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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 17 January 2013
Dr Montford outlines with devastating clarity the corruption which is rife within the BBC. Extremely readable even for the scientific illiterates. The author is to be congratulated, as should Tony Newberry, for persuing this story against the vested interests of the establishment. It deserves a much wider audience than I fear it is likely to get...mostly because these two heroes are exposing the shortcomings of the MSM as well as the propaganda being put out by the BBC. Kudos to Montford and Newberry; shame on the BBC
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on 2 November 2013
A piece of clearly expressed journalism that exposes skulduggery, fraudulent use of taxpayers money and bias at the BBC. Andrew Montford et al are to be highly commended for their resolute application to the task in hand in the face of determined cover ups on the part of the BBC. It saddens me to realise the careless way that Prof Steve Jones got himself involved in the process; a kick in the teeth for the reputation of science.
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on 12 May 2013
This was an interesting short read. I have long felt the BBC news / current affairs output is little more than the 'green / socialist' viewpoint and cannot really be trusted to air the full facts behind any news story.

This book is well written and does not become dry or hard to read at any stage, In fact I found it very difficult to put down and had finished it in record time. I would rate this as a must read for anyone who often questions the accuracy of TV reporting, which so many people still regard as the 'trustworthy' source of information.
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on 4 February 2013
This short book proves how corrupt the BBC is when it comes to global warming, Oops, sorry, I mean 'Climate Change' because there hasn't been any warming and we all know the climate changes. Haha.
Anyway, this book details the investigative journalism of a few bloggers who discovered the tactics the BBC use to appear unbiased and impartial when in fact the opposite is true. This book exposes the dishonesty behind the BBC's decision to only broadcast one side of the climate change debate. To promote the PRO stance and ignore any skeptic views for something that they claim is a proven science when clearly it isn't. This book will help you to see the deeper political ends of the BBC and their aim to BRAINWASH their viewers by only giving airtime to one side of a story. Their one-sided opinion forming station makes them The British Brainwashing corporation in my opinion. This is an excellent book and well worth the read if your suspicious of the BBC.
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on 28 February 2015
For many years I have wondered why the BBC has peddled the alarmist' man-made Global Warming (GW) ' theory without providing a response to those who oppose that theory. With constant reference to global warming in many of their natural history programmes, it became an insidious drip, drip, drip of subliminal messaging. Also, for those of you who believe that the BBC is a propaganda machine for certain causes (in this case the great 'Global Warming' scam) then this book will confirm your belief. Even die hard BBC supporters may find the revelations alarming. A well researched book (or as some have said, an 'essay') Mr Montford took on the might of the BBC hierarchy but with limited success due to the fact the BBC is an integral part of the GW establishment.

My only observation is the dryness of the writing and the fact that the many emails referenced in the text could have been printed in italics to differentiate them from the main body of work. However, that is just a small point.
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on 8 January 2013
This book is more of an essay than a book, being only 58 pages long. Montford successfully identifies the grotesque bias in the BBC's reporting of the AGW debate brought about by a seminar, financed and populated by the green movement and attended by climate-ignorant, senior BBC executives who were convinced to modify future BBC output to reflect a green agenda.
As a very pro-Brit, and (hitherto) pro-BBC individual I was very alarmed
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on 26 May 2015
THE STORY (my words)
- The Guardian readers of the BBC succumbed to the Guardian readers of the Green movement.
- They literally met to work out how every aspect of BBC output would include Green propaganda.
- BBC management bought into it.
- They lied about the existence of the plot itself, and actually did became an instrument of CO2 alarmists etc, as per the plot.
- The extent of the BBC etc cover up was obscene.

Readable and to the point. It doesn't editorialise or waffle. Nor does it mince its words, E.g.: 'the BBC is rotten and they know it.'

I like the emails where the villains literally write to each other openly joking about the wrongness of their plotting.
On a wider level, we can no longer actually believe anything we are told by the BBC.
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on 17 January 2013
The BBC has modified its principles of integrity, accuracy and impartiality to accommodate circumstances.

Montford reveals here how a committee of 28 agreed that balanced presentation should be eschewed on the subject of climate change and that henceforth anthropogenic global warming be taken as established truth.

He and another blogger have gone to extraordinary trouble and financial risk to discover who were the 28 and what their qualifications, prejudices and conflicts of interest. They have done so in the face of BBC hostility, obfuscation and secrecy backed by licence-fee-funded legal resources.

Some astonishing stuff that comes out in the wash keeps interest alive even when the main investigation seems to be going nowhere. A notable cast of players includes that old hand at science trivialisation, Roger Harrabin, and the new director-general of the BBC, Lord (formerly Tony) Hall.

Without sleuths like Montford and a few bloggers with similar commitment to the truth, to whom could we turn for a balanced view? Clearly not to the Beeb and its Committee of 28.
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on 17 May 2015
Excellent narrative of how the BBC has gone wrong during the past several decades. Their green agenda has become much too left wing in contravention of their core editorial mandate, particularly so on the important issue of climate change. In most cases balanced reporting is never presented with opposing viewpoints, and as Andrew Montford has shown many of the greener-than-green protagonists responsible for a good deal of wanton deception should rightfully be prosecuted.

However as a geophysicist with a fair understanding of how the Earth works cannot establish a scintilla of evidence that atmospheric carbon dioxide is sufficient to bring about climate change,(nee global warming). Our thanks must go to Andrew for his journalistic endeavour in highlighting, to put it mildly, BBC failings.

John G Gahan PhD, FGS
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on 14 August 2013
Most of the salient points of this book have been excellently summarised elsewhere.
The BBC is revealed for the corrupt, biased, rotten-to-the-core organisation it is, where impartiality, honesty and journalistic integrity are far less important than facts, objectivity and the truth.
Having blustered it's way through this storm, and having been reinforced in it's arrogant belief in it's own infallability by the appointment of Tony Hall as DG, (after his role in this saga) there would be appear to be little hope that the BBB or the BBC Trust will ever again be considered an honest friend by any right thinking person.
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