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4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 10 May 2017
Totally hooked on this series now, completely different from the October Daye series in a good way. Well worth a read
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on 8 June 2014
Seanan McGuire is one of those rare authors who are reliably good. There's no decline in quaility as a series progresses, and her characters and stories are consistently interesting. Ditto this book.
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on 3 October 2013
6 Things I Love About 'Midnight Blue-Light Special'

1) The Aeslin Mice. I adored these little talking mice in the first book, and as there, they have a tendency to steal the show a little in a scene they're involved in. They're just so funny, but I understand why Verity finds them a bit annoying to live with sometimes. I liked that in this book we got to see them as more than just comic entertainment, as they play an important role towards the end, and show a more fierce side to their personalities.

2) The relationship between Verity & Dominic. Things left off pretty well between these two at the end of the first book, but of course there were still going to be issues to work out, and those really get explored here. You'll have to read it to see if they can really put aside their differences ;)

3) "Turn the darks on". You know how we turn the lights on when it's dark outside? Seanan McGuire has written Bogeymen who have darks to turn on when it's light. This is just one of the many little details she includes which make me smile - it's such interesting world building, I love it.

4) When talking about running naked: "For one thing, without a bra, I was going to wind up in a world of pain." Thank you, Verity Price, for acknowledging something that bothers me a lot in action films. Verity might not be super-curvy, but properly running without any support is going to hurt, and I don't understand how Bond Girls who are bouncing all over the place can escape from the bad guys without even wincing over that. And things like this fill these books, acknowledgements of the reality that is missing from many stories and films.

5) Verity's friends. As readers saw in Discount Armageddon (book 1), the creatures, or cryptids, whom Verity comes into contact with are a diverse group to say the least. I enjoyed getting to see more about them in this book, and the various reactions to the news about the Covenant coming, and to later events in the book. These people know what Verity does for them, and they'll stick by her.

6) Her family. We see a few more hints about the family back home in this book - Verity's dad, in particular, and a little more about her sister. Sarah, the telepathic adopted sister, also has a big role in this book, and even narrates a couple of chapters, which I loved. 'Uncle Mike', another adopted relative, also turns up in this book, and I enjoyed seeing him and the bigger picture of the Healy/Price family that his presence brought.

So there you go, some of the reasons why I'd mark this as a 10/10 book. Ms McGuire continues to write books with multi-faceted characters in fascinating worlds that keep me up well past my bedtime so I can find out what happens next.

~Ailsa [Originally posted at my book blog, link in my profile.]
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on 1 October 2013
Seanan McGuire's DISCOUNT ARMAGEDDON came out of nowhere and charmed the pants off me. That, and Cassie Alexander's Edie Spence series, restored my faith that new urban fantasy aren't just playing out the same old tropes and masquerading as urban fantasy when they're really paranormal romance.

Well, good news: The second InCryptid novel, MIDNIGHT BLUE-LIGHT SPECIAL, is just as good as its predecessor, if not better. We even get bonus narration from Verity's sweet little cuckoo cousin. And Sarah Zellaby really comes into her own here. She usually shies away from danger, but here she not only defends those she cares about, but she also launches a massive attack to save them...even at the cost of her own psychological wellbeing. Has Sarah regressed to the way she was before she was adopted? We'll have to stay tuned for HALF-OFF RAGNAROK, which will be narrated by Verity's brother.

It's so exciting to find a new series you're passionate about, and InCryptid is just that.
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on 18 February 2014
Just read the 2 books in the series back to back. Absolutely brilliant. Comical, great characters and religious mice, but with the right amount of violence. Ok Dominic wasn't the deepest character, but Verify made up for it. I am not going to go through the story and give Spoilers, just my impressions.

An interesting family on the run from an organization that believes all supernatural beings should be destroyed. A ballroom dancing heroine who battles to keep said beings safe.

Having first read Seana Maguire's October Daye books I am continually amazed and pleased by her continuing outpouring if imaginative fantasy. Loved Indexing. If you like fantasy/urban fantasy, read everything you can by this author.
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on 23 March 2013
This is the second book in this new series which takes an unusual slant on the 'monsters' theme. The 'monsters' are all the mythological creatures you can think of, which are real but hiding in plain sight where possible, or underground where they can't spin the illusion they are human. The love story is between members the opposing forces/families of those who deal with these beings. One which regards them as dangerous to be exterminated at all times and the other which believes they should be tolerated and helped to blend in or remain in hiding unless they really do pose a major threat to other intelligent life.
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on 8 September 2015
This is the second Incryptid novel I've read, and I really enjoyed it; so much so that I am collecting all Seanan McGuire's novels.

I thought it was well written (always a plus) and the ideas fresh and original. The characters are well drawn - I feel I know Vicky Price - and the background detail, eg the family history,is well put across. I love the quotes at the beginning of the chapters, and the Aeslin mice are wonderful.

The only downside, and it's not a major one, is that it's best to read this as part of the series, although it will work as a stand alone novel.

I would recommend this series to anyone who likes fantasy novels.
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on 16 April 2013
Absolutely brilliant, just as much fun and action as Discount Armageddon. I love the mice and this time we get to meet more of Verity's family.
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on 23 July 2013
Having read all of her October Daye novels to date, I was eager to read her new series. This book and it's predecessor are great fun. Funny, great story and characters that I have grown to love. More please!
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on 17 December 2013
Concludes Discount Armageddon wishing there was more. I had never read this type of Sci-Fi before
but had been recommended it and now I can recommend it myself.
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