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4.3 out of 5 stars
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Searching for Perfect, Jennifer Probst
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.
I've read several romances from Jennifer now, and looked forward to this one. Once again there's romance mixed up with lots of heat and sensuality, and a story that needs to be worked out before things can end well. I've not read the first of this series, but did notice towards the end some references to characters from other books of hers. That was fun and made me feel I’m keeping up with old friends...
So, Nate AKA Ned the Nerd. Poor guy, he's Mr Hopeless in looks, having drowned his natural attractiveness in a sea of too long hair, bottle top specs, and clothes that are a bad fit and just don't suit him. Still, he wants a wife, wants the home and family denied him as a child and is prepared to change. Ken has her work cut out though, Nate's brother Connor has taught him all he knows so far, topped up by reading Cosmo etc....Connor is one of those men that just attract women naturally despite their bad lines and caveman ways...it doesn’t work for Nate though, and he knows he needs proper help. Ken sees him as a challenge and takes him in hand ( in more ways that one as time goes on...)
I liked Nate, and as the story continued I understood more of his feelings and motives, and why Connor too acted the way he did. The makeover was fun, Ming and Benny especially! Its interesting how first appearances are so important, even though its the person underneath that's the real answer. Sounds shallow but that's the way the world works. Ken was fun, she had her demons from childhood too that acted upon her relationships as an adult. The attraction between them was intense, and Nate certainly had all the right moves. There was far more to the man that he revealed on the surface and Ken was bowled over. He wanted home and family though and she wasn't in for long term, didn't think it worked and wasn't going to try. I loved them together, loved the way Ken fought against it, even setting Nate up for dates after they'd got together for some hot and heavy sex. I liked the way that part of the drama was dragged out to maximise intensity. I did feel though the makeover part went on a bit too long and lost its focus for me at times. Overall it was a fun read, I enjoyed it but as a one off only. It's priced at £3.99 for 368 pages, and though its a one off for me lovers of light, contemporary romance may well be happy to re read.
Stars: three and a half, fun read but a little light on drama for me.
ARC received via Netgalley .
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Ooooh, I love this series. It's fun, it's lighthearded, it's enjoyable, and between Slade and Nate, I'm sorted!!!!

The series continues with book two telling Kennedy's story. Kennedy is a complicated character who on the face of it has it all; good job, looks, & popular but underneath her shell she is broken and insecure.

After an extremely funny speed dating scene, Ken meets Ned (later to be known as Nate) and Ken decides that this science nerd needs ALL of her help to overcome his social ineptness.

Nate has been totally career focused but realises that he needs to find himself a wife and tries unsuccessfully to research the best ways of going about it. Ken is fortunately on hand to save the day and to re-style him and address his unfortunate way if speaking to women.

However, it's Nate who manages to save Ken and helps her to see that her love life could be so much more that she's let herself experience to date.

I loved Nate, he is an absolute hoot but also extremely tender and sweet but, wow, when he's between the sheets all that research really comes into play!!!!

If you're looking for an easily enjoyable read with a HEA then please read this series.

Reviewed on behalf of Jezabell Girl & Friends...
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on 1 June 2015
I loved the first book in Jennifer Probst's "Searching For" series and I immediately wanted to read the next book. However for some unknown reason I didn't. Now with the upcoming release of "Searching for Beautiful", the third book in the series, I finally pressed that one-click button and started reading. And I am so glad that I did, because I loved "Searching for Perfect". It was a brilliant story that contained the most adorable nerd ever. This book had me giggling throughout. If you are looking for something cute and funny, this one is perfect.

Ned or Nate (as he was later known) started out as the most dorkiest character ever. He truly was one hundred percent geek. From his rocket scientist job to his coffee stained lab coat to the way he just had to clean a restaurant table before he sat down to eat. Ned reminded me of a character from "The Big Bang Theory". He was a nerd through and through but despite this, I couldn't help but find him completely adorable. He had me laughing out loud on many occasion and also kinda feeling sorry for him. Poor Ned was having no luck finding the woman of his dreams, unsurprisingly. He wanted to find his soul mate, someone to settle down with for the rest of his life but one look at Ned in his lab coat and orthopaedic looking shoes and most women would run a mile. Ned needed a miracle worker and this is how the Kinnections dating agency entered his life and with it along came Kennedy Ashe.

