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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 31 December 2015
DNF - I'm generally suspicious of books with loads of positive 5* reviews - this is definitely where I ought o have been forewarned.


1. An immature & $exist version of Practice Makes Perfect by Julie James.

2. Insta-Lust: massive put off for me. Hate insta-lust and swooning and there's loads of that

3. Male-only POV - I can handle the male POV but being in the where's head was annoying. Tedious internal monologues. He prattles on way too much about unnecessary stuff that I was skipping pages.

4. I prefer Alpha males. The hero is too much of an immature office-boy who talks too much. I prefer strong hero's with character. Not the chattering "my d*ck is bigger than yours" type

5. The dialogue was dire.

6. Heroine cheats on her fiancé.

7. Hero is pretty gross - he meets a different girl every Saturday and goes down on all of them!!! - if a woman went down on a different guy every Saturday - most men (and even women) would want to shower after going near her. Just think of all the STI's he could be harbouring when he licks all that discharge - gross

8. They fall in love way too quickly. It's unbelievable that a 28 year old man who's only ever had casual relations would fall so quickly. Infatuation yes - love no. He's not mature enough for it and didn't seem to have matured much

9. We don't really get to know the heroine - yes we have details - but her personality is hardly there. It's just the hero and what he projects.



1. Intelligent heroine with an impressive career and education

2. The author is aware of the banking world - most chick lit authors rarely understand Corporate America

3. Drew's friends were funny
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on 28 May 2013
5 rolling on the floor laughing, tears streaming, rib tickling tummy spasms from laughing so hard stars!!

OMG, what have I just read....only the funniest, craziest, jaw dropping book I have EVER read...are we sure that Emma Chase really is a woman???? Seriously, how can a woman have so much insight into a blokes head....and be so freaking accurate...I had to ask a few blokes what they thought of a few of Drew's thoughts etc and they were like yeah I can relate to that, or yeah why didn't I think of that...who is this Drew, can I meet him, I think we could be best friends!!

I absolutely adored Drew, he was hilarious, even though he just thought he was being a player!! Pre Kate he was just soooooooo.....whats the word I'm looking for...obnoxious, head up his own arse, confident, cocky, arrogant...everything you would steer clear of on a night out..he just wants to play the game, no strings, no names just an easy lay to release the stress...

The prologue was hilarious, you could tell that Drew was not suffering from man flu, but it made you want to find out what had happened to make him fall into this could only have been the love of a woman...7 days holed up in his was the embarrassment that he had actually failed to get a woman, how could anybody dare to not want Drew Evans, how dare any girl break the heart of the player that was Drew Evans??

I loved Kate, she was successful, confident, stunning and she took no shit in a mans world.... Drew had already met Kate in a bar a few nights before he was introduced to the new Exec at his dads firm...Kate had been on his mind for days since she knocked him back at the bar and now his worst nightmare was sitting across the meeting room from him and they were in competition...not good!! But this makes for some amazeballs writing, my personal favourite is when they are both trying to get to the office the earliest..before it was even mentioned in the book all I could think was War of the Roses..this had me peeing my pants especially as I had been there and done was oh so familiar.

Emma Chase style of story telling was both imaginative and so different from anything else I have read, the narration from Drew's mind, his little anecdotes and his thoughts and sub conscious had me howling with laughter, this is total genius from Emma Chase. If you ever want to know what a man is thinking, this is the book to read.

I don't want to say too much as it will spoil it and there is only so much you can say about being inside a blokes head...other than it is messy...but here are some of my favourite quotes from the book...I had highlighted loads (well almost the whole book) and I ain't typing all of them out so a select few will have to do....

"You know on TV when there's one of those awkward, shocking moments and all you hear are the crickets in the background?

Well chirp f***ing chirp...this is one of those moments."

"For God's sake, don't let her watch Cinderella. What kind of example is that? A mindless twit who can't even remember where she left her damn shoe, so she has to wait for some douchebag in tights to bring it to her? Give me a frigging break!"

