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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars

on 10 April 2015
It's been an exceptionally long time since I felt compelled enough to write a book review... The circumstances are even more unusual given the fact I'm only halfway through reading the actual book! Furthermore, I'm not going to concern my review with the actual storyline of the novel, as that has already been done elsewhere by other dedicated reviewers. I do, however, hope to (i) draw your attention to the inevitable realism of the predictions made by a talented and currently commercially unrecognised author, and (ii) make a necessary comparison with our own modern age, proving that white Europeans (as other ethnic groups) are indeed being subliminally manipulated, socially bullied and politically pacified in order to be led down a biological path of no return. Whilst this wouldn't be the right place to propose necessary counter-actions to the nightmarish, politically-correct future Kendall creates, the first start would be to buy, beg or borrow this book... The quote "know thy self, know thy enemy" will never be more appropriate, and regrettably I can foresee the day in two hundred years when this book finally achieves posthumous recognition for its pinpoint accuracy, if not two hundred years too late.

Before I begin my review, please don't fall for the ploy that being an anti-multiculturalist (or, from a different perspective, being pro-white European) is a path for the bigoted, lazy and stupid among us. Yes, the western media and powers-that-be frequently forcibly create misleading mental links in the minds of the happily blind masses, however some of the most intelligent writers (of both fiction and non-fiction) are to be found in this proudly niche genre of anti-PC publishing. Look up some of the essays by Dr. William Luther Pierce and you'll see what I mean. Secondly, and most importantly, if the prospect of thinking or becoming anti-establishment or anti-"political correctness" makes you feel uneasy, please, force aside any of the inevitable feelings of guilt that arise within your gut. These are essentially a pre-programmed biological response to years of ever-increasing mental conditioning, and particularly, the thoughts of being pro-European are often popularly denounced as being "racist". This book is not "racist", nor will it ever be... It's just pro-race. Overcome the self-doubting, prejudicial view you have blinding your own outlook, and immerse yourself into the possibilities of what may lie beneath the surface.

Although "Hold Back This Day" has been popularly described as the "white man's 1984", it's important to mention that Kendall's novel doesn't overtly borrow from Orwell's classic, although both make highly accurate predictions concerning the future of control, surveillance and societal manipulation. The bleak, futuristic, coffee-coloured world Ward Kendall paints with his masterful use of the English language inches closer with every day that passes. Personally, although I cannot recommend this book enough, it's a genuine concern that (should the book one day receive the exposure it rightfully deserves) the mindless, brainwashed masses of the current Western world would no doubt happily join the pro-PC agitators in attempts to discredit Kendall with being a "racist nut-job" or perhaps, more simply, another "textbook conspiracy theorist". After all, any book with an anti-multicultural agenda could only EVER be classified as racist nonsense... Or could it? In an effort to prove that this dystopian, Africanised future poses a genuine threat to the safety and society of the white European in 2015, here's some (quite real) food for thought... No spoilers either!

1. The novel is set in a bleak, undesirable and exceptionally frightening future where the individual countries of Earth (and their respective governments) have been blended and merged into a unified world government, colloquially referred to as "World Gov". Borders no longer exist, and World Gov controls access to the differing "sectors" (previously continents) by use of permanent, electronic wrist bracelets. Whilst it is currently the fashion, certainly within England, to dismiss such a proposition of a world government, no matter how factually-based, as conspiracy theorist rubbish, there are thousands of websites (along with tens of thousands, if not millions, of people) rightfully concerned about such a development. Universally, this underground connivance has become so well-known that it is often referred to as the "New World Order". Do some online research and prepare to become worried.

2. In the novel, Kendall suggests the efforts of the unified government (World Gov) have virtually eradicated the white European from the face of the earth, in the apparently "noble" pursuit of removing any identifiable trace of racial background or distinctive genetic makeup from the world citizens. In this fictitious world, the government subsequently classifies and distinguishes the varying brown masses by skin-tone numbers (1-9) with a view at narrowing those to an acceptable median. Yet over FORTY-FIVE years ago (in 1969, no less) the majority-white pop group Blue Mink sang the famous lyrics "take a pinch of black man, wrap him up in white skin... Oh what a beautiful dream, if it could only come true... What we need is a great big melting pot... Turning out coffee-coloured people by the score". If that wasn't proof enough of the hidden "unification" agenda, when a white European and a black African/black Caribbean couple have a child, the child typically self-identifies as being "black", thereby statistically eradicating any white/European heritage. Now, take a look around at every state or agency-issued poster, leaflet or book. The ever-happy group of one African, one European, one south Asian and one Oriental all smiling and holding hands is yet another stage in the realisation of this subliminal moulding process. [Quick experiment - try a Google search for "famous white people" and look aghast at the results it brings up!]