If you have read the first book in the series you will know all about Kinnections and the girls that run it. Kennedy Ashe was one of those girls. Her mission was to help Ned in his quest to find his girl. I loved Kennedy's character, she was determined to change Ned into a man that no woman could resist and this started by changing his name to the much more manly name of Nate. This was where the story really got a lot more interesting. Kennedy and Nate began their intensive, miracle working make over which, in turn meant that the pair had to spend a lot of time together. Kennedy and Nate found that the more time they spent together, the closer they became. You may have already guessed what happens next between Kennedy and Nate. It was pretty predictable however this did not put me off the story one bit.

I loved watching Kennedy and Nate's relationship flourish. The pair were good together and the change in Nate was amazing. The only thing that drove me a little crazy was the way that Kennedy struggled with her true feelings. This story began as Nate having the problems but it turned out that it was actually Kennedy who needed the most help and advice. Although Kennedy frustrated me, the anticipation of what would happen between the couple kept me turning those pages. I was desperate for Kennedy and Nate's relationship to work out. I wanted to see Nate get the girl and his happy ending.

Although this story can be read as a standalone, I would recommend that you read the books in series order to avoid spoilers and to fully understand all of the characters. And on that note, I am now ready to dive straight into "Searching for Beautiful" and I can't wait!

Reviewed for The Hopeless Romantics Book Blog
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on 3 February 2015
Jennifer Probst is one of my favourite new authors and this series is on my auto-buy list. I loved the previous book 'Searching for Someday' and I had high expectations for this follow-up which I'm extremely happy to say was just as wonderful.

This time it's the turn of Kennedy to find her happy ever after, although she has a lot of personal issues and insecurities to overcome first. Kennedy is the makeover queen and when she meets Ned, hopeless in love and desperately needing a change of image, she determines that he will be her new project. But as she begins to transform his outward appearance, she finds herself beginning to fall in love with the all-new Ned.

Kennedy or Ken, as she's known, has rebuilt her life, after being bullied mercilessly as a teenager because of her weight. She is now a successful career woman, co-owning a matchmaking business with her two good friends, but when it comes to love she still has a lot to learn. I liked Ken because she isn't perfect, she has her flaws just like everyone else but she works day by day to overcome the insecurity she feels about her body. She has worked hard to become who she is today and I admired that. I enjoyed watching Ken make over Ned, who she renames Nate and turn him into one hot scientist. Although he's not confident socially with women, he wants to learn and he wants to find his perfect lady. His willingness to do whatever it takes to improve his image and become more outgoing with women was extremely endearing.

I wanted Ken and Nate to be together from the beginning. They have the same interests and they've both experienced being put down by other people which makes them more understanding of each other.

'Searching for Perfect' was a brilliant read. Sweet, sexy and romantic, I never wanted it to end. I'm dying to read the next in the series now, 'Searching for Beautiful' which focuses on Wolfe and Genevieve.
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on 10 May 2014
Need more stars for this book - what a cracker!!!

The whole idea of doing an 'Eliza Doolittle' makeover on a guy is brilliant. Whilst I was reading this book I kept imagining the scenes in my head and they were all playing on a movie screen - this book needs to be up there on the silver screen.

Ned/Nate wants it all with Kennedy, Kennedy wants it all but is too scared....... Soul Mates always find each other ....don't they?

Once again - we meet old friends from the Marriage books and it is great to see how their stories are progressing ...... just one question - when are we getting Wolfe's book?
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on 29 April 2014
What a beautiful story, omg I laughed that much I woke my kids up lol, really enjoyed this, was nice to have Alexa Maggie and co, well well well I see the love spell is back with a vengeance causing match making to be a thing of the past. I really liked the marriage bargain,mistake ect, hmmmm... might 're read them, seriously can't wait for the next instalment now.. wonder is she does marry David or gets together with Wolfe hmmmm guess we'll see....
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