"It makes me want to kiss her and strangle her at the same time. I've never been into S&M. But I'm beginning to see its benefits."

"Newsflash, ladies: We can't read your thoughts. And frankly, I'm not entirely sure I'd want to. The female mind is a scary place to be."

"It's simple guy logic: If a woman is angry? It means she cares. If you're in a relationship and a chick can't even be bothered to yell at you? You're screwed. Indifference is a woman's kiss of death. It's the equivalent of a man not interested in sex. In either case--it's over. You're done."

Absolute freaking genius, Emma Chase I love have to write more...I cannot pimp this book enough, go out and buy, you will not be disappointed!!
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on 24 January 2016
I love her writing g style and her humour. There are so many laugh out loud moments in this book. I started reading it in the airport departure lounge and almost missed my flight!! The flight from London to Toronto was seven hours and twenty five minutes. For the last three and a half hours I sat in my seat cursing the airline for not having WiFi!!

This is a great story with enjoyable characters, especially strong women. Told from a man's point of view is refreshing especially with the humour. I may have been upset at the airline for their lack of WIFI however I soon forgave them and started reading the book again.

I'm now at my hotel and have downloaded several other Emma Chase books as I definitely don't want to be caught short again!
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on 5 July 2013
This book should definitely be made into a film. It had me hooked from page 1...hysterically funny and so so true! I had some proper belly laughs and there aren't many books that can do that. There were many many times throughout, but I don't want to actually quote them in full. I'll let you discover them for yourself... one of the funniest for me though was the Disney reference..."I'm going to hell aren't I?"...probables yeah!...the rats and blue buttons scenario is also priceless.
I loved the way the narrative is done in such a way that the main character is talking to you, telling you his story from his point of view. It really worked well and is one of this book's many charms for me. It is in my opinion, a brilliant balance between tear inducing humour, sappy romance, (in a good way), and some seriously steamy sex scenes, while managing to have a believable boy meets girl story in there as well.
Brilliantly written...I will definitely be looking out for more from this undeniably talented author...keep em coming!
Do yourself a favour and read it ;-)
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on 21 April 2014
Drew Evans has it all. He’s handsome and arrogant and the kind of cocky that knows it. He makes multimillion dollar business deals, can seduce a woman with a smile and breezes through life with barely a care in the world.

Then he met Kate Brooks. A new associate at Drew’s father’s firm, she is automatically out of bounds for him, but that doesn't stop himself from fantasising. Kate is amazing at her job, smart, funny and gorgeous. And attached. When they are put in competition with each other the gloves come off but pretty soon office politics become serious flirting and sexual tension.

Kate embodies everything that Drew never wanted. Why have one woman when you could have any number? But something about this woman makes Drew want to pursue until he has what he wants and never let go. But just as he is on the brink of getting what he wants his ego destroys any chance he has.

I’m in two minds about Tangled. On one hand, it was okay. It passed easily without much involvement and while it was a good read, I’ve had better. But on the other, something about this book made it brilliant. It is written from Drew’s POV and in a very unique way. The best way I could describe it would be like Leo in The Wolf of Wall Street, and I actually heard that voice as I was reading. It’s one of those shockingly honest views into the male psyche and though we should hate him, something about Drew is pretty damn loveable.

All in all, an easy but very enjoyable read.
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on 21 July 2014
4.5 stars. 5 for Drew and his witty commentary to, us, the reader. 4 star for the rest of the story.

This was fun at times and seeing everything from a male POV was new to me. It was entertaining.

So let's start with Drew. He started off as a bit of a d*ck really but seeing him change as his feelings for Kate developed was really nice and by the end of it--after all the swoon-worthy stuff he did--I have to admit that, like Kate, I fell for him too.

And then to Kate. From the start she seemed like a perfect match for Drew, both work-wise and relationship-wise, and seeing the sparks flying between them was fun.

