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on 4 May 2013
You need a new PC, you go to the shop thinking you know all about it and find yourself faced with an interface that makes little sense to you. Why, Microsoft, why? I am a big fan of Dr Andy's writing but I am especially pleased by this book. Essential reading for anybody "upgrading" to Windows 8.
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on 4 July 2013
When I got my new computer with Windows 8 I was totally confused.
Nothing was the same.
I muddled along for a couple of days and then purchased this book.
"Hey Presto" most of it makes sense.
Very useful buy!!
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on 23 July 2013
Well if you are thinking of moving then this is a must read, it answered many of the questions I had about upgrading to Win 8. It help me make the upgrade with and got me started with no fuss or bother.
For me it is a must read.
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on 8 June 2013
I give this five stars because it was great value, and principally because it is so clear and easy to follow.
Did not like Windows 8 initially, and still not a great fan, however sitting with this book NAD working through the various screens was very easy to follow.
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on 4 September 2013
I purchased the Kindle Edition of this book to help me through learning the basics of Windows 8. It is easy to read, the facts are well laid out and in no time at all I had got used to the idea of not having a Start Button and was reveling in the Welcome Screen, Metro Apps and all the other delights of Windows 8. Without the book I think I would be cursing Microsoft for throwing away the traditional design elements of Windows and wondering how to close the App I wished I hadn't opened in the first place. This book made everything clear and I was very pleased to have it by my side.

Now, I know the display on a standard Kindle is grey scale, but of course it is possible to read Kindle books on other media, such as an iPad and other colour tablets. what a shame then that the illustrations in this book were in grey scale. Colour would have been so much better.
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on 5 December 2013
Somewhat baffled and frustrated by Microsoft's latest OS, I bought this low priced volume on the basis of its previous reviews. It has delivered a good source of screen layout and shortcut key combinations, which Microsoft should have delivered with the software. Whilst I am yet to appreciate what Windows 8 offers to the keyboard and mouse equipped desktop over the stable and useful Win 7, this book has enabled me to peek under the covers and find some familiar and essential features in Microsoft's latest stillborn delivery. Having now upgraded to Windows 8.1 and regained the Start button, I probably need a more complex book to learn how to set up Windows 8.1 to perform as I would like it to, but meantime I would recommend the small outlay to learn the basics from Andy Williams useful little book.
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on 29 June 2013
Windows 8 is very difficult to "migrate" to and requires clear explanations from someone who has used it and understands the difficulties we bump into.
I thought Dr. Williams did this to great effect, and in simple, understandable language. I keep it by me for whenever I Forget how to do things!
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on 9 October 2013
Having read and heard about all the problems people had by upgrading to Windows 8, I bought this book in the hope of reducing them. It was ideal and when my new computer arrived, I could at least get started with it. It removed a lot of my fears and Windows 8, using a mouse is far less a problem than I expected. It gave a lot of tips and short cuts essential to get started. Although not recommended, I read a lot of the book before getting Windows 8 and then used it as a reference as I started to use it. Even now, several weeks later I refer to it to check on short cuts or best methods for an action.

Great starter but now need a little more depth.
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on 4 October 2013
I run a small computer group for older people at U3A who want to learn to get on line. One member is bringing his Windows 8 laptop on Monday, so I thought I better find out about Windows 8. I don't read much only information, but have a kindle, so I searched for a suitable information book and found this one. I am so pleased, I read most of it in a couple of hours, at least what I believe I will need, it was great and so easy to understand, even for me. I do have a Google tablet and Windows 8 is all about icons and bigger live icons, but this book takes away the myths, you will love the challenge of Windows 8.Look out daughter I am after loaning your windows 8 laptop for Monday to use with my overhead projector.
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on 16 May 2014
I have a Windows 8 PC that I really have had little time to use but initial impressions took me completely outside my comfort zone. I recently bought a Windows 8 Laptop and forced myself to come to terms with it. This book helped greatly as I was able to dip in and out on the topics of help that I really needed and each step forward made me feel much more comfortable with this difficult operating system. Recommended for people that feel like giving up!
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