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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 12 July 2014
So I'm a huge Jamie McGuire fan as it is (and if you've shied away from reading Red Hill or the Providence Series you don't know what you're missing) and I'd set high expectations for this book based on her previous writings.

And I'm more than happy to say that she pushed the bar way above what I expected! Some people say that 'Trenton is no Travis', my response to that is of course he's not, he's a different person who has different motives and a different past that defines who he is - but he's still one hell of a character who knows what he wants. Cami is the same - she's not a carbon copy of Abby - if she was that would be predictable and that's the one thing Jamie doesn't do, sure she can lull you into a false sense of security before ripping the rug out from under your feet with a heck of a twist, but at least she doesn't write the same old same old!

I can't wait for there to be more stories about the Maddox brothers and I can't wait to see what kind of girls end up with the rest of them (I'm secretly really looking forward to the twin's stories - cause one Maddox is more than enough so who knows what's going to happen when the twins find their women).

So get 'Cashmere comfortable' and read this book, you won't be disappointed!
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on 17 July 2014
Reviewed by Willow & Donna ~ 4 Stars

We totally loved Beautiful Disaster, but we felt that Walking Disaster & Beautiful Wedding weren't on the same level so we were interested to see where Jamie would take us for Beautiful Oblivion.

"Instead of feeling ashamed of where we weren't, we could be proud of where we were going and what we would overcome to get there"

Willow: I have to start off by saying I’m in love with Trenton Maddox! I never thought any Maddox brother would come close to Travis, but Trenton certainly comes close.

Donna: For me Trenton was definitely the better man for me, I was one of the rare few that didn't fall madly for Travis, but I may have tripped for Trenton

Willow: The Story is about Cam (Camille), who has a long distance relationship with a guy named TJ. This means nothing to Trenton though, because once a Maddox boy gets you in their sight that's it! I loved this part of the book where Trent is trying to do anything to get Cam to spend time with him, he is relentless and the banter they have is very entertaining.

"I was just thinking now was as good a time as any to acknowledge you're perfect and it wouldn't suck if you fell madly in love with me anytime soon"
"I have a boyfriend" I reminded him
He waved me away "Speed bump"

Donna: The courtship was definitely entertaining. He has that Maddox charm and swagger and he has to ramp it up full throttle with Cam. He has to fire on all cylinders to make an impression. But you could tell that the charm offensive was working. The banter these two had, had me in stitches at times, but you could also tell that Trenton was sincere. I loved that he wore his heart on his sleeve and his relationship with the neighbours little girl had me melting.

Willow: oh, little Olive, it was genius how he used her to guilt trip Cam into going out for food with him. I loved Trent & Olive's relationship too! As you say Trent wears his heart on his sleeve. I’m definitely in love! One thing I noticed with this book is that Jamie had managed to capture the feel of Beautiful Disaster, I felt like she'd gone back to the roots in that respect with the story, and just like Beautiful Disaster I was sucked in.

Donna: I totally agree, Walking Disaster and Beautiful Wedding didn't have that ambience and that page turning addiction that Beautiful Disaster did and now Beautiful Oblivion has recaptured. I was totally captivated and read it in one sitting. So many entertaining side characters in this one too. The tattoo shop is one place I would love to work.

Willow: Totally agree about the Tattoo shop!
Although we can’t give too much away we have to talk a bit about TJ. Through the story you are made aware that TJ has a secret, which Cam knows, but feels it’s not her secret to tell. You are left wondering what the secret is and why it appears to be holding Cam back from Trent. Donna I know you and I had similar theories, but I have to say when you actually get the big reveal its kind of flat, and for me it kind of ruined the story a bit. I was left with a few questions I wanted Cam to answer!

Donna: I must admit my conspiracy theories were much better than what actually transpired. Like you, when all I was revealed I felt a bit urggghhhh. I think I read too many books because my brain was going overtime.

