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on 7 December 2012
Some great ideas.... Just wish some one would do a UK specific version of this kind of book, some ingredients different or hard to get..... Also have to convert the measurements in to metric.
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on 23 November 2014
I have only recently bought this book with the aim of muscle-building and am just working my way reading through the section before the recipes before actually cooking anything.

I did email the author before purchasing this edition about when he imagined the next version with illustrative photos would be released and he said probably in the first quarter of 2015. In the end I decided just to buy it anyway. But I was confused about whether I'd receive a US or UK version. However, the book I've received seems to be a UK version yet it does favour the US system of using cups for measuring out rather than weights. I'm hoping that if you set aside one cup to use just for this purpose and never veer from it then this should be alright but to be honest I'd rather it referred to weights and measures rather than volume.

As for the lack of photos, I rationalised that, whilst most cookbooks do usually have an illustration for explanatory purposes I really don't mind the lack of them so much here. This is because none of the recipes seem overly technical so you should be able to imagine what the end result looks like from the ingredients and method, and also because surely the whole motivation behind cooking them is to either build muscle or lose weight? The lack of photos keeps printing costs down and I was therefore able to buy this as well as Bigger, Leaner, Stronger for little over a tenner.

One reviewer berated the 'obscure ingredients' used for a lot of recipes in the book; all I can say is that this version must have been updated considerably because the only thing I had no idea of what it was was 'Half & Half', but through Googling I found that it's a US brand name for a low fat cream substitute and there are ways you can make something similar yourself. Other ingredients like 'scallions' (which I had also never heard of) are named next to their UK counterparts; in this case, spring onions. He has also namechecked stores such as Waitrose, Sainsbury's, Tesco and Holland & Barrett so that you know which shops stock the ingredients.

This version seems to have had been better proofread before going to print, because the errors someone else mentioned (i.e. Thai beef kabobs) :) have been corrected and this attention to detail makes the book seem all the more credible. It does say on the cover that there are 120 recipes and then 115 on the back but I don't really mind because there's so much to choose from whatever the number is.

Another reviewer mentioned that the book only gives recipes for component parts of a meal rather than the whole dish (eg. a chicken dish recipe and then the accompaniment that you would normally have on the same plate listed elsewhere), but I think the reason for this is so that you can switch round what you have so as to give yourself more variation. It only requires basic maths to add the macronutrient values of each recipe together for what your requirements are. It may also be another reason why photos are omitted- as, with this in mind, the potential number of meal combinations would therefore be too expansive to have a photo for every single one. Another review said that there was the lack of a meal plan and some kind of 'when to eat' structure as none are included in the book. However Mike gives you a link to an Excel spreadsheet where all recipes and macros are detailed at a glance so I'm assuming that this nice addition was not available from previous copies.

One thing I noticed from many of the recipes is that a lot of them use several eggwhites and I was wondering what do you do with the yolks- just throw them away (seems a waste of food) or do the leftover yolks have a place in any recipe at all?

All in all, I'm glad I went ahead and bought this book rather than wait until next year. It may well be interesting to see what the differences are, but I don't foresee that I'm going to lose out much having purchased this one. I look forward to trying out as many of these recipes as I can before coming back with an update. Hopefully the cups measuring system doesn't cause me any problems, but I feel quite confident that I will notice improvements if I follow the regime offered by these books; going both by other positive reviews and the sheer scope that the book offers.
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on 8 July 2013
I ordered this item as I would like to vary my diet from the monotony of eating plain boring foods to gain muscle and lose fat. So far I have tried the Indian Chicken curry, I found it easy to make and delicious. There is a great variety of meals, and I'm looking forward to working my way through them.

The only hang up on this product is that it's missing photographs of the finished meals which is something I like in a cook book, I can only think that the lack of photos is because of frugality and trying to keep the costs of printing low. I would recommend this cook book but if an alternative is available with illustrations I would probably buy that one instead.

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on 20 October 2015
Brilliant book, bought the kindle edition. Very detailed and easy to follow! Good job mike!
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on 11 October 2017
First off, don’t listen to any of the negative reviews, they generally do not have a clue what they’re on about and are the type of people that make excuses instead of making results. Rightio, Here’s my review (yes I am English)

Well, what can I say, this book gives you exactly what you need to cut the fat, build muscle, better your health, lower cholesterol, improve general health, everything.

I know loads of you will be swanning off to buy Joe Wicks book’s as my wife does each and every time he craps out a new book and puts his name on it. But people like Joe want you to buy into their plan, yes, it’s clean eating, but if you are eating clean in a calorie surplus, you’re going to store fat. Only when you buy Joe's plan doe his team give you your Macro count of the recipes (because he doesn’t in his books) but not with Michael, he gives you everything you need right away.