3. In the novel (notably, first published approx. 2004 I believe) any individual who fails to be seen actively embracing "multiculturalism" at any and every publicly opportune moment risks being sent to World Gov sanctioned "Racial Sensitivity Camps". In today's apparently enlightened age of 2015, a quick Google search for the topic of "racial sensitivity training" brings back thousands of results, from diversity websites and "action" charities through to actual, corporate businesses, all operating with the sole purpose of "countering racist thoughts and beliefs" through the implementation of - guess what? Racial sensitivity training. A perfect example of Kendall's fiction becoming frightening fact.

4. In the novel, Kendall depicts the World Gov educational establishment as, over time, having purposefully re-written white Europeans out of history. The world-changing invention of the steam engine and the discovery of penicillin are now attributed to African inventors, as it is proclaimed that the white Europeans simply "stole" the inventions and creations of the much more intelligent, ever downtrodden black Africans. Does this sound ridiculous? Does this fictitious proposal sound so incredulous that it couldn't possibly be true? Do a Google search for "black invention myths" and read the truth for yourself... Although the sudden exposure of the discreet creation of this "alternative history" has, for the time being, confined the scandal to resting behind closed doors.

5. Finally... Kendall makes mentions of the unified world religion, Chrislaminbuddism, and its respectively consolidated public holidays. But, ask yourself, when was the last time you celebrated White History Month? Or Albert Einstein day? When did you last sit down to watch White Entertainment Television? Does your place of employment have a White European Association? These are realities for those who identify with the racial group self-identified as being "black", and in the real world, it's currently considered distasteful (if not downright "racist") within general society for whites to disapprove of, or turn their backs on, such diverse and equal "celebrations" or "holidays". Racial sensitivity training, anyone?!

Ultimately, if you, like me, are a white European, and if you, like me, are increasingly concerned about (or developing an accelerated awareness of) multiculturalism and the possibilities of a hidden, subliminal, government drive to conceal racial identity from the perspective of the white European, then this book is for you. Thus far, I cannot fault the language, the grammar, or the overall tone of the novel, and I firmly believe Kendall should be praised for raising his head above the proverbial parapet. Kendall should be applauded for speaking out, as individualism drowns in the rising government-created waters of pro-ethnic multiculturalism. Kendall's fearlessness of criticism from those subscribed to the pro-PC agenda should not be underestimated, nor should his remarkable achievement in successfully having this novel published and made available worldwide.

It appears this book has a sporadic history of availability - my own, personal recommendation (for what it's worth) is that, for the sake of a few pounds, you take advantage of it being currently commercially available on Amazon Prime. Order it, receive it, sit down somewhere comfortable and begin to read. The chances are, you'll only put it down briefly to sadly reflect on the comparisons with our own, current reality. Metaphorically speaking, white Europeans are already passengers in a plane set to auto-pilot, which is currently travelling at a reasonable speed. The destination? Only your government knows that. But why let yourself become an unwilling passenger? Why allow anybody with an ulterior motive to fly you anywhere? Let this book be your first step in questioning the overall agenda. Don't let the tired cries of "racist!" silence your pride in your history, or quench your thirst for knowledge. Give yourself credit for sitting here, reading this, and remember - the meaning of the word "diversity" has been twisted beyond recognition. To be "discriminating" used to mean you had distinguished taste. Modern diversity is an illusion - it is certainly NOT diverse, and there will be no hope without sacrifice... Believe me.

All that remains to be said is this: if this book forms your first proverbial step, I wish you the very best on your journey to enlightenment. The rest, as they say, is up to you. Thank you for reading.
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on 7 February 2015
Enthralling and subversive. The only fault is that the plot is slightly flawed.
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on 2 September 2016
I found Hold Back This Day to be very timely, considering both Europe and North America are under demographic siege by swarming hordes of illegal aliens and so-called “refugees”.

Kendall’s novel is set a hundred years from now, after the West has capitulated (which they are in the process of doing now) and what’s left over is a world lain waste by multiculturalism, race-mixing, and leftist policies that have destroyed the last vestiges of freedom and innovation. It’s like Orwell’s “1984”, except Kendall’s version is much grimmer, and much more likely to happen.

If you like dark tales, told with relentless pace, then “Hold Back This Day” is the book for you. It’s dystopia on steroids.
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on 20 October 2014
In his dystopian racial novel, 'Hold Back This Day', Ward Kendall paints a disturbingly uncanny likeness of our reality. Dubbed "The White Man's 1984" by Harold Covington, the comparison is apt, for one could argue that just as Orwell's famous work was an exercise in extrapolation rather than prediction, so Kendall's brilliant novel is in reality a social commentary on today's society, and only a work of futurism or science fiction on the surface.

