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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 14 September 2012
If you haven't already read any of the "in death" series then don't start here - you will not understand what is going on as the author doesn't introduce you to the characters or fill you in on much background. The first book in the series in Naked in Death: In Death Series: Book 1 which is the place to start. If you have already read some of the books then you will probably be OK with this one but there are quite a lot of references to New York To Dallas (In Death Series) so it is probably useful if you have read that one.

For those of us who have read (and own) the whole series this book reintroduces us to a world we already know and characters with whom we are already familiar. Many of the familiar characters are not present in the book or only get a brief appearance-in which is OK by me as I sometimes feel that some of the novels are contrived to include as many existing characters as possible. I was disappointed, however, in that (with the exception of Somerset) we don't really get to know any of the familiar set of people any better.

Familiarity is really the name of the game with this book. The plot is very similar to several which have been used before. The motive of the killer turns out to be quite commonplace and there are some recurring themes including Eve's nightmares (am I the only one getting a bit tired of these ?). Roarke gets heavily involved as usual and, as has happened before, the murderer is revealed about half way through and the rest of the book is about making it stick (although there is an unexpected twist near the end). You are not really able to guess the murderer or the twist before Eve as the story introduces information which, as the reader, you do not have. This is not a highly original book, it has some amusing moments but the story is very straightforward. This is by no means one of the best of the series and, as has happened with her recent suspense novels written as Nora Roberts, the author seems to have written to a formula and in a rush and rather shortchanged the reader who would like a return to the exciting and original books which we know she can write.

In truth this book really deserves only three stars but I have given it four because, as a fan, it is great to spend time with Eve, Peabody, Roarke, etc. The extra star is really for the enjoyment and feel-goodness I experienced in reading a new book in the series. Sometimes the familiar is nice and comforting and it is these characteristics which meant that I really enjoyed reading this book even if it was not as good or exciting as I wanted it to be (it certainly isn't dire by any means). This is very much one for the fans though. Let us hope for a return to form and a five starrer for the next installment - JD Robb cannot continue for long in publishing less exciting novels as even those of us who have followed the series from the beginning will begin to give up.
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Nora Roberts/JD Robb doesn't write a bad book, but I do wonder why she felt the need to rush this out - because that's what it felt like: rushed and shorter than most. Also, this year, she's not putting out her usual Halloween offering in the antho that comes out November-ish, so I expected a longer, more complex tale, before next February's offering, Calculated In Death.

This one in fact seemed a bit similar to another ID tale, with an hallucinogen/artificial airborne weapon, but still, I expected a great tale. I got a decent one, even though I had to go back and re-read a couple of pages when the baddie's identity was revealed, as I hadn't clocked how she'd drawn her conclusion. Yes, I am guilty of a touch of skim-reading, for the first time EVER, with an Eve Dallas tale, and I nearly missed it.

From there on, it was typical Eve - goad the suspect into giving you what you want, using mind games, but not, this time, a chance for the bad guy to thrown a punch first, so she could take him down, allegedly in self-defence. And yes, we've seen the bigging-up of the ego scenario more than once, and this time round, it was a bit tiring. However, that wasn't what made me rate this the lowest of any Eve Dallas tale I've read.

For me, the series isn't just about Eve and Roarke, but also about the myriad characters that form part of her posse that I've come to love, and in recent tales - discounting New York To Dallas, which they couldn't be in - they've all done a disappearing act. I mean, when was the last time that we interacted with Charles and Louise, or Mavis and family? What about hearing more about Morris and how he's getting on after the death of his lover? What about McNab? There were maybe 2 mentions of him, but he didn't even make an appearance. The last 2/3 books haven;t given so many of the characters page-time, just mouth-time.

