooks begin with a review of 2013, with a closing and releasing ceremony.

The author then prompts you to ask yourself questions to help you figure out what you want from the coming year. Some of these questions are insightful, others are more along the lines of 'which movies you would like to see'.

Once you have set your goals, there is almost nothing about 'what's next'.

The first page of the book starts with the headline: "Warning! This workbook creates change" and the sales page promises that "The Create Your Amazing Year In Life + Biz workbooks will turn your New Year's resolutions from faded-out forgotten wishes in a month's time into actual dreams come true." I disagree.

This workbook helps you to set your 2014 goals, in a funky and colourful way. It doesn't help you to actually create the change.

We all know that people can set goals - that's why we all love New Year's Resolutions so much!

The challenge comes in actually making those changes - and that's where this book falls really short. It contains 2 pages (about 300 words) on creating habits, plus a link to a video on how to create your to do list for your goals, but that's about it, apart from the odd paragraph.

It helps you create the ideas for an inspirational 2014, but doesn't address anything to do with how to make those changes in your life. Anyone can set some enticing goals, but it's actually implementing them that creates the change - and that's where most of us need the 'how'.

The only suggestion of 'how to' comes in the form of a 8 page advert (out of only 116 pages) at the back of the book for the author's 500 dollar 'Amazing life and biz academy' programme and affiliate scheme.

I have to admit that I found the super-large-font text and the overly-colourful pictures a bit child-like and patronising (my issue, I know, especially given how many people love this book!).

I found the process of sitting down and deciding what I want to create for 2014 helpful - hence the 2 stars - but I strongly felt that the promise that the workbook would create change was not delivered.
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on 9 March 2014
This popped up on my Facebook page - I looked at it for ages before buying - put off by the price and the girly hippy-dippy-ish look.(I am a bit that way but don't like this kind of imagery much) I wondered how on earth it could help, but I was desperate for anything that might help me move forward and not have another year of Groundhog Days. I clicked 'order' expecting to feel that ripped off and gullible feeling when it arrived.
I did roll my eyes a little bit when flicking through, it looked insubstantial and shallow; I reluctantly started to fill in a few boxes.
And that is where things changed, because although it all looks really simple, I KNOW I wouldn't have been able to focus enough on my own to get all my thoughts out on paper. The more I wrote the more it became clear what I needed to do. I haven't even finished and it's March, however, I have taken action on the things I have written down.
On '100 things to do this year' I wrote down 'fly in a plane' - I am claustrophobic and have not flown for 20 years. I am now booked on a Fear of Flying course at the end of this month!!!! I have also been taking massive action to overcome my phobia. I honestly don't think I would have done this if I hadn't written it down, and I don't think it would have worked to write it in my diary - I know because I have done this before - I think putting it on a proper page, in a book made the difference.
I keep going back to the book to review things, but there is still loads I haven't filled in because I have been getting jobs done I have procrastinated on for ages. I will do some more, but even if I don't I am happy I bought it and for the changes it has helped me focus on so far.
I know I will buy this again next year, even though for a while I will try to wriggle out of it by thinking I can just do sheets myself based on this years book! It's totally worth it, especially if you hate linear, dry business type plans.
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on 29 November 2013
After reading about the Create Your Incredible Year business and life workbooks, I finally invested in them last year. I loved them so much that I signed up for Leonie's Amazing Biz + Life Academy less than a month later, because the workbooks made it so clear to me that I could get even more out of an Academy membership.

Before I started using the workbooks, I had an idea of what I wanted to accomplish in 2013, but going through the workbooks made everything so much more clear. I love how there are two workbooks, for both business and life, because I often forget to plan the things I want to do in my personal life, and focus only on my business. Using the workbooks helped me connect with myself and with what I wanted to experience in 2013. They helped provide me with the clarity to understand exactly what it was that I wanted.

