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on 25 May 2006
Terry Goodkind's amazing fantasy is one of the best I have read. Being a lover of this genre I have read many other fantasy books such as `The Wheel of Time', `His Dark Materials', `Isavalta Trilogy' and many more. The Sword of truth epic does go on a little long and I want the books to finish soon so I can get some closure, however the sword of truth takes you into a new and existing world filled with magic and mythical creatures. It follows the lives of Richard and his true love Kahlan, they experience trials and tribulation not only in their love lives but in the fight with the Keeper and the dark sisters. These books are full of adventure, romance, war, magic, myth, blood and torture. The mixture of all these elements is what makes this a fantastic book and I also found it an easy read. Some people might say that this book is similar to the wheel of time books by Robert Jordan and may prefer them to this epic; however I disagree as I think Terry Goodkind makes the reader connect with the characters on a much deeper level than Jordan. Thumbs up for Terry Goodkind.
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on 14 April 1999
Having read all 4 "Sword of Thruth" books makes clear that I've become a fan of Mr.Goodkind's epic on Richard, Kahlan and Zedd. Having enjoyed "Wizard's First Rule" and "Blood of the Fold" best, I was a bit disappointed by the seeming superficiality by which the several "betrayals" were worked out in "Temple of the Winds". Especially Kahlan's toward Richard and the way they worked it out was in my perception not up to Mr. Goodkind's standard, as displayed in other parts of the book and the series in general. Nonetheless I look forward to "Soul of Fire" and hope Mr. Goodkind doesn't put his inspirational "Sliph" to sleep, too soon.
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on 11 July 2004
I remember the day I picked up Terrys first book, Wizards First Rule. This is a vibrant, epic tale of a scope to rival if not better Jordan and Tolkien. I felt a true connection to the main characters and literally did not put the thing down. The second and third books of the series are equally good. All are mature, and whether you are a fan of romance, mystery or violence you will not be disappointed.
I admire Terry Goodkind for his work - I feel he needs to bring this tale to an end with his 12th installment, to preserve what trully is an epic work of heroic fantasy.
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on 1 March 2010
After watching and really enjoying the "Legend of the seeker" TV series, I though I would look up the books on which the series was based.

OMG: The books are so much richer and fuller an experience. Make no mistake this is not a flaky fantasy fairy tale, but rather an incredible adventure in a Fantasy setting, where the characters are the focal point of the story and not the fantasy elements. (I'm on Book 7 already!)

This is a book filled with honourable themes that break through the struggles that these profound characters overcome. Make no mistake this is a adult series of books with some really terrifying dark moments and with equally beautiful rendered scenes that reflect the power of love and friendship. You will cry tears for Pain and Joy through out the books.

You know a book is good, buy the way the story and characters can make deep impact and impression on the way you view and value your own life and the Sword of Truth series has defiantly done that for me. Thank you Terry Goodkind. You write with truth and honour.

TV series vs. Book series side note:
You have to think of the TV series as a parallel universe when compared to the Sword of truth books. Some things are similar, but some things are not. There is no way that TV studios could have pulled off all that is in the book into a TV Series, but they have manages to capture some of the spirit. (They would need a bigger budget and a higher PG ratting.) The TV characters and NZ setting are well casted compared to the characters and New World settings in the book and complements visualisation when reading the book. (TV Richard could be a little taller compared to the Book Richard, but his hart is good.)
While I annoyed with the way the TV writers had veered from the story in the book (and the ones they made up!), I accept it and understand and try not to compare but enjoy them both for what they are. Well worth watching and will not spoil you book reading experiencing.
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on 3 April 1999
I thought Robert Jordan was the best until I started on this series. 'Wizard' first rule' took a bit of perseverance (still brilliant though!). The series is one of those that you hope will NEVER end.
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on 5 February 2006
The series of books of the sword of truth is amazing. I really enjoyed reading them and I have to say once started I could not stop. The story is so well written that is easy to visualise the characters and their world and can transport you on a fantastic epic for hours and hours. Though I would not recommend the books for very young teenager.
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on 25 March 2010
I bought these books a few weeks ago, and only lifted the first one last week and half way through it as I only get to read a few pages a day at the moment. But I must say I find it difficult to put down when I do start reading.

Really good read, the pace is nice as well as the relationships between the characters and the fact I've been watching Legend of the Seeker on Sci-Fi hasn't distracted me from the book as I seem to have been able to seperate the two, although that might change once I reach the second book.

All in all an enjoyable read so far.
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on 8 April 1999
I have just finished reading "Wizard's First Rule" by Terry Goodkind. I thought that Robert Jordan was amazing till I read this! I finished the book in just two days - Jordan was a slog compared to this. The story sucked me in and I felt along with the characters. I marveled at Richard's power as the Seeker and agonised with him over all his trials. I didn't want the tale to end and I cannot wait to get my hands on the rest of the series - even though I will have to ration my reading time so that I can keep the story going for as long as possible . . .
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on 3 November 1998
Terry goodkind has written an excelent series on sword and sorcery. However, Blood of the fold was somewhat dry in action untill the end. He tried to answer all of the questions that would be expected, but really left out the reason that the general and his men hated magic so much. They just hated and killed everyone who was diffrent and might poses some magic or other powers. Why did they feel this way and why did thy go to such lenghts to destroy magic? That question was partly answered at the end, but not really. That is the only loose end that I have found in Mr. Goodkinds book. In the end, it is still an exceptional book and I recomend it and the entire series to anyone who is a fan of magic and might.
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on 11 September 2010
I've just ordered from book 4 to book 11, 1 to 4 are a great read.
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