Willow: In summary for the most part I thought it was a really good book, I loved that we'd gone back to a Beautiful Disaster feel, the banter was funny and Trenton is yummy, but the ending didn't cut it for me. It could have been a 5 star, but because of the ending I’m giving it a 4.

Donna: I totally agree, I loved the book, I loved the characters, I love the balance of angst, humour and love, I laughed, I swooned but I deflated at the end and for that reason I am giving it a 4, but it could have easily been a 5.

"Just remember later that I'm sorry for whatever happens after this, and I'm sorry that when you walked away like I asked, I didn't let you go"
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Beautiful Oblivion follows Trenton Maddox as he declares his love for barmaid Camille Camlin.
It’s a trait with those Maddox boys, when they love, they love with all their heart and won’t let their women go.
But Cami’s life is complicated, her family are messed up and then there’s the fact that Cami is already in a relationship!

I’m writing this with a sense of disloyalty.

When I read Beautiful Disaster I fell in love with Travis Maddox but I’m now realising that it wasn’t love, it was lust.
So it’s with a heavy heart that I say SORRY Trav, but I’m in complete and utter crazy all consuming love with your brother Trenton!

I don’t know where to start, part of me wants to threaten everyone reading Beautiful Oblivion, to tell you that Trent is mine. That he can have my body, heart and soul,
He can tattoo his name on my forehead and threaten anyone who talks to me.
But at the same time I realise that Cami is great for him, that although they are both messed up, they need each other.
So I’m going to let Cami keep him, but if she hurts him, HE IS MINE!

I think the reason I fell so hard for Trent, isn’t just his tattoos, his body or his job. It’s the way he is with Olive. A young girl who Trent looks after and clearly loves.
The chapters with her and him, warmed my heart. I just wanted to jump into the pages and hug them both.

There is a part in the story where Trent explains why the Maddox boys love like they do, I cried.
Hearing him say it, it broke my heart!

The truth is, I love Jamie McGuire and her books, every word she writes is filled with emotion, but I think Beautiful Oblivion is my favourite.

Although that being said JAMIE, PLEASE WRITE TRENTS STORY, to read his words, his emotions, his thoughts, would be incredible and I would willingly trade my first born (sorry future child, mummy needs this book)

There are so many incredible characters in this book and I won’t lie, I’m pinning my hopes on lots of books following them all!
That’s the thing I love most about Jamie McGuires books, every character feels real and leaves you wanting to know more about them.

So on my hands and knees, I beg you, please Lady, can I have some more!
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on 25 August 2014
Well. Um. Ok, so this is one of those books -same as Beautiful/ Walking Disaster- that I immersed myself in, enjoyed and zapped through only to be immediately plagued by 'WTF???' thoughts on completion.

GOOD: I'm quite taken with McGuire's clean writing style and the flow carried me nicely through the story. I'm a sucker for cameo appearances -and there was plenty of those, so YEY- and I got a bonus kick outta matching up this plot line with Travis'.


The Maddox appeal is utterly lost on me. I do not get it. At all. Those boys be crazy! And not in a good way.

I saw very little difference between Trenton and Travis. And, actually, their stories weren't worlds apart, either.

Single, Trenton's behaviour was as appalling as his baby bro's (there appears to be an alarming lack of self respect among the female population of that town). And once in love (having fallen dangerously fast and hard), he turned into an obsessive, possessive scaryass sop. Add in the famous Maddox volcanic temper and...*sigh* proper messed up! The fact folk consider him a swoony catch is disturbingly worrisome.

Cami didn't make for a particularly likeable protag, either. I guess the Maddoxes have a shared 'type' because she's as much a self-absorbed head scrambler as Abby.

Trenton and Cami together = Toxic.

And the TJ thing...Oh, please! Obvious, ridiculous and irritating. Shouldn't have been dragged on right to the bitter end.