The biggest shift that I wanted to experience with my business this year was to focus more on creating online courses that people could download and work through on their own, rather than doing full time done-for-you client services. And that has happened, greatly in part because the workbooks really helped me tap into what I wanted to experience in my year.

On the personal side of things, the part that I most enjoyed and used in the personal planner was the list of 100 things to do in 2013. I was constantly highlighting the things I completed, or whiting things out to replace them as my interests and needs shifted throughout the year. Looking back, this list has really helped me focus more on the things I want to do outside of my business.

The three biggest differences these workbooks have made to my life are: a space to dream, a clear understanding of what I wanted to get out of my year, and an easy way to look back on my plans so I can check in throughout the year. These workbooks are so wonderful to work through and they're so inexpensive that buying them is really a no-brainer for me. I can't believe I waited until last year to get started.

I just purchased the 2014 edition here on Amazon, and can't wait to get started. This is a fun and useful investment in my business and life. I now have a clear vision of what I want and how to make it happen.
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on 29 November 2013
Beautiful, colourful, easy to complete and life changing stuff is contained in this workbook. I have achieved so much because of it in 2013, including my incredible wildest dream of walking 500 miles to Santiago de Compostellae, which I did in April, all because I wrote it down in this lovely booklet. If you want to have a great 2014 and get shiz done then make this investment.
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on 28 December 2013
I found the workbook quite childlike in colour and format but found it useful to look back on my year and to plan for 2014.
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on 3 April 2014
I loved this as I love to write my diary but having all my future goals in business, family, career all in one place is fantastic. I wish I had ought it in January as it would really had perked me up and put my ass into gear. I loved everything about it. I still haven't finished completing it as it takes time but I am hoping to complete by the end of this month. I spend time to review it each month and update it as that's what it allows you to do.

It is a great book that meets my every need into putting together a year long plan of all my goals. This really also makes me accountable for getting things done how I want it.

Beautiful to look at and a pleasure to complete.
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on 12 January 2014
The colour and design is creative and inspiring. The structure and direction of the questions really opens the door for serious contemplation of yourself and business. If you want something to help you focus on where you want your life to go personally, spiritually, financially, in business/work/health, creatively and more, this is definitely worth a look. I'm back for a second year.
Although the download from Leonie's website is cheaper, the printed book is good quality, light and A4size, so perfectly portable. It's also so much more convenient than having to print it all!
I love it. Hope you do too!
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on 2 January 2014
I haven't used the Biz workbook before, but planning to do so this year. I did the Life workbook in 2012 and 2013 and thoroughly enjoyed it... Already started filling my 2014 one out. It feels like part of my year end/new year ritual now. I never used to bother looking back at the year that had just passed (except to yell, 'See ya!' over my shoulder!) but now I realise just how valuable it can be. I did try using one other planner/journal but it just didn't fill me with enthusiasm like Leonie's does. I'm looking forward to see what dreams emerge from this one!
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on 25 January 2014
I have given this workbook 2 stars rather than 1 because perhaps I have myself to blame for buying it. I saw the word "business" (and the cover) and assumed incorrectly that this workbook was, at least partly, aimed at female professionals wanting to invigorate their business and reassess finances, attitudes, etc. Had I reviewed the "About the author" comments about "gifted goddess" and "goddess woman" in more detail I would have realised this was not for me. It seems that some people have got a lot out of this book from reading the reviews but I was looking for something very different. The writer has pages of boxes with space to fill in with, for example, your own inspirational mottos or a description of your "dreamiest day that you would love to happen this year." I think that the "Look inside" option needs to have more pages to view especially as the price tag is very high (£15.38) to ensure that the buyer knows what they are getting.
I'm sure this workbook is helpful to some people but the product description needs to make its target audience more clear to minimise disappointment. But hey, it's a "Yearly Bestseller" so who knows?
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on 24 February 2014
What a lovely book! full of colour and pictures, really helpful and motivating. I will be getting it next year!

Good to realise before you start that it is in two sections; one for life and the other for business as some sections are in both but require different answers!
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