The story is set some 85 years after the 'Unification', a fictional conflict of epochal magnitude for the universe that Kendall has created. Through a combination of force and propaganda, all humanity has been subdued under a single World Government - 'World Gov', a construct that is at once humanistic and deadeningly tyrannical. In a kind of extreme globalist nightmare, World Gov is committed to the realisation of one religion - 'Chrislamhinbuddhism' - and one unified geopolitical and social system. But most significantly - and importantly for World Gov - there is to be but one Race of humanity, or at least World Gov holds out racial unity, or some semblance of it, as a purported aspiration.

This Racial Unity is to be achieved through an organised programme of miscegenation involving the discouragement of mixing between 'pure breeds'. The ideal racial profile held up by World Gov is someone whose skin profile is a neutral brown on World Gov's crude racial skin tone scale. For instance, 'Minister Bergstein', a member of the High Quorum, World Gov's sinister ruling council, is described this way: "...a man of withered countenance...Wrinkled and yellow-skinned, his coarse white hair was his only distinguishing feature. Racially intermixed with African, Asian and European blood..." I like to see this as a subtle and brilliant satirical commentary on Kendall's part about the modish liberal obsession with the superficialities of Race. The liberal-left and other multi-racialists misunderstand that Race is not just about skin colour.

The plot of `Hold Back This Day' is a combination of social criticism, family drama and adventure story that starts on Earth and takes the reader into outer space and ultimately on to Mars. The central character is Jeff Huxton, a school administrator and a White Man (a `Skintone 1'). Jeff is growing quietly disillusioned with the hostile, anti-white world around him, and it is this cognitive dissonance along with concern for his white son that propels the story towards Mars, which holds the promise of peripateia for the White Race. Along the way, Jeff encounters various white characters - some are heroic and conscious of the overriding imperative for white survival (`Karl Ramstrom'), others are attractive but self-centred in that they do not care for the greater good (`Susan', who Jeff falls for). These different characters reflect the different aspects of Jeff's own personality. Jeff himself is self-centred in some respects, living for his own sake. The novel takes him on a journey of personal growth, in which he comes to understand that all white people share a common destiny.

As we progress through the novel, it becomes clear that the aspiration of 'racial unity', held up by World Gov as almost the paragon of human achievement, is all too thin. The race-mixing programme, and the genetic destruction of the White Race in particular - a race of unique creativity, inventiveness, intelligence and talent - has resulted in a dysfunctional society that hides dark secrets, in almost a reversal of the scenario of the Robert Harris novel, 'Fatherland'.

Some critical comments I would make about `Hold Back This Day' are:

1. The complete absence of any mention of Jewish power and influence. That really is the elephant in the room and a major omission. The racial extermination programme depicted in this novel does not happen in a vacuum. There had to be motivators other than just vague ideals of one world unity or `socialism'. That said, I am sure the author will have had his reasons for leaving out the Jews, and it certainly does not detract from the story. Even if the author is Jew-friendly, this is still a worthwhile read.

2. The author's naivety about social dynamics and change. This is often found among people on the Right, especially those who have been educated in the United States and tend to assume that `socialism' is anything vaguely left-wing without understanding how Jewish influence has corrupted socialism. This is largely because Americans are indoctrinated with Austrian school economics. Kendall doesn't really show any understanding about the material realities of the way a society works. There is little or no mention of how the economy functions, what the major industries are, how resources are extracted, whether there is any industrial unrest and strife and so on. Reference is made to special hunger-sating pills that everyone - even the middle class - take to combat hunger. These are necessary due to the lack of agricultural efficiency, which causes famines (and also prompts World Gov to institute terrifying euthanasia programmes), but the consistent implication throughout the novel is that problems like this are the result of World Gov's racial programme and the lack of administrative competency (a consequence of not having as many white people around). This is plausible against the backdrop of the story and makes sense within the author's overall thesis, but it's a little simplistic. Kendall could have shown a more nuanced understanding of things.

3. Kendall does embed in the story a class perspective of sorts in that there is a radical difference between the experiences of the political and bureaucratic class of World Gov and everybody else. This shows a good understanding of the trajectory and outcome of all forms of state-socialism. Kendall also makes the telling point that one of the motivations for authoritarianism and repression is the knowledge that real power rests with the people themselves. The World Quorum's greatest living fear is an uprising among the masses, but this is seen to be almost a spontaneous possibility, with the only resistance referred to among the marginalised whites. However the motives of the powerful are more complex than the Nietzschean-infused narrative of the `will to power' that this novel presents, and a more realistic depiction would have referred to resistance among other races, not just whites, and maybe also among officials of World Gov who want to save their own necks.

