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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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I absolutely LOVE Paige Toon's novels, I always get so excited when a new one is released and have it read in less than a day! So after waiting eagerly for Paige to bring us her next delightful book, I was ever so thrilled to be able to sit down and devour this!

Our main character Laura is married to the man of her dreams, and the couple are very much in love. After many months of happily enjoying married life and all it has to offer, Laura is brought down from her cloud with a huge crash as she discovers her husband Matthew has been hiding a terrible secret. Completely devastated and humiliated, Laura escapes to Key West for a holiday with her friends. While Laura's there, she finds there is an instant attraction with Leo, the sexy scuba diver. But Laura is still married to Matthew, can they save their marriage? Or is there more to her attraction to Leo?

I absolutely loved The Longest Holiday! I was warned by Rea to make sure that when I started this book, I had the rest of my day free, because I wouldn't be able to put it down, and gosh she was so right! From the first page I was hooked, and I read the entire book in one sitting as I could not bear to be parted from it, I just had to know what was going to happen next!

The setting of Key West was beautiful! The descriptions really made the place come to life and I could picture every scene clearly in my mind. It honestly felt as though I had escaped away to Florida with Laura and her friends. I've never been on holiday anywhere other than in the UK and France, but just reading this book made me want to book a holiday and go myself!

I warmed to Laura straight away, I really felt for her as she found out about Matthew, and I wanted to stretch my arms into the book and give her a hug. As Laura went away to Key West I desperately wanted to be there with her, and reading the book did make me feel like I was one of Laura's best friends, sharing in her life, her ups and her downs and being there for her on her holiday away. Leo...well, I won't say too much about him so as not to spoil it but please read the book! The romance in the book is wonderful!

Another thing I liked about this book in particular was that I was constantly surprised, I honestly didn't know which way the book would go, and it only fueled my enthusiasm to read on to find out what would happen!

Paige Toon's writing is always so addictive! It is easy to slip into the story, her words are very captivating and, personally, when I read her stories I am completely unaware of everything around me as I am so absorbed by her words. Paige effortlessly manages to set the perfect tone for when it is needed. There are lots of fun moments, and some romance, but there are also more serious and touching moments, and Paige slips naturally into it, having us smiling at one chapter, then reaching out and feeling for the characters in the next. I have enjoyed every single novel that Paige has written, and up until I read this book, One Perfect Summer was my favourite, but I genuinely believe that Paige Toon has really outdone herself with this book, and it's now my new favourite!

The Longest Holiday is another amazing book from Paige Toon, it has all the ingredients in it to make this a perfect book to relax with - romance, great characters and a beautiful location! I felt such a range of emotions throughout the course of the book - I laughed, my heart fluttered at the romance and I even had a few tears too. Pick up a copy and lose yourself in this captivating story! Brilliant.
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on 30 April 2013
Wow! Got the book and finished it in under a day, it was that impossible to put down! I have all of Paige Toons books and my favourite so far had been Chasing Daisy, now I have to say it is this one, The Longest holiday. Fell in love with Laura and Leo, could relate to all the characters and even felt a tad sorry for Matthew at one point! So glad it ended the way it did though. What a fantastic story! Thank you so much for sharing it with us! Keep up the fab work!
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on 9 May 2013
I loved this book, I really just couldn't put it down. Paige Toon is such a fab writer and just draws you into the characters lives, you are then hooked and have to find out how it finishes. A definite must read & I can't wait for a sequel.
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I have always been a huge fan of Paige Toon, she is definitely one of my top ten authors and having read all of her books I can honestly say not a single one of them disappoint. When I was out shopping on Tuesday I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a copy of The Longest Holiday sitting staring at me days before publication so I quickly snapped up my copy feeling like a criminal! ( I did pay!)

The synopsis sounded intriguing and exciting so I couldn't wait to start reading. Laura is our protagonist and what a fabulous character she is. She is easy to warm to and she seemed so lifelike she is my favourite female character from Paige Toons books. After a revelation about Laura's husband Matthew comes to light she needs to get away to clear her head and have time to think about whether or not she can forgive her husband and save her marriage. Laura jets away to Florida's Key West with her friend Marty and her friend Bridget.

It's not long before her thoughts are distracted by the gorgeously hot Leo. But are her feelings for Leo just confusing matters more, I mean the holiday has to come to an end at some point surely?

