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on 21 June 2014
I was immediately sold on this book by the promise of werewolves and thousands of high ratings...

Never judge a book by other people's opinions.
Which obviously means you should ignore what I have to say and go read it for yourself.

The only thing that allowed me to finish this book were the glimmers of humour. Quinn Loftis has a real skill at snarky, quick-fire humour. In fact, I wished repeatedly that she had purposefully written a comedy, it would have worked perfectly as something tongue-in-cheek.

Instead, it limped along with everything I find wrong in YA.
Insta-love. Of course Jacque is in love with Fane, he is like, so totally hot. He just smoulders and oozes sex-appeal, that her friends almost hyperventilate when he is around. Oh yeah, and who doesn't want to be able to read each other's thoughts.
Fane is a wolf, so his animal instinct tells him that he has met his mate and one true love, even before they meet (yeah, he notices her watching out of her window when he arrives). Fane then goes on to be smothering and jealous and possessive over what is his; but that's really adorable, right?
And of course, Fane is the perfect boyfriend; the perfect kisser; the ideal everything - even though he's never had a girlfriend, or any interest in any girl until he met Jacque.

Fane. He deserves a paragraph to himself. He is a prince. He is actual Romanian royalty (albeit of the wolf kind). Why the hell does he speak like an American teenage girl? Sure, he is in Coldspring to improve his English; but there is nothing in the way he speaks, the way he thinks, that confirms he is anything other than an "Oh My Gawd" teenager.
Because I was already annoyed by this, I was irritated further by the language. There was repeated Romanian phrases (I would be disappointed if there weren't), but Loftis' choice to constantly have translations in brackets next to the words broke the flow.

Repetitions... It is a common irritant when books are written from two points of view, that there is bound to be a little overlap when switching between the narrating character. This book repeats things twice, going over the whole same section of storyline first with Jacque, and then with Fane.
Then Loftis goes one step further, and repeats everything all over again when Jacque has to fill in her best friends Sally and Jen.

Oh yes, I have just remembered the swear word. Oh dear f@#!ing hell the swear words! Ok, I understand if you want to make your story safe for younger readers; bravo for wanting to keep it clean. But keep it completely clean by removing swear words, or replacing them with a soft alternative. Don't give cheap and nasty censoring.

And finally we get to the story itself.
It feels like a girl's fantasy. Step one - hot hero, and let's make him royalty. Step two - he so totally falls in love with the "could be anyone" girl. Step three - Oh sh!t, we don't have any angst - let's throw in an opposing wolf that wants to claim Jacque, even though we've never heard of him or his pack.

So... the rest of the series is not on my to-read list.
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on 19 February 2014
From the start i want to be completly clear i HATE that insta-love and the whole love at first sight idea. It is unrealistic and annoys me so much as you dont get to see the characters develop or the feelings of each character slowly intensify. And while i have to say that this book wasnt great and looked like it didnt have any proof reading. I liked the idea behind it. I have to say that the characters reaction (or lack there of) to some things were entirely unrealistic. But... it did have a little something and i found it easy to read and though it didn't hook me as much as it could have i really did enjoy it.


I feel like i have to mention this... The first book wasnt that impressive, and to be honest i wouldn't have carried on with this series if i hadn't been bored, i decided to fill the time by buying a sample for the second book and in my opinion the authors writing style had drastically improved so i decided to buy the whole thing which i found to be a great improvement to the first. In the second book there was NO MORE LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT which as i mentioned before is something i hate, other characters begin to develop and form a love that happens slowly and is not forced to go with the story line as i felt Jaque's and Fane's bond had. The story gripped me and was more exciting than the first.

The point of that was to say that though the first story isnt great, you should stick around as the next books will be worth it. To understand the next books you need to read this book. But i promise you it gets better. And its free!

This book wont be everyone's cup of tea, and admitedly it wasn't mine... but wait it out and you will be rewarded with a story that you will fall in love with and a world you will wish would become a reality.
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on 8 January 2013
Where do I start with this book?? It is very different to some of the other books I have read recently, in that I think it is aimed at a younger audience (I am 26). However don't let that put you off. The more I read, the more enthralled I became and I speak straight from the heart when I say that I loved this book.

Fane comes across as quite an awkward/shy type of character to begin with mainly due to him being from Romania and not understanding many Americanisms, even though his world is shrouded in mystery and he literally is the big bad wolf. As Fane's character develops, I found myself almost swooning at his actions. Jacque is one very lucky lady.