The pace is fast and at 271 pages, the novel is a relatively short, undemanding read that can be completed in one sitting. Crucially, it will appeal to young people - but be warned, there are some sexual references in the first half of the book, so it's wise to read it yourself first before passing it on to a youngster.

The brilliance of Kendall is in his simple eloquence. This is a call for us to confront some of the most challenging issues facing our civilisation.
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on 17 July 2005
I am not really one for reading, let alone reviewing, futuristic fantasy novels. After I was informed of this particular novel's subject matter, white racial extinction set in the future, and after hearing such rave reviews about it, I just had to compel myself and give it a go. I would say regretfully that we are in too short a supply of novels that cover this particular topic.
I have never reviewed a work of fiction so this is also a first for me. Before I draw myself into the intricacies of reviewing this book for you I will state here at the outset that I urge you strongly to get this fantastic gem of a novel. I seriously doubt that you will be disappointed regardless of your views on futuristic sci-fi based fantasy narrative literature. I say fantasy, being the genre it is set in, and not the subject matter, which is a stark reality for us all and one that is drawing closer and closer by the day.
'Hold Back This Day' by Ward Kendall is, in short, a book about the last White people left on earth. A scenario that is becoming - more and more - a very real actuality and realisation for the indigenous populations of the Western world. It is a sci-fi novel with a ground breaking plot never attempted before, as far as I am aware by the futuristic story writing establishment. It has a monumental twist and one that steps right over the boundaries of what is deemed acceptable. For this reason it is heralded as a literal landmark of fiction from a White persons perspective who is proud of his people.
Sadly, for this reason in today's society justice will not be seen as it is unlikely that the making of a cinematic version will be undertaken. Yet, the book itself will keep you hanging onto the edge of your seat with sheer intensity to find out the outcome on every next page. I think the term, a 'real page turner' is fitting and is far from just a statement paid to be put onto a book cover by it's financers.
On opening the front page we are introduced to a world set in the days, 85 years after the Unification of the globe by World Gov, the now ruling dictatorial government elite. It is a world where, in the interests of racial harmony and cultural diversity, a global agenda has been forcefully pushed through to homogenise the worlds varied and diverse populations. This has been achieved by a systematic miscegenation programme to wipe out any racial and cultural differences in order that the varied populations of the earth can live in complete accord with each other without the fear of racial discrimination.
Sound familiar?
It is a world where the ever dwindling skintone types of 1-2 (White) and the skintone types of 8-9 (Black, etc), amongst the worlds 19 billion, have been "forcefully united under one government, one religion and one race" to produce the accepted norm and World Gov's 'racial ideal', skintone 5's, which are a blend of all races to produce a murky medium coloured brown of a rootless population.
Again, sound familiar?
Seriously though, this is a futuristic fictional novel and not the unwritten but widely known manifesto of Labour's New World Order global master plan.
The main character of the novel is Jeff Huston, a thoroughly indoctrinated World Gov Skoolplex employee recently reassigned to New Therevada. Making his new life in Africa Zone 12 as a newly appointed Skoolplex Administrator, for his role in the 'Harmony Project' (the final stage of child indoctrination under World Gov's new history) along with his wife Li Ming and two children; son Adam from his original marriage to his White first wife (now outlawed since her death) and daughter Puja from his current marriage to Li Ming.
Jeff's life as a lemming-like World Gov employee causes him to propagate the now enforced lie of racial equality, re-written world history, ala 1984, to demonise the White Race and up the ant of the non-White racial hordes. His life as a father causes him to have hidden inner feelings towards his son and his future as someone that is now regarded as a freak of nature. This tangled life means Jeff must look long, hard and deep into his very heart and soul to decide which road to travel.
Along this difficult road that Jeff is living he meets the mysterious Karl Ramstrom, leader of a shadowy organisation and the man that has seemingly taken Adam's mind hook line and sinker for his own, so called, 'evil' ends. A mysterious figure that draws you into the novel like a character I have never come across in any other novel.
And Ahmed Yehudit, a truly disturbingly real and dark character will pump blood through your veins faster than ever before in sheer shock, anger and realisation that there are people like him ruling our country today.
The characters that Ward Kendall invites us to walk amongst in this novel are explicit in the way they incorporate nearly all of the opinions in a society that you can encounter. From this angle you can view the story like you are actually in it and as any reader of fiction will tell you, they are a fundamental part of any literate that needs to be right on the ball to keep your attention. And on that note Ward Kendall strikes yet another triumph. A triumph that will keep you wanting to turn every page but will at the same time be so disturbing that you will not want to see what the next page reveals.