My final peeve: what's with the name games? Seriously, whatthehell??? We have the Maddoxes all sporting names beginning with T; Camille Camlin, her 3 bros -Clark, Chase and Coby- and her cousin -Colin; Abby Abernathy; Olive Olivier ...just...no. NO!
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on 4 July 2014
Beautiful Disaster was the first, and maybe only book, where I reached the end and had to immediately re-read from start to finish because I didn’t want to lose the all-consuming, totally-in-love book feeling emoted by Jamie McGuire's special characters and story. So Beautiful Oblivion, Trenton & Cami, had a lot to live up to and, joyfully, it reached that 5 star AMAZING feeling. Just wonderful. At the end my first thought was WOW! I really didn’t expect that and once again I was compelled to read back a little and, when I get a moment, I’ll re-visit a few more scenes. I adored it!

This is a story about family ties, good and bad, loving, truly madly deeply, and fate; what will be, will be, in whatever order it’s meant to happen!

Two years prior to this story Trent's life changed. After a tragic accident, he became consumed with guilt, a guilt that overtook all areas of his life. There’d also been the death of his mother, so all in all Trenton Maddox had a pretty rough past.

Beautiful Oblivion begins just before Beautiful Disaster and then proceeds to run parallel to that story, in terms of the timeline.It centers on Trenton Maddox. Mr beautiful-I’m-not-afraid-to-fight-for-you Tattoo artist who has a reputation with the ladies. But don't be fooled, this Maddox brother is oh so sweet, charming and caring, and just *sigh* lovely. Trenton is as glorious as I imagined him to be, large as life, wooing Cami and embedding his way into her life and heart. I love the fierce passion he has for this girl. He’d do anything and everything for her.

Cami, our leading lady, is a tough cookie and a girl who knows her own mind. She has no problem putting a Maddox boy in his place, keeping Trenton firmly in line. She’s had to be strong to stand up to her brute of a father and her, sometimes troublesome, 3 brothers. She ends up needing to hold down two jobs, but she does it gladly, especially as one of those jobs entails working with her ‘friend,’ Trenton. I love her grit, her determination and her sense of humour. A great heroine for a Maddox boy!

You can see form the blurb that there's also a boyfriend, I wasn’t going to mention him because I don’t really think it’s necessary for review purposes with regard to translating my feelings about the book as a whole. However, there is one and I saw a review today that negatively referred to it being a love triangle, yes there are 3 people and love is involved but I would NOT refer to it as a love triangle per say, it did not wreck my feels or make me dislike the heroine, so I would NOT let this fact stop you from reading this wonderful story.

Cami’s intention is always to do the right thing, so of course, they begin as friends, but her friendship with Trenton makes her question everything she thought she knew and things become a little more complicated than she anticipated.

Trenton Maddox is sublime and nothing and no one will get in his way.

There’s a lovely side story going on with her friend Raegan, I loved their girl friendship, and was willing Raegan to make the right life decisions.

I love the easy breezy style of Jamie McGuire. The way she writes is so engaging. It’s easy and beautiful on the mind and has characters that come to life on the page with ease and clarity. I found I had a smile on my face and a warm feeling in my heart for almost the entire book. The drama and angst are pitch perfect and gave me all the butterflies and stomach sinking feelings that I needed to make this a worthy addition to my 5 star reads.

There were times when, although the feelings felt authentic, I thought maybe she was being slightly over dramatic about her 'worry' but NO, by the end it all made complete and utter sense…. Genius, love it!

We watch their beautiful friendship grow and blossom and develop into something more, something deep. I was willing it to work out for them, but what would be the secret revelation and would it affect things???

I adored the snippets of book magic in the form of the Beautiful Disaster littered throughout, it was not over played, just a few key moments and special quotes laced through to give us golden book nostalgia. For want of a better word it was beautiful

For people who are new to the Maddox brothers, I’d recommend reading Beautiful Disaster first to fully appreciate and enjoy this story.