The storyline was so captivating and fresh, I was hooked from the first chapter and so it soon became clear that this was going to be a book that you can't put down. I loved how unpredictable the book was there was no way of predicting what was going to happen next. The author also puts a pretty shocking twist towards the end which I never saw coming. The whole of the book was fantastically written the descriptive writing made you feel as though you were there holidaying with Laura and towards the end of the book the writing is very beautifully written and touching.
Leo is a perfect male role, when we first meet him he feels a little mysterious but as we get to know more about his character and his background you can't help but get a little hot under the collar when he is around!

This is an amazing read and I would even go as far as to say I think it is my favourite Paige Toon book. I was a little shocked by the ending I was still engrossed in the storyline and then suddenly it was the Epilogue! But we are not left on a cliff hanger the author ties things up nicely, although I would be more than happy if Paige Toon decides to bring these characters back in a sequel. The only problem now is I feel rather deflated now I have finished I think the characters and storyline will be in my mind for a while yet! Easily one of the best books I have read in a long time, a perfect holiday read.
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on 2 March 2016
I'll admit right here that I regret not reading this book sooner. I met the lovely Paige Toon at a signing in September and she signed my copy of The Longest Holiday, but I didn't want to ruin my signed copy.


So when I was getting together my holiday reads, I excitedly skipped over to Amazon and bought The Longest Holiday for my Kindle and in seconds voila.

Anyway I digress, The Longest Holiday was BY FAR the best thing I read on holiday (I read 10 books) because it was just, I can't even word how much I loved it! I may have gotten a touch sunburned on my legs because I wanted to finish a chapter first. Big whoops!!!

Straight away we meet Laura, who's just left her husband of 7 months after he had a one night stand on his stag do getting the girl pregnant, big oh s*** moment. We have Marty, the doting best friend, who's whisked Laura off to Florida Keys to take her mind of the cheating hubby and Bridget, the travel writer and the reason the girls are in Key West!

After jet lag sets in Laura finds herself outside in the Floridian breeze and wandering off into someone else's garden, where she meets (through bushes unbeknown to them) the neighbours.

Leo, the love interest of the story is such a beautiful characters, he's mysterious and sometimes mistaken for being rude, when in fact he's just scared of getting close to Laura. It's wonderful to read their romantic journey! I think we've all met that closed off, stand offish man!

Paige writes about all the scuba diving trips and it sounds just beautiful, and definitely something I've always wanted to do! The whole description of Key West makes it sound such a gorgeous place to go. Paige really wrote this book with such vivid descriptions, bringing the book to life. I totally wanna go now!!!

A massive twist, which was SO unexpected had me sitting on the edge of my sun lounger! I really fell in love with Leo in the last few characters if I didn't love the characters enough!
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on 30 April 2013
i love paiges books how you can really get the feel for the places and people she wrights about and that all the books link in some way. I couldnt put this one like all the others down so twelve hours after picking it up i had read the whole thing the only downside now i have to wait another year for the next
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on 3 February 2016
I really do love all of Paige Toons novels although they do tend to be very predictable, this one I did enjoy and I did find myself unsure of how it would end which is unusual as I usually know what's coming! There were a few twists and turns which were entertaining but the major flaw for me were some of the characters were so unlike able. The main characters best friend Marty, her mother and even her husband, the way they all act as if his infidelity and getting another woman pregnant is not a big deal and something she should forgive really infuriates me . I find myself shouting at the book willing her to fall it with them as its disgusting behaviour!! However other than this the book was enjoyable and she's done well yet again.
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on 3 May 2013
This is the first Paige Toon book I have read, and I absolutely loved it. I literally could not put it down. It was so easy to read, and I think its the first book Ive read that Ive developed a crush on a character due to the way he is described!! I really hope there is a sequel to this book, but until then I will work my way through all Paige's other books.
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on 9 May 2013
Another brilliant book! I look forward to reading Paige Toons books and can honestly say I'm never disappointed! Please continue to keep writing them as its always such a joy to read them!
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on 12 August 2014
This book had me reeled in from the start! I lost my daughter last year, when she fell into a coma after having her baby son and that moment in the book was almost unbearable for me, but it has also made me face some of my grief from losing her, I don't think I could bear it if Laura died! Beautifully written , thank you!
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