I found the supporting characters Jen and Sally a bit difficult to understand to begin with, as a trio (with Jacque) they are all very mouthy and in some conversations they rubbed me up the wrong way (as I am a bit of a snob when it comes to slang terms and street talk) - which I know is all part of the emotional experience involved when falling into a story. In some places I found the book difficult to read due to this, I either found myself skimming over parts to cut out the slang talk, or feeling very involved and panicky in reading when things didn't go quite to plan. I also got a sense of repetition in some areas, but nothing so major it wound me up to tightly.

Despite this the books where very enjoyable and I am very pleased to hear there are more of them as they form "The Grey Wolf Series". I will also be honest again. I downloaded "Blood Rites" (Book 2) and read it in the space of one night. Keep your eyes peeled for my review of that.

3.5 out of 5 from me - Will not be for everyone, maybe more suited to a younger reader (teenage/tweenage). But still an enjoyable read.

For more reviews join me at [...]
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on 14 April 2013
I recently read and thoroughly enjoyed Loftis' book 'Elfin' so I decided to read some of her other books. I was a bit disappointed.
'Elfin' seems to have the same storyline as this series, except with elves instead of wolves, and both are just 'Twilight' with different mythical species.
Also, as mentioned in some other reviews, there are a lot of mistakes, as if the book was not proofread. This sometimes makes it difficult to understand. As well as this, 'canis lupus' which is supposed to mean 'grey wolf', or is at least used to identify the grey wolves, actually means 'dog wolf' in Latin...
Lastly, it is annoying that the point of view constantly changes and, not only that, a part of the story is told from one character's point of view, and then the entire thing was told again from another character's point of view.
I don't want to seem harsh, it really just depends how much you're willing to put up with, but if you like the storyline, I recommend 'Elfin'. However, this book is free so you're not losing anything if you want to try it.
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on 7 February 2013
I bought this book because of the many positive reviews it has but even just a few pages in i knew that this was not for me. There are many spelling and grammar mistakes within it, a few is easy to ignore but the mistakes in this book got annoying. I also hated the fact that the author swapped from third person to first person within sentences. As quite a few of the other reviews have said; its unbelievable.

The characters fall in love within seconds which i think is a major downfall with this genre of book; but within the Prince of Wolves it was so sudden that i struggled to carry on reading.

I dislike the main characters. Fane was cheesy and if he 'growled' one more time i was going to hit something. Jacque was probably one of the most annoying females i've read in a book; her reactions to everything is too unbelievable, if i started hearing a voice in my head then i wouldn't just immediately accept it. Her sarcasm at times was so irritating that i found my self rolling my eyes and struggling to carry on.

My main grievance with this book was the language that Jacque, Jen and Sally used. I'm from England and i understand that this book is set in America; but do girls that are nearly 18 seriously talk like that? The dialogue was childish and the overuse of witty comments began to grate on me.

The fact that this book was free and that some of the fight scenes were interesting are the only reasons that i haven't given this a 1 star.

Would i recommend it? If you don't mind grammar mistakes, you are a fan of insta-love and childish language and actions are your cup of tea, then yes i would.
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on 27 October 2012
First off, let me say that as I was looking for books by authors new to me, I will admit to trolling through the books available for free. And I came across this one. The title caught my eye to begin with, as I love anything about wolves.
I knew from reading the product description that it was a YA book, so I wasn't expecting to read anything hot and heavy. But I have to admit, I was hooked from the first page! It has a well written storyline, with characters that are loveable and easy to relate to. Jacquelyn, Sally & Jen are friends who have a strong sisterly bond, and how the author had them interact was spot on. Insults & friendly advice doled out in equal measures. And Fane is a hero to die for, with all the insecurites of a 17 year old. I'm really surprised after reading this in just one session, that it is available for free. When I got to the end and read that there was a second book, I quickly went online to find it. This author is definately on my list of authors to look out for in the future.
I would give it more than five stars if I could. Well worth the download (even if it was free)
The next books in The Grey Wolves Series are:
Blood Rites (The Grey Wolves Series #2)
Just One Drop, Book 3 in the Grey Wolves Series
Out Of The Dark (The Grey Wolves Series) Book 4
Beyond the Veil, Book 5 The Grey Wolves Series
All follow on from the last book.
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on 12 July 2013
I started reading this series on a recommendation from my aunty who said it was amazing. When I started reading this book, I wasn't very impressed. Things seemed to happen way too quickly between Jacque and Fane and it really threw me off. Jacque's character really annoyed me; she came across as childish and immature. I actually put my kindle away and started looking for another book to read.