Anyway, the only reason I mentioned Joe Wicks, who has branded himself as the weight loss/muscle building king is because that crown goes solely to Michael Mathews in my eyes. He states the proteins, carbs and fats right there on the page of whatever recipe is on that page, making it a million times easier to prep your meals and stay within your marcos.

Michael is a no-nonsense type of guy, he bases all of his work on actual scientifically tested and proven results rather than whatever is floating around in the trendy or bro science toilet at that time.
Michael offers pod casts via his website and YouTube also which I suggest you all have a listen to if you haven’t already and are serious about losing fat or gaining muscle.

Michael has taught me through his books and his muscle for life website, that instead of dreading the workout, and the eating regime that you should incorporate them into your routine so they become second nature (given, it took me near 3 weeks but after that I was set in my ways with it all.)

I cannot stress this enough, DO NOT OVER COMPLICATE THINGS!!, throw your other books out and just get Michael’s books, they cover everything you will need for diet, nutrition, training and a massive one for me “Inner Game” (which I use the most out of all of his tips.)
So, in short, Michael books are all you need, and before you say it, I am not a blind follower, and I do actually have 1 con for this book, it needs images of the meals, but that is it. I would generally pay 2x what this book is selling for if there was a hardback, colour printed image version.

Errrm, that’s about it.

I’m Sam, I’m a web designer based in England, I was 18st, 25% body fat and 7 months later (and with the help of Michael), I am 15stone 13% body fat, but somehow even though I have lost weight, I am Bigger Leaner and Stronger than I have ever been. I was in the army for 10 years, but I am fitter now, than I was then. I never new I had actual abs but I can see them now :)

Thanks Michael. Keep up the good work. 😊
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on 16 April 2014
I am really pleased with this book and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a healthy lifestyle or wishing to hit the gym to bulk up or lose weight. Mike covers all types of meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner along with snacks and even some desserts, whilst providing recipes to cook from scratch for chicken, beef, pork and fish not to mention some tasty pasta dishes. I originally bought the US version which included some American ingredients unavailable in the UK whilst the ingredient measurements were provided in the US metric system, but have recently purchased the updated UK version which resolves both of these minor issues. Like most recipes found in fitness magazines or forums ingredients are provided for at least four portions but I have found it easy to reduce them to cook 2 portions to eat over several days. A must for anyone looking to follow a healthy eating lifestyle!
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on 8 November 2014
This is a very good book that is held back from being amazing by a few things (in my opinion ofc)

Before the review, a little context:
I'm a 24yr old full-time Software tester on a 9-5 job. I also hit the gym 5 times a week for about 2h each. As such I need to make my food in advance (usually on one of my free days or on weekends) and bring it to work in order to keep a proper macro balance day in day out. I'm also not an experienced cook so take my opinion with a pinch of salt.

To the review:


1) Very tasty food, entirely homemade
Gives you precise control over your macros, very important for me

2) A lot of variety
There are A LOT of different kinds of recipes for each type of meal which was really good. Breakfast for example has things ranging from omelettes, to muffins, so you can switch things up and not get sick of eating the same kind of food over and over.

1) The recipes are quite time consuming
Unless you've performed each of these 10+ times, the stated preparation and cooking times aren't very accurate. This may have to do with my own lack of cooking experience but I often found myself needing 2-5x the amount of time to prepare one, depending on the amount of ingredients and complexity of the recipe.

2) A LOT of the ingredients for the recipes are quite specific and cannot be found in a local supermarket
This is my only real issue. I'm not talikg about MY local supermarker, I'm talking local supermarkets in general. Some of these ingredients are awesome and I'm glad to have learned that they're available, but I've had to acquire a lot of these from online shops as they're not something you'd find available in a local supermarket. Some were easy to replace with other, similar ingredients so I'll give it that, but wasn't the case with all of these.
On the same note, there were also quite a few that needed special kitchen equipment which I didn't have, and while that's no fault of the author, it did start to eliminate quite a few recipes from my available menu when paired with the lack of ingredients for others.

All in all a very good book, and has added about 10 new recipes to my weekly menu that will make it a lot more varied. However most of the recipes I couldn't be bothered with making as they'd take too much time to make and find ingredients for.

If you are good with cooking, I'd definitely recommend buying this book, but if you're a newbie to the world of cooking and cookbooks like me do expect a "can't be bothered to make this" to hit you for quite a few recipes while reading through it.
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on 9 September 2014
Long story short, I'm 48 years old, female, and have always been used to eating and drinking pretty much whatever I want and staying around a UK size 10/12. Genetics have been my friend! I've never been been fit, exercise wasn't on my things to do list, unless dancing under the influence counts! But this year age, fast food and too much alcohol caught up with me. Cellulite was no longer something that happened to other people. There were too many podgy bits I couldn't ignore.