Regardless of any faults that you may think this novel has, it is a thoroughly absorbing nightmare of a novel. Written in a vibrant and entertaining manner with a flare for realism rather than sensationalism, it is truly a triumph of tragedy. It is one which can only be achieved by the hard work and dedication of someone whom has a clear understanding and insight into the rapidly changing world around them, and the future which that holds. It is a novel of which you will be gripped from the very start to the bitter and ultimately phenomenal twist ridden ending. It is a true masterpiece in its ever increasing nightmarish normality that will open your eyes to the reality surrounding you and the catastrophic fate and bleak future that is awaiting our people and nation if we don't do something now. It opens your eyes wide and clear like the indoctrination contraption that opens the eyes of the delinquent in A Clockwork Orange. Simply put, it is a superb read and one not to be missed.
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on 18 October 2016
This book isn't for your potically correct liberal type,although i would highly reccomend them to read it. It is rather hard to put down once you start reading it. I hope the egalitarian, universalist nightmare, that is main theme of this book never comes to light.
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on 18 December 2002
Insanity exists when there is an inability to differentiate between that which is beneficial to survival, and that which is detrimental.
Thus an insane man may jump from a tall building, convinced that he can fly. But believing a thing to be real doesn't make it so. The realities of the physical universe must apply, and so the man plunges to his death.
Decadence is a form of collective insanity. Thus a society or race passing through a cycle of decadence will adopt customs, values, taboos and laws that they believe to be beneficial to their survival. But these values will in reality contain the seeds of their own destruction.
This book deals with societal and racial insanity. It shows us the world that must result if today's values of decadence continue to be applied. This means the "glory" of an equality-obsessed state, a state that controls the world in the internationalist's dream of one world government. The nature of Man dictates that if such an eventuality comes to pass the results are precisely predictable - totalitarianism, mass indoctrination and enforced racial extinction. Extinction not just for the white race, but for every race, everywhere. All to gain the "prize" of a single homogenised mass of humanity. This is the dream of the internationalist integrationists of today, obsessed with their unquestioning beliefs and unable to conceive of the terrifying result of their dreams made real.
This book shows the result.
But this novel isn't about despair - it is about hope, and the promise of the future. The reader isn't left depressed. He is left uplifted in spirit, happy and joyous at the conclusion. Heed the warning that is contained in this novel. Feel the burning loss of all that you hold dear. But also experience the excitement of a great adventure. You won't be able to put this book down. You will cheer on the main character, a good man struggling to find the path of virtue and straining to win the ultimate prize. And you will think about the story and the warning it contains long after the book is read.
You receive your education in liberal doctrine every day through the mass media. Why not take a look at the results that await your children from the successful application of liberal policies? Just one novel will provide more enlightenment than years of watching and reading "approved" media products.
And if you are a politically correct liberal? Consider this novel a challenge. Exercise an open mind, and expose yourself to a different world view. Look into the future that you believe to be so desirable, and wonder. You really will want to hold back this day.
I urge anyone reading these comments - whites and non-whites, lovers of diversity and lovers of their own peoples' customs, liberals and non-liberals - to read this book. All that you are and all that you dream - no matter how diverse your views - will be destroyed by the evils of applied liberal doctrine.
Mankind has a golden future. Don't let it end in darkness and despair. Read this book and you will know how important it is to cast your vote for the right candidate, the right party - and to spread the word of truth amongst everyone in your life.
It's not too late to save us all from a terrible fate.
You need to read this book!
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on 1 April 2002
This is a very disturbing account of the total destruction of Western society in a future under one world government. History is rewritten (Nellie Armstrong being the first person on the moon) to make it more politically correct and acceptable in a communist / Orwellian style regime. It is one of the most controversial books I've read and is bound to cause much future debate.
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on 20 September 2002
This is a truly brilliant, terrifying, yet ultimately uplifting tale which would make one hell of a movie (though sadly it never will, at least with the current 'WorldGov'ers who control that industry). In a racially-homogenised 22nd Century world the white man is all but extinct, and those few who remain are ostracised and derided. Jeff is an antihero, a cog in the system, who sees his family torn apart by the lingering hatred of the white race and must eventually open his mind, look beyond the lies and constraints of WorldGov and and think for himself. I don't want to give too much away but it's stirring stuff - I read the whole thing in two days and there were tears in my eyes by the climax.
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