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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 22 March 2017
Not as good as the first book, but a good folow on
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on 16 May 2017
Very good love second one i wanna read the 3 one now i have read 1&2 x o x o gossipgirl
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on 18 January 2014
Omg!! Love this book sooo much. It's great I am about to start the next one. Totally worth the money. Get it or your missing out loads!!!!!!
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on 15 August 2013
I'm going to start this review with a shock revelation. Despite the "about the author" and the website claiming otherwise, I am here to tell you that in actual fact S J Kincaid is really a man! The only way she could capture what it is to be a teenage boy so perfectly is to have been one herself. Vik and Tom are two of the greatest characters ever created and I'd forgotten how much I'd enjoyed them a year ago in Insignia until a few pages in when Vik attempts to convince Tom to fit his head down the barrel of a laser cannon.
Of course, running underneath the fun and pranks is a serious piece of plot in a near-future society. It's the present taken to the nth degree, but the tech, the politics, the state of the world certainly plausible. A strong cast of supporting characters aid the story, which barrels along at a cracking pace mixing the fun with adventure, skullduggery, and real peril.
This is the best new series I've read in a dog's age. Only bad thing about it is it's a trilogy. Just three books? Come on Mr K, treat us some more please.
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on 5 July 2013
I am a big fan the first book in this series and so I couldn't wait to get my hands on Vortex. It didn't disappoint and was just as good as Insignia.

Tom and his friends have spent the summer away from the pentagonal spire but now they are back together again for their second year. Everything starts well but it soon becomes clear that someone is working against the pentagonal spire. Loyalties and friendships are tested as Tom tries to find a way to do what's right without destroying his future.

In many ways Vortex is much like Insignia, it still has the smart prose, moments that made me laugh until I cried and wacky simulations that I enjoy so much. Yet in other ways it was completely different. It had a darker side to it and was a lot more dangerous. The whole book essentially focuses on facing the consequences of your actions and every character has one or more demon to face. The characters are growing up and realising that they are not as invincible as they thought they were. There was also a hint of rebellion that ran through the book and got much stronger towards the end giving us a taste of what the next book in the series could be about.

The writing was yet again sublime. S.J Kincaid had to be one of my favourite voices in YA at the moment. She writes with great precision and knows when to make her readers laugh and when to tone it down. She is imaginative and brave with her choices and is an expert at describing scenes of a science fiction or technological nature without confusing the reader.

Another thing she is great at is creating characters. This story is told from Tom's POV but all the other characters around him are just as important. All of them are well built and complex none are perfect there are things to like and dislike about each of them.

Tom is...to be hones a pain. He is so arrogant and up himself at times it is almost unbearable. But he pays for it in this book and some hard lessons are learned. Despite his issues when push comes to shove he would risk anything to save the people he cares about and I love that side of him.

Another stand out character is Blackburn. I am not 100% sure if I am supposed to like him or not but I can't help it I really, really like him. He is so complex, on one had he is a maniac, a torturer and villain. On the other he is a teacher, a mentor and protector. His relationship with Wyatt is sweet and almost loving but his relationship with Tom is tempestuous and unclear. It is his relationship with Tom and the way that that relationship changes which is one of the more interesting factors of this book. Love or hate Blackburn he plays a huge part in this book and I think he will have a massive part to play in how this series eventually ends.

Vortex is a fun and imaginative read that I really enjoyed. I am so happy to see this series remaining strong and I cannot wait to get my hands on the next book when it comes out next year.
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on 25 September 2015
I read the first book in one day when I should have really been sleeping, so I had to go and buy this book almost straight away. I was disappointed this is an excellent squeal to the first book, with more plot twist coming at you thick and fast.

Tom has a budding romance in this book but is quickly forced to choose between this and his career, I won't spoil it by giving the plot away but its fair to say Tom is tested in many different ways in this book and he doesn't always come out on top.

Great read that i could put down.
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on 16 March 2014
This book is extremely well written and has an amazing storyline. There are constant twists that come out of no where and surprise you. The characters are brilliant and I feel like I've known then forever. All in all, a great book and definitely worth buying.
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on 5 June 2014
I choose this book because I read the first one and could not wait for this one to arrive.I love all the characters and plot and it is the kind of book you cannot put down as you cant wait to read what happens next.cannot wait for the next one.
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on 2 September 2014
My 12 year old son read this and recommended that I should read both books. They are fabulous and thought provoking about the way technology could develop. Great twists and enjoyable reading. Looking forward to the next book by this author.
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on 15 April 2015
A good continuation of an interesting concept, tom is brilliant as the protagonist, a charector that you can emphatise with. Vikram is his usual exuberant self, there are some shocks and plenty of adventure
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