But what to do? I knew nothing about nutrition, and had never even acknowledged a calorie, never mind counted one. I had no idea how many I ate, or drank. So I started to investigate on the web, and the amount of information out there was overwhelming. How was I ever going to work it out? I have to admit, I almost gave up. What did it matter? I was getting older, everyone knew you couldn't get rid of cellulite, I'd just cut down on the wine, my husband wouldn't mind if I got a bit more cuddly. But then I stumbled onto Mike's website. I read the free eBooks he provides, and it all started to make a lot more sense. And then I found he'd written a book full of recipes designed to make it easier to manage what you eat, and recipes that were easy to cook too, The Shredded Chef.

So I bought a copy. And it is possibly the best investment in me that I could have made at this time in my life. I hesitate to use the words 'life changing', but in this context I think they are accurate. Using the recipes in this book is improving my health, my sense of well-being, and so changing my life. My first advice to anyone buying this book is don't just skip to the recipes, read the introductory pages. They contain information that is invaluable and really helpful in making an eating plan that is based on your actual requirements, not just an 'eat this many calories and you'll be fine' kind of plan.

So, I've been using the recipes from this book for 3 weeks now and already my previous eating habits seem like a bad dream. I have my favourites, and so does my husband, who's previously preferred foods were chips cooked in lard, cake, chocolate and sugar puffs! But seeing as he doesn't cook, he eats what I eat. He actually said to me last night 'this can't be healthy. It really can't. Because if it was, I wouldn't like it as much as I do. It's really, really good!' I'd just given him Antipasto chicken with curried potatoes and cauliflower. Mmmmhhh. I've cooked quite a few of the chicken recipes, a lot of the sides, a couple of the beef recipes, and am working up to desserts this week! Without fail, the recipes are all delicious and so easy to make! My weekly meal planning is getting easier, and I'm looking forward to trying the recipes I haven't made yet. The physical changes are noticeable already. I have more energy, my skin is clearer, I'm fuller for longer and my tastes are changing. I'm not craving pizza anymore! I've also followed Mikes advice and been exercising hard for the last 3 weeks. I've lost 3 kilos and yes, my cellulite is starting to reduce! I recommend this book to everyone!
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on 5 December 2014
Having had this book for about 3 months, I thought I should finally give it a review.
-So far I've tried quite a few of the recipes and I've found them all easy to prepare, like REALLY easy - and I'm a God-awful cook.
-The dishes I've tried have all been delicious.
-There's a great variety of dishes - which include practically everything you could imagine; from porridge/oatmeal to protein shakes to meatloaf to something as simple as a chicken salad sandwich.
-Has recipes for 'getting big' or 'getting lean', so that's nice.
-I only have some pretty grim tasting pea protein powder at the moment and when mixed with either vanilla essence or cocoa powder (like when the recipe needs vanilla or chocolate protein powder) it still just about works.
-The dishes are all nutritious, high in protein, etc.
-It's really nice having calories, and nutritional info along side the recipes.
-There's a sweet potato pancake recipe which is perhaps one of the best things I have ever eaten.
-In quite a few recipes it measures protein powder in 'scoops' which is a bit vague. I've had different size protein powder scoopers(?) in the past. My current scoop is around 60ml/1 quarter of a cup. This measurement is working just fine for me.
-I feel like the use of some 'substitute' ingredients (eg: low fat cheese) is unnecessary, but that is purely my personal preference, others may prefer these ingredients, but for me the low fat, low sugar, low whatever stuff is a bit unnecessary. Nothing bad meant to the author - this is just me being a tad fussy.
I feel this book is well worth the money - when I got it it was about £6 (I think) and that was so worth it, just for the countless times this has been my go-to book of choice. Makes a good change from just eating rice and chicken or putting protein powder into random food and calling it 'much more nutritious'. The pros vastly outweigh the cons in this book. I might buy the vegetarian recipe book by the same author as well. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone, whether you're losing weight or building muscle it's ideal. So good job to the author of this book.
Grim tasting pea protein powder
Pulsin Natural Pea Protein (1kg)
Vegetarian/vegan recipe book by Michael Matthews:
Eat Green Get Lean: 100 Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes for Building Muscle, Getting Lean and Staying Healthy
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on 19 June 2014
This is my go-to book for quick and easy recipes if i need to change things up. I bought this last year on itnues and all the recipes were Americanised and this took a bit of gettin used to as i had to convert most measurements. I have recently bought the paper back version from amazon uk and its way more British friendly for ingrediants and weights etc. Great book.
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