When they finally hooked up I was grinning like an idiot. And then it was like boarding a roller-coaster with all the ups and downs my feelings and emotions went through as I equally willed them to get together and for Kate to smack Drew or something. I don't think it was an easy ride for any one of us (Drew, Kate or me) for that last 40% or so. I just kept urging Drew to do something!

I loved the pictures the author had added to the story. They added a fun angle to what was being described; the drink for example.

I certainly think I will be continuing the story at some point :)
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on 21 May 2013
Emma Chase is an amazing author with a rather unique voice. The story starts off with the most loveable rogue you can imagine, Drew. He's suffering from a severe bought of influenza or that is what he is trying to convince himself of. The fact is ... he's in love but screwed up. Now he has the biggest fight on his hands, to win Kate back.

I adore this book so much because it's amazing to read the chemistry between these two plus Kate brings Drew to his knees without really trying. She's smart, witty and doesn't takes Drew 's s***. The love scenes are hot, some of the best I've seen written. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this awesome book. Some of the one liners will have you peeing your pants. LOVE IT!
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on 26 May 2013
So reading a book written by a girl but in the head of a 'bloke' is going to give anyone reservations isn't it. And whilst all of this book is not going to sit well with some people that find it hard to connect with a blokes point of view for the rest of us this book is friggin hilarious!

Think a male Bridget Jones and you'll have some idea what to expect, I found this book so funny and very readable but I guess it's not everyone's cup of tea. You might find the prose too full on and blokey; I didn't. You might find the comedy a little forced; I didn't. You might find the romance element over the top; again I didn't. I connected with this book and I would recommend to anyone wanting a laugh and a giggle at a male's expense.

So this review isn't only about how I felt and I will say for the record I absolutely loved this refreshing take on new adult romance. If you’re not sure after reading the excerpt that you can carry on reading it then you probably won't find the rest of the book any different. Me I fell into it immediately. I loved the prose and that is how it continues all the way through. Drew's thoughts, his insights, his utter amazement at realising he's no different to any other 'sucker' that falls in love; you know that thing he thought would never happen to him, hahahaa, yeah right it happened. His references to everyday things and films is just too funny sometimes and I feel it only helps make him feel so real.

So like I say the quirky, chatty prose may not suit everybody's taste but I found it engaging and I can't wait to read the next book from what I think is a new literary comic genius.
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on 9 February 2014
When i was younger i watched a TV show called "Clarissa Explains it all". You used to follow her about her daily life and then all of a sudden she would just start explaining something to the camera about the situation or the origins of something. Reading Tangled reminded me soo much of this because it was written is such a similar style.

First off i loved the fact that this is a whole, original (not a retelling of an existing book), from a Male POV. Don't get me wrong i cant help but love a good retelling from the guys perspective as i think it brings a deeper understanding of the original story. But i have read a lot of them recently and this is the first book i have read that is an entirely original story from the Male pov.

Drew is an ass, but he is loveable because he makes no apologies for that and he explains his view point in a clear manner so that when you see his actions AND the thinking behind them they all of a sudden become understandable, justifiable.

Kate is awesome, a strong independent woman who doesnt give in easily but can also role with the punches from all the teasing that goes on in a Male orientated work environment.

But i think my favourite Character has to be Mackenzie and i am soo gonna do that bad word jar thing whe i have kids.

This was a great story, had a realness and a humorousness to it that made it that much more relateable and i really look forward to reading more.
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on 25 February 2015
I know I'm reading this late, but it was worth the wait, what a clever, funny, original book, I really wanted to hate Drew, he was frustrating, arrogant and I didn't really warm to him but i loved the first person narrative, his inner thoughts and the reasonings he had for doing things, they were incredibly funny and very honest which is what I liked. Kate, sweet Kate, to have that power force of Drew after you, wow, she took a chance and well, the second half of the book was brilliant, I found it really sweet and sincere even with Drew and his cheeky one-liners, a man in love for the first time was a thing to behold, pretty damn special, this author has made something unique and memorable, glad I finally got to be part of something wondrous.
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