Don’t read too many reviews, do NOT open ANY SPOILERS on ANY REVIEW, go in as blind as you can. When the Maddox boys love, they love hard and Jamie McGuire showed me this effortlessly. She is the Queen of the New Adult genre. The ending WOW! I was completely oblivious to where it was going but if I had any doubts about my book love for Beautiful Oblivion, the ending sealed the deal. Fans of Beautiful Disaster will devour this book.

I adore the Maddox brand they fill a space in my book heart and I can't wait for the next story!

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher, Simon Schuster UK fiction, for an honest review.
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on 13 July 2014
Jamie McGuire has always had her hands full with the phenomenon that is Travis Maddox but bringing forward his smoking hot brothers to play, may just be a stroke of genius.
Not only do we get more of this insanely alpha family but we continue to get more of the man Travis himself (albeit in small doses but hell, who’s counting)
As many other reviewers have stated – there is a lot to love about the Maddox boys and after Travis had melted my heart, I must admit I approached Trenton with more than a little trepidation – not that I doubted the book would be amazing because I knew it would but it sort of felt like I was being unfaithful to Travis but wanting to get to know his brother!
Trenton was smooth, confident, patient and proud everything I expected him to be, oh and did I forget to say – seriously HOT!!
Spending time with Trenton was never going to be just plutonic but Cami makes it clear that she has a boyfriend and Trenton is “content” to be friends – although he does like to play dirty – the introduction of Olivia by Trenton to Cami was pure genius! Their friendship was never going to easy but the whole time they have been growing up – Cami had steered away from the Maddox boys – one of the few who never fell victim to the charm, but that is not to say that she hasn’t secretly wished to be one of those who had on numerous occasions.
When Trenton establishes himself in her life – he is like a dog with a bone – he refuses to let go. One way or another this tatted up goliath has bigger plans for the two of them and he has harboured them for more years than he is prepared to admit – for the time being!
Those Maddox boys know how to get their woman – patience is obviously something they have inherited from their mother. Falling in love is not something any of them seem to do easily but when they do, it is forever – failure is not an option.
Of all his qualities, I have to say that I found the fact that he has just about the sweetest nature possible – he is written in such a way as you want to be his best friend – you want to know what he is really like and more to the point you NEED him to be in your life – this is one of life’s good guys!
Cami’s “boyfriend” TJ is a mysterious soul and has entrusted her with a secret that just might negate the feelings that Trenton has for her but worrying about that doesn’t deter from the fact that what is between her and Trenton has a life force of its own and is determine to have its way at all costs. When feelings are divulged – can this pair really make it work? Well what a Maddox boy wants he gets – and Trenton has no intension of bucking that trend.
Cami was a pleasure to read, a strong forthright woman who stood her ground and tried to do the right thing.
But her heart belongs to one man and he has just made his move!
This book takes place at the same time as Beautiful Oblivion and so we get to see bits and pieces for Travis (and Abby) throughout the story and from an outside perspective it was fascinating. There are also a few additional characters that I am sure we will be hearing more from in the subsequent books.
I cannot recommend this book highly enough, Jamie McGuire’s writing style is truly captivating and in this group of characters, she has bestowed a family to us that it is impossible not to fall in love with.
The end of the novel will leave you scratching you head and praying that someone finds a way to speed up time – because the next Maddox brother can’t arrive soon enough!!
Rating – Perfect !!!
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on 24 July 2014

I loved the first two books and eagerly approached this one. I thought Cami was a great character - sassy and confident but I have to say that I felt the book was a bit disjointed. There seemed to be no back story to Cami and Trenton and despite him saying he's been in love with her forever, didn't really see any evidence of that.
I had to re-read a few pages to make sure I'd not missed anything!
There didn't seem to be as much "heat" in this one as the previous books and Cami and Trenton didn't seem to have much chemistry.

The sub-characters seemed to be there for show - Cami's father for one - and the big twist at the end was quite confusing! I mean, who was the guy - brother, uncle, cousin? Did I miss something?! Perhaps Jamie is gearing up for TJ's story to be the next book but I did finish it feeling a bit confused!