I suppose that given it's book 38/39-ish, if you count the novellas in multi-author anthos (which are currently being re-released as Kindle solo edits) the series might be getting a little stale, but this one barely had any Eve and Roarke time, and when they did have some personal time, it was bland and mundane. None of the fire and passion that there is normally between them, whether they're making love or arguing over something. I do hope the next book picks up in every way, because the last 2/3 have been books I've borrowed from the library, not bought.
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on 12 September 2012
If like me you have been waiting for this new installment you may be disappointed. I found it a little laborious and even skipped pages which would normally never happen with this series. There was hardly any of the normal banter with Mavis or Nadine or indeed any of the humour. It was quite tedious and long winded in places and a little boring.
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on 20 September 2012
I read a couple of reviews before my book arrived. Having bought the whole series I was eagerly awaiting this one and wondered what was coming as a couple of people seemed to be disappointed with it. It certainly isn't her best (for me that was Survivor in Death)but well away from her worst (in my case the last one out Celebrity in Death, didn't enjoy that one at all). Would certainly recommend for fans, yes there is less "friend and family stuff" but its nice one in a while for the actual police work to be the main event! Having said that, hope the friends and family are back in the next one! Better insight into Summerset although it was a shame he wasn't mentioned at the end when everything had come out. Next one's apparently due out in February so looking forward to that having read the synopsis. On the whole, its a decent enough read, although it does lack the "can't put it down" element of the earlier books.
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on 30 April 2016
The Dallas series is always a seriously good read and this book is no exception. My only problem is making sure I don't miss out a book, so numbering them is great, I only wish the publisher had done it earlier.

Great characters, excellent plotting, fast paced, gripping climax. A must read.
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on 19 September 2012
Bought the book, read it, put it on the shelf; three days later, I came to write this review and found the story had had so little impact that I had to flick through it again to get a reminder of the plot. The basic storyline is okay, but not as gripping as it should be; the overwhelming sense of urgency to find the criminal before another attack can occur, though spelled out in the text, isn't reflected in the writing. As has been said by others, the usual collections of characters are largely omitted, several appear only briefly, and then as cardboard cutouts of themselves. The usual banter and sharp exchanges are missing; even poor Galahad hardly gets a mention, except to be shooed away from the table. Where there are usually a couple of new characters with distinct personalities about whom you come to care, and about whom you hope to hear more in future books (although quite often you don't, anyway), that's not the case here. There's the usual, obligatory, sexual encounter between Roarke and Dallas, then there are Dallas' dreams, although, it would appear that, at last, Mira's almost persuaded her that she can conquer them....

After reading the mixed reviews, I haven't bought any of Nora Roberts' "Inn at Boonsboro" trilogy, although past trilogies have been excellent. I had a feeling that this latest series had been written purely as a way of advertising the family's own recently-launched hotel in Boonsboro, which is a slightly tacky marketing ploy, if true. With "Delusion in Death", it seems as though she knew it was time to write another J D Robb, but had too many other interesting things to do to devote her usual care and attention to both plot and characters, and the book has suffered as a consequence. I'll buy the next one, but, unless Ms Robb pulls her socks up and gets back to her usual high standards, it'll be the last.
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on 5 July 2015
I enjoyed this book as I have all in this series. Usually once I finish the book the next one is offered to me automatically by kindle this didn't happen this time so I had to research which was next before going on to buy it. Why have kindle changed this practice, it was very easy to use when wanting next in series. Thank you j d robb for these books sad to be coming to an end of the series.
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on 13 September 2012
I feel short changed by Delusion in Death, Dallas is as always in the thick of things but some characters seem to have disappeared from the earth, Ian McNabb only gets a brief mention, The gorgeous Dr and LC are not in it at all Have Louise and hubby gone on holiday? Mavis only gets in once with a brief Das from Bella and her husband must be on sabbatical as well. The book is also nearly 100 pages shorter than her last 5 offerings and it shows, it is very rushed and in parts the story seems fragmented, I'm really sorry because I love the Dallas books and wait eagerly for each new installment but this one gets no more than a 2.5 from me. The story just doesn't seem to flow in the way all the others have and its just not right her sitting down and being nice with Somerset, even though the story called for it it shouldn't last that long. Sorry Nora hopefully the next one will be back to par.;
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on 14 September 2012
I just love these books and after the last episode would not have thought it could be bettered, i stand in awe of the writing of JD Robb, the characters she has created are almost like family, i cannot wait for each new book to find out what Eve, Roarke, Peabody and all the rest are up to, and just when you think you cannot be surprised out comes the rabbit, this time in the form of Sommerset and his relationship with Eve and Roarke. The murder story is always secondary for me, while the murder/s and murder/ers are always well plotted and interesting stories it's the family i buy these books for and they never disappoint somehow the author always manages to find an interesting plot an villan/s to challenge our heroes. Long may JD Robb continue to write.
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on 30 September 2012
I can only say once again a fab read. J D Robb and her in death series have not failed me once. I am addicted to these books and cannot wait for the next one.(yes it is on order) If you haven't read any of these books but like Nora Roberts please try them, but read the in order.
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