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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 22 August 2012
With the recent surge of Loki fans from the Marvel movies, no doubt this book will do well among them. Indeed, this book caters well to all - those who are interested in Norse mythology will find the snippets of the original myths at the start of each chapter interesting, and the chapters themselves offer a good retelling of the myths in detail. Those who are fans of Hiddleston's portrayal will have no problem fitting his character into the shoes of this Loki.

My one problem is I find this book is inconsistant; When the writing is good, it's very good, such as (*SPOILER...even though the myths are hundreds of years old...?*) when Odin exiles Loki. That whole scene is powerful, heartbreaking and emotional, and the reader really feels Loki's anger and the unfairness of the situation, as well as Odin's burden to be so cold. But when the writing is flat...it's terribly flat. I'm not sure what it is, but often I find myself bored of this book. I love Norse Mythology, but there have been far more exciting adaptions than this book manages sometimes. But again, this is often made up for, as the writing can be very good in places.

All in all I would recommend this book, as it is entertaining and offers a decent insight to Norse Mythology and gives new fans a deeper knowledge of his backstory and origins.
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on 18 December 2014
Hard to get into
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on 16 July 2012
I ran across this book completely by accident on the Kindle store, and I have to sat I am delighted that I did. Mike Vasich has crafted a delightful look at the major myths of the Norse cycle, filtered through the eyes of the main antagonist.

The book is written as a sweeping action saga, complete with plenty of brutal violence, eerie magic and unforgettable characters. Each of the major players, while more than familiar from the old myths, has been given a distinctive voice by Vasich that brings them into the present; I loved his tortuous take on Odin's knowledge of the future.

The events that make up the story are, of course, some of the best and most stirring in mythology, including the tale of the giant mason and that of Baldur's death. What Vasich does admirably well is to weld them together into one epic narrative, each part illuminating the others.

The main protagonist, the trickster god of the title, is beautifully portrayed as well; despite performing many wicked deeds throughout the story, Loki the outsider among the Aesir remains sympathetic throughout. You won't be ROOTING for him as such, but you will see his side of the story, and feel for him as you realise that for all his brilliance, he is as much a pawn of fate as anyone else.

From the unsettling beginning to the fiery end that is Ragnarok, Mike Vasich has created a truly unique take on the legends, and one I cannot recommend enough to lovers of Norse mythology, or those that just love an action-packed fantasy tale.
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on 30 October 2011
This book to me personally contains enough captivating storytelling as Runemarks by Joanne Harris and enough fascinating character depth as Ice Land by Betsy Tobin - and until now they were my 2 top favourite for all time norse fantasy books - they have now just been joined by the masterpiece that Mike Vasich has created in Loki.
With each chapter you can feel his passion for norse mythology come through and the way he weaves the legends and myths so seemlessly and beautifully into his personfications of the Aesir and Giants and even right into the very landscape of Asgard and Jotunheim itself is genuinely mind blowing.
Although the whole story of events leading up to and including Ragnarok revolve around Loki's fortunate or misforunate role and explore his own characters evolution almost as he learns about his true heritage it also revolves around his opposite, Odin, the All-Father and reveals in a new light the curse and blessing of knowing what has happened, what will happen and what must happen.
Mike also interprets the myths in interesting new ways in particular the binding of Fenrir and how Loki's daughter Hel became rule of the Underworld kingdom. Each is so unique and different but also in a way fits the puzzle of his magnificent saga that even deep rooted norse myth lovers have no problem with accepting the small but significant changes he has made. And in these small changes he himself explores the origns of such myths and why they are told as they are and not how events actually unfolded in his world version of Asgard. I loved the way he portrayed Yggdrasil and it's awesomeness, the Norn's with their collective insight into past, present and future and the Valkyries with their spectral ability to shift instantly from one position to another. The only tweeny weeny problem I did have was with his depiction of the einherjar, Odin's army of loyal undead warriors. It irritated me slightly with the way Mike decided to make them truly undead without the ability to magically heal so when they fought and lost a leg, they really did loose it. It might have suited the aspect of death that accompanies Odin but surely after mellenia of years fighting there would hardly be any undead warriors left in any kind of fighting fitness? After all no warrior can fight for eternity perfectly without being hit, cut, stabbed, wounded and mortally wounded?? I kind of read over this as they didn't feature an awful lot until the end and even then there is no specifics about their physical condition just the way they died.
Otherwise this book is a 100% MUST READ FOR ANY FANS OF NORSE MYTHOLOGY! Mike Vasich really does pump new blood and energy into the old gods and their old tales.
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on 15 May 2014
This popped up as a recommendation after I had been reading various pieces of Norse literature. I was up for trying it as the character of Loki is an interesting one and it might make an interesting contrast to read something contemporary. Sadly, I just couldn't get on with the style. The writer attempts to put us inside the head of Loki but it really doesn't work so well. It contrasts so completely with the detached style of the source material that it was quite grating to read.
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on 19 August 2014
Really enjoyable story line...I hope to read more stories by this author and be as entertained as this book had me. Good development of characters and as usual the book to a degree has you rooting for Loki...but only just. The battle scene at Ragnarok is so well described that I could actually imagine being there, my only complaint is not enough time was given to this section!! More blood and guts please. The character descriptions from it really had me immersed in their individual feelings at each moment so that I actually felt pain when they meet their end. I just wish it carried on a little further at the end to sate my curiosity on how things went, maybe that can be another story line for another book, fingers crossed. All in all definitely a book for relaxing with at the pool side over a cold drink but be careful as you might get that so engrossed in it and forget to jump in the water to cool off!!
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on 27 February 2014
As a big fan of Norse mythology I was very hopeful when purchasing this book but it was quite a disappointing read. There is nothing wrong with the writing exactly, I just found it quite boring. Would possibly cater better to someone with little or know knowledge of the original mythology. :)
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on 9 January 2013
Certainly a more accessible introduction to the fundamentals of Norse mythology than the Eddas, and a lot of good words... But not always in the right order, or used in the best way. The prose was confusing at times, and the structure left a lot to be desired.
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on 2 February 2014
I have just spent a thoroughly enjoyable weekend reading Mike Vasich's 'Loki', and would not hesitate recommending the book to anyone interested in Norse mythology.

Admittedly, I bought this book (and its companion title, 'Loki: Nine Tales of the Naughty Trickster') as I'm still high on Tom Hiddlestone's Loki. I always felt the guy had been wronged, and I'm entirely happy with Mike Vasich's sympathetic interpretation of the much maligned god. Like previous reviewers mentioned, anyone who liked Loki as depicted in the recent Marvel movies, will surely enjoy this book.

I was not surprised to find out in the Author's Note, that Mike Vasich actually teaches English. I had found delight in his truly well written story as all too many titles nowadays present us with badly constructed sentences, bad grammar or punctuation, or all of the above. Not so in this volume (except for the annoying American spelling of certain words).

I now look forward to start reading Vasich's second book about Loki's exploits. If it's anything like this one, I will not be disappointed.
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on 20 April 2012
I was lucky enough to grab this book for free on kindle, but would happily pay for it now.
A great read: exciting, enjoyable, a real empathy with the characters. Really well-written. I know next to nothing about Norse mythology but found the book fascinating and am intrigued to learn more.
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