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on 7 March 2012
wonderful and short, clear and consistent quality advice on how to start a website with wordpress, useful also to people in the middle of the process, like me, for a wider perspective on the future development of a simple website. It doesn't go deep but helps to finish the job and publish!
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on 13 June 2017
Really good clear guide and will get you started with relative ease
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on 6 April 2017
Very clear to follow just what I was looking for.
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on 21 July 2012
First of all let me agree with most other reviewers and compliment Sarah on producing this well-written and easy to follow short book on WordPress. Like most novices, I'd read that WP is the flexible future if I wanted to produce my own website without going to Geekdom and back and needing to learn and write in code. Before buying her download, I'd spent fuddled days reading WP Forums, watching videos and getting nowhere fast and thinking "Here we go again". Simple stuff needs to win in 2012.

I read a few reviews on here and Amazon.com and thought there's nothing to lose by buying this download. By following her book page by page, you very quickly get a basic website structure in place and up and running. Her common theme is "Don't ask - just do it!" and that's fine by me because it works and works well. The problem is that you will come away with a basic website/blog listing a couple of pages very quickly but you will have completely outgrown the book and are left wanting. For instance, it doesn't cover some very basic functions such as page sorting and this leaves your website page structure in an illogical order (eg a Contact page at the beginning rather than as the last page) and you're back to WP Forums and videos to fix it.

Her style of writing and teaching process are great but Sarah really does need to produce another 3 more advanced books quickly to take the student step-by-step on to better things. As it is today, I've nowhere to go except buy again from another author, start again and try and move upwards. And that's not what I need.
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on 13 June 2013
I got introduced to wordpress by an adventure when I was looking into ways of building my own website without using a web designer. I started to build the site, but it was looking like that of an amateur, as I could not use/edit most of the dashboard functions. This then made me to look for a wordpress book on Amazon. I bought the first book "24-hour Wordpress Trainer" but this book did not really helped me with the way I would have wanted my site to look. I then went back to Amazon to look for other wordpress books, and them came across "Wordpress To Go" by Sarah McHarry. I decided to give the book a go, based on the reviews of people who have bought this book. As soon as I opened the book, I knew outright that this book will help me a great deal in achieving my dream of building at least a good wordpress site. I was not disappointed since Sarah began with how to buy a domain name and hosting of your site.
This book gave lessons on how to install wordpress, log in and out of wordpress which also include how to customise your wordpress site. I'm already used to all these and simply opened to the more needed area like "steps to a perfect website", "all about widgets", etc. Of most interest and importance to me are:
• How to install wordpress themes and customise it with regards to background, image, colour scheme, site title, header image and installation of useful plugins.
• Adding of images to wordpress site which she explained on how to do this from the "media library" and how you can upload images for future use in the media library. I have no idea on how to use this before until I read this wordpress to go by Sarah. Sarah also gave her opinion about adding images/photos to your pages/post as it literally makes your webpage look attractive and relevant.
• This book thought me how to add a video to my site, I did not even know that it was so simple and easy to install a video that you recorded by yourself or someone else until I read this wordpress book.
Other interesting things that I learnt in this book which though is for a beginner in wordpress and not for the advanced students include:
• How to add an image using a text widget.
• How to use a text widget to display a banner Ad.
• Sarah's opinion about custom menu and why it is good to use them. According to the author, custom menus are a relatively new feature of wordpress but it add a lot of flexibility and power to the design of a wordpress site.
• The author also shows how to create a primary, secondary menu and setting the home page of your wordpress site.
This book is really good for a beginner in wordpress and is fully loaded with so many examples and instructions on how to get started, be up and running within few hours of dedication and hardwork.

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I got this when it was a free download. But it's now gone back up to about 3.50. Never fear, this is a quite outstanding easy to read and easy to carry out guide. Well worth the small amount the author wants for it. If you follow the author's suggestions and do things in order, I have no doubt that most people could get a website up and working in 24 hours. The book is largely jargon free and holds you by the hand without insulting you.

For a UK audience there are references to american suppliers, but you can ignore those. Most UK hosting companies have one click Wordpress installation (For example 123-reg whom I use) - and you can then go ahead and build your website.
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on 16 April 2012
Thank you Sarah McHarry - I can finally stop banging my head against the wall. Your book is well written, easy to understand and after struggling with WP and the technical jargon for weeks, I have in a few hours managed to master enough of it to put up my web site.
I would recommend this book for people new to WordPress and to setting up a website generally.
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on 5 May 2012
In the past I have developed and managed web sites using HTML editors, Frontpage and Dreamweaver - but that was a good few years ago. When my wife needed a new web site for her business I considered the options and settled on Wordpress, mainly because I thought it would be manageable by my wife. What I didn't know was that Wordpress was a rich web development and content management system - how times have changed! My service provider offers cPanel and Softaculous as standard, and installing Wordpress was easy - even in add-on domains. This little eBook was then the perfect introduction to Wordpress and covered everything I needed to know to get a decent web site up and running. At the price Wordpress to Go is a bargain, and I can assure even absolute beginners that you will be able to understand this guide and get your Wordpress site up and running in a day or two. Does what it says on the cover. Recommended.
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on 28 February 2013
It is so refreshing to find an IT guide which is genuinely written in plain English. Clear, concise, easy to follow. Thanks to Sarah McHarry I am now getting to grips with Wordpress instead of staring in puzzlement at its supposedly intuitive dashboard! I hope these reviews get passed on to authors - a big thank you Sarah.
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on 16 September 2013
i have already created a blog and so therefore was really looking for a more advanced book but also wanted to make sure that I could do it again, this tells you from scratch how to build it how to get domain name and then design. i bought an expensie wordpress book from w h smith some time ago but it is hard to follow.
it tells you how to install word press but go daddy did all that for me . I'm now up to part two which should be useful as it is the technical issues that I want to understand more. installing widgets. I know how to do this but I am at a more advanced level and want to see how much I can learn. it is written in a very basic type and if you know nothing about wordpress this is worth getting.
i ould have done with this at the beginning but i just found out through trial and error. today i' going to go through the more advanced section.
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