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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 17 January 2014
Speaking as a physician and also a human as susceptible as everyone else to life-style problems, I feel Dr Agus has produced an easy-to-read set of guidelines written in non-confusing terminology that focuses on prevention of developing disease. His advice is based on generally accepted medical and nutritional advice. Where prescription drugs are discussed they have been scientifically researched and are evidence based.

He emphasises the need for an individual to look at their total health and life-style and get to know their own bodies and what works for them especially with exercise and nutrition. He divides the book into three sections:
1)What To Do.
2)What to Avoid.
3)Doctor's Orders.
These are followed by several useful lists which summarise the contents of the book. These include 'Actions to Reduce Your Risk for Illness'; 'Top 10 things to Educate Kids About Health and Wellness'; Popular Weight Loss Myths': Top 10 most sugary foods; top 10 high in Trans Fat (bad fats); Top High Glycaemic Index Foods (rapidly absorbed sugars that cause damaging insulin swings); Top Fish with beneficial Omega-3 oils; Top fish with mercury contamination.

This book contains much that is common sense. Good dental hygiene, sensible regular exercise, eating fresh foods and avoiding anything with a label on that you cannot pronounce or is full of additives and numbers, weight control, 3 portions of cold water fish per week, no more than three servings of red meat per week and processed meats in moderation, (bacon, salami, etc.), a glass of wine with your evening meal, smile more and even get a dog (not always practical!).

By following a regular and routine daily programme using Dr Agus's advice, the aim is not only to reduce the incidence of cancer but also heart disease, strokes, diabetes and high blood pressure and improving a positive life-style. Developing an individual schedule requires self-discipline, as when young we choose today and pay our dues later.

There are some points of controversy. There is undisputed evidence of the benefits of 75 mg aspirin daily in substantially reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease but also the common malignant cancers. It can cause stomach pains and bleeds. Discuss it with your doctor. Statins again not only target cholesterol but also reduce inflammation that can cause other ailments. Again, discuss it with your doctor. Genetically modified foods have been promoted as harmless. Not everyone agrees and personal opinion is divided, quite reasonably. Dr Agus also writes about age-related screening. Much is sensible (blood pressure, dental, cholesterol, diabetes). Prostate screening is taking a different approach from a blood test and this may be redundant in the near future and there is some doubt about the benefits of an annual check-up if you are feeling well.

The volume of advice transmitted daily by the media is confusing and often contrary. Dr Agus has neatly summarised the positive, proven and sensible approach to good health and hopefully longevity. A very concise and well-written book that I highly recommend.
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on 9 February 2014
If you are health conscious, then not too much in this easy-to-read book should be new. Doctor Agus is keen on aspirin and Statins but advises the reader to jettison the vitamins - the reasons seems sensible. His views on regularity and intensity of exercise seem consistent with the approaches advocated in The First Twenty Minutes. Other pearls such as keep lists and set medium and long term health goals together with the invitation to define good health - which he observes is highly personal - are useful and welcome. A handy primer or reminder.
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on 14 February 2014
Not a terribly well written piece . More an extended essay then a book. Not well organised and not usable as a reference item. Main statement could be compressed into a single paragraph and that would have been an accurate summary. Wish it had been a more widespread commentary with proscriptive advice in a list form,
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"A Short Guide to a Long Life" written by David B. Agus is a collection of numerous useful tips that will help reader to live a healthier life, simply written, but full of small wisdom.

I heard for the book author, Dr. David B. Agus, when Howard Stern stated that he saved his life, but I also read his first book "The End of Illness" which was for some parts controversial, as this book will likely become as well.
Besides considered as one of the world's most prominent cancer doctors, Dr. Agus is pioneering some new technologies and innovative approaches for personalized healthcare.

In this sense, "A Short Guide to a Long Life" brings his medical knowledge and techniques that are not fully aligned with the main currents in medical circles and therefore it cannot be said that the reader would entirely agree with all that is written in his book.
However, this is well-made compilation of understandable everyday advices that will help reader improve health condition in general, though the greater emphasis author placed on the issue of cancer prevention due to his medical specialization.

Some of his sentences seem overly simple, as they should not have a place in a "serious medical" book because it's somehow implied that we should eat fish or smile often, until we think about these activities are we doing them and how often in our daily lives.
The book was intentionally written in a way that reader can read it on any page, quickly and easily getting information; additionally author at the book end has added a few always popular Top 10 lists, which will be liked by everyone because they are easy to remember and to be referenced on.

For all above-mentioned "A Short Guide to a Long Life" is a useful book that in one place contains a collection of simple but smart tips, and despite the fact that with all of them you won't agree, Dr. Agus book can be recommended because many of them, despite their simplicity, you may have forgotten.
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on 9 May 2015
No great surprises here. I bought this book after hearing the author on the radio, and he did a very good job of selling it. I haven't quite finished it but he's told me nothing I didn't already know. It's all just a question of application. Who doesn't over eat the wrong foods from time to time? Who lives a stress free life? Life is tricky to live perfectly, even if we know how to do it.
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on 6 March 2014
Bought this after reading an interview with Dr Agus in the clour supplement of the Times Sat March 1st 2014. Am
really impressed with the simplicity I think it's an important read for those who wish for a healthier time as the years roll on.
dr Agus is a research scientist and Prof of medecine & Engineering at University of Southern California he was part of the team that discovered Vitamin C can fuel cancer because tumors can feed on it.
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on 23 June 2015
I actually bought his previous No1 book before I read this one. His book The End Of Illness is brilliant and it gave me an insight in to many questions that I have constantly asked myself and looked at through life. A great insight in to life and illnesses, causes and preventative measures for mine and anyone else's future life. I have now implemented many of his suggestions in to my own life. A Short Guide to a Long Life reiterates this but in bite size knowledge. Both books I have recommended to friends, work colleagues and family. These books are an investment in LIFE, your LIFE
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on 3 October 2015
I enjoyed this book but it didn't tell me anything that common sense or your grandma will tell you.
Still worth a read though. It is a very 'short' guide though.
Well worth a read for those interested in health, exercise, nutrition etc
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on 18 January 2015
Had this on wish list for a while. Finally bought and read in one weekend. Almost nothing in here that I didn't already know (I am a nurse though).
Very Americanized, think the NHS is stretched enough without otherwise healthy people going to docs for random blood tests etc.
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on 17 March 2014
I had hoped that the information that David Agus gave me was going to be new but it was not. It was the same old, same old and I learned nothing new sadly. For people who have not read very much about the subject I can imagine it will be useful.
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