I do like Jamie's style of writing and I did enjoy the book but it could've been better IMO.
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on 15 October 2014
What a shocker!

"Anything to do with the Maddoxes is never boring."

Ok, I'm going to have to do this review all back to front because I have to start off talking about that ending. What the heck was that? Throughout the whole book there is a 'mystery' surrounding TJ, Cami's boyfriend, and I for one had no clue what it was. I mean really, I just couldn't for the life of me work it out. Well, when we finally get to the end and it is revealed, I couldn't have been more shocked. I really felt as though it didn't even make sense. I had to speak to someone straight away, who had read the book, just to make sure I wasn't going crazy. Nope, turns out I wasn't going crazy, it really was just something so crazy. I now feel like I need to go back and re-read the whole thing with my new information. Crazy.

Anyway, back to the story..
It was good, great even. As with Beautiful Disaster it didn't take me long before I was hooked. There's just something about those Maddox boys.. I love to read about them and see their cheeky ways. If I'm honest, I really didn't love Trenton as much as I did Travis, but that's no shock to me really. I think Travis us unbeatable. My issue with Trenton was mainly that I found him to be a little too on the soppy side. I don't mind a guy being in touch with his feelings, but at the same time I still want him to have that bad boy edge. With Trenton I felt like he was too much. He made me cringe at times and that's never a good sign. Still, I wouldn't have said no.. ha.

"I was just thinking now was as good a time as any to acknowledge that you're perfect and it wouldn't suck if you fell madly in love with me any time soon."

As for Cami, I liked her the whole way through the story, until the end. Like I already said, the big revelation really through me for a loop and to be honest, any likeness I felt towards Cami just kind of vanished. I lost respect for her and I didn't like her so much any more. If it wasn't for this twist, I'd still be a fan, but that twist really ruined all sorts of things for me.

Overall, I enjoyed the story, like I thought I would, but the ending ruined it for me. If it wasn't for that I would probably be giving it 5 stars too. I know many people saw the ending coming, but for me it just came so out of the blue and left me with a sour taste over the whole thing. Ah well, I look forward to the next one and hopefully that will make it all okay..
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on 19 October 2015
I have totally fallen in love with Trenton Maddox he made this book for me, and i so want him to ink me, those moments he inked Cami were really beautiful.
The Maddox brothers are impossible not to love, Jamie writes these men so they have lovable bad boy quality about them. I loved that Trent had a bad boy exterior to match Travis but deep down he had this really sweet side to him.
I thought the journey that Trent and Cami's relationship took was entertaining it wasnt a easy journey at times, but there were some really beautiful moments. Trent has loved Cami for years but has never made the move to pursue her because of the guilt he carries around. Then that moment comes when things clicks into place and Trent cannot see his life without Cami in it. Cami has a almost never present boyfriend who really irritated me from the beginning, they really didnt fit together at all. I have to say i didnt like TJ and then BAM the ending revelation slaps you in the face and you find out who he actually is. I did not see that coming and it had me a little confused for a time.
I did like some of the secondary characters within this story, but i found Cami's family to be a set of complete jerks, i didnt really like any of them they all seemed self centred and not nice people at all.
I really liked start to a new series and look forward to reading more about the Maddox brothers.
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on 19 July 2014
Another 5 star winner from Jamie McGuire. I felt every emotion going while reading this book. I laughed, I cried and I fell in love with Travis all over again. This is his brother Trent's story but Travis features several times. I experienced goosebumps and shivers down my spine reading about an event from a third point of view. The plot twist blew my mind even though I thought I had it figured out I tried to convince myself I was wrong. I knew I was right but serious chills seeing it in black and white! You don't need to read Beautiful and Walking Disaster to appreciate this book but you absolutely should because they are amazing! I for one want to go right back to the beginning!
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