However, I decided to give it a chance and the more I read, the more it grew on me. The character of Jen is hysterical! I don't often laugh out loud at books but I constantly did at her interactions with everyone. I am so glad that I carried on reading this book because by the end I found myself intrigued enough to give the second one a go.

This series just gets better and better. You can literally see the author developing through each book and, what started off as seeming like a silly storyline about a girl and a werewolf miraculously falling in love at first site, turns into a story of so many twists and emotions. I don't think I have EVER become attached to characters like I have in these books.

Yes there is a lot of mistakes and sometimes I noticed the wrong names being used but, if this is the kind of storyline you'd generally enjoy but find yourself losing interest in this particular story, I really suggest you persevere! You won't be disappointed!
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on 25 November 2012
You might want to take this review with a pinch of salt because I clearly didn't see something that so many other people did. This book has a massive overall rating of 4.20 on Goodreads (at time of writing this review) I don't want to be mean, or be seen as a bully but I honest cannot fathom how this book has such a high rating.

I had so many issues with this. Firstly the eBook was littered with mistakes that were completely distracting, I am generally patient with these kinds of things and try to ignore them but if it greatly affects your ability to understand then it is impossible to ignore. The writing was poor, it told me what was happening instead of showing me, and the dialogue seemed almost robotic and fake. The point of view consistently changed without warning sometimes in inappropriate places. There was the dreaded insta-love. The characters were not good, Jacque was very childish and Fane very cheesy. The rest of the characters were no better at all.

I found it very unbelievable even for a paranormal romance. In the first few pages Fane turns up in a limo, telepathically communicates with Jacque who see's nothing bizarre about this at all. She then tells her friends who also seem to think that nothing odd or weird has happened and they completely believe her. If I told my friends that they would either think I was, A) pulling a prank, or B) lost my mind.

On the plus side some of the action scenes were good and exciting. Literature continues to prove that there is a lot of love for `mate for life' paranormal romances, so maybe that is why this book has so much praise. I like the idea, but there was too much wrong for me to like this one. But maybe you will.
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on 2 July 2012
I really like werewolf YA (and old adult) books and this one is okay, and probably worth spending less than £1 on it which it was when I bought it but I would recommend reading an excerpt first because the way the main character and her friends talked and behaved was quite annoying, I'm 23 and my sister's 17 if her and her friends ever said 'sista' and fist bumped each other I would probably have to maim them. I'm all for the kooky talking of Jen but not everything needs to have a witty comment said after it, she's not Juno.
There's a lot of werewolf stories out there at the minute and imo opinion some for the same price, or cheaper that are better than this one, I liked the premise but it all seemed too short, the main characters were way too ready to accept werewolves and the fact that *tiny spoiler (but not really because I think it's in the blurb)* Jacque is this hot werewolf's mate. And after a short 'wtf moment' she's completely fine with potentially having to get married, move and all that jazz. I know, I know, true love and all that but really?

I think this could have been fleshed out more and had more than just the love story element, not having all the characters so accepting of the werewolves would have been fun, maybe in the next in the series there will be more trials for the two main characters to overcome (and less fist bumping).
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on 3 January 2013
I downloaded this book for free and to a certain extent I enjoyed it, but I won't be buying the rest of the series for several reasons.

Firstly it's littered with typos, just enough to be irritating. I don't mind the odd one or two, but these are consistently noticeable and should have been picked up on the most basic of copy edits.

Secondly, it was just too unbelievable. I could just about wrap my head around the overly saccharine insta-love, as another reviewer so aptly called it, but Jacque's reactions to everything were too much of a stretch. She just accepts the voice in her head. She just accepts the whole bond thing. She tells her friends what's going on and they're just totally cool with it. I can accept that fiction has to wildly bend the rules in this genre, but readers still have to be able to relate to it.

Thirdly, a lot of the characters had really irritating habits. If Sorin bared his neck to Fane one more time, I'd have slapped him upside the head if I was Jacque. As it was, I was gritting my teeth.

The only thing(s) saving this book from the 1* pile for me was/were the sidekicks, Jen and Sally. They're hilarious. They're the kind of wisecracking, uninhibited, kickass friends that every girl needs in her life and on several occasions they had me laughing out loud. Most notable is Jen's habit of saying whatever is running through her mind without filtering it first. They rescue what would otherwise be a sappy mush-fest of a story. That said, I found a lot of what they said funny because I got the references. If you are new to this genre and/or don't watch many films, you probably wouldn't find them half as funny.

The sidekicks take it to a solid 3* from me.
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