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on 6 March 2017
This collection of late Hitchens' writing is divided by subjects (literature, politics, miscellaneous, etc). If you are a fan, like me, this book is indispensable. Even when you don't agree with the ideas of Hitch, you're forced to admire the strength of his arguments - a man that advices you to "seek out argument and disputation for their own sake". Wether talking about Wodehouse's books or writing about the fascism in North Korea, Christopher Hitchens masters the rhetoric and, mainly, exposes his ideas with an envious transparency that makes you want to transcript his text word-by-word just to learn how to do it. I use to underline my favorite excerpts of a book. This one, I must say, is thoroughly underlined.
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on 6 December 2012
Hitchens is hugely well-informed, tremendously eloquent, and argues devastating well. He is liberal (without a trace of wishy-washyness), and radical (without seeming extremist). Reading him feels authentic - considering his massive breadth of reading, he writes a good deal from experience.

In one particularly characteristic essay, he condemns the jihadist atrocities in postwar Iraq - urging us to recognise fundamentalist terrorism clearly for what it is, and not to interpret it as a somehow understandable response to the decision to oust Saddam. (His support of that decision is well known, and is reiterated here. Also, he asks, why is supposedly so difficult to believe that Saddam's WMD were hidden/sold/otherwise transferred ?)

Elsewhere in the volume he targets other established anti-liberal forces : The Ten Commandments (one-by-one); the wearing of burkas; capital punishment of psychiatrically disturbed children in the US. Reciprocally, one moving piece captures the hope felt in Afghanistan after the Taliban's 2004 defeat.

Also victim to the laser of his `arguing' falls anti-science quasi-spiritual mumbo-jumbo, in this case its unfortunate proponent being Prince Charles.

There are lighter, entertaining pieces too: slightly mischievous reflections on gender differences in sense of humour; and on the inexorably global adoption of the English vernacular f*** off.

I feel that he can occasionally overstrain an argument, and that he is sometimes over-critical, but I can forgive him both tendencies, in view of this wealth of frequently perceptive, often courageous, and sometimes quite brilliant observational writing.
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on 5 May 2014
This isn't a read all in one sitting collection. The articles give us Hitchen's views on a diverse range of topics in his usual uncompromising style. As with other Hitch writing, I am glad I had easy access to my kindle dictionary because the man's vocabulary and command of language was so voluptuous. I apologise for anyone who thinks that last sentence is in anyway 'affected'. I thought long and hard about how to describe what I think of his writing and the word that does that most accurately is: voluptuous, as in full, rich, bursting with wit and ideas.
I may not agree with absolutely everything he thought and wrote (quite a lot though, admittedly) but I enjoy the experience of being challenged to think again and seek different perspectives. This is his legacy. So, I recommend!
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on 28 September 2014
A quite difficult read for one not native in English. Some of the chapters erupt a wow feeling, the most noteworthy is the one about religion in the US armed forces ( explicitly against the constitution! ). Other chapters are just plain difficult to understand because of the language used. My guess is that even a native English would have difficulties. That is the only reason why I give only four stars, even if there are sentences and chapters that I read over and over again just because of the beauty of the language flow.

Hitchens is someone to love reading if you share his views, especially on religion, but probably find completely impossible if you do not. He is utterly merciless in his critism and his views are based on researched facts which would take an effort to dispute.

I end up with a read that was a challenge. This is a book that I will keep readily available on my book shelf, to re read some parts many times and never to forget.
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on 29 September 2017
Much missed Christopher Hitchens - I cannot tire of this book, such a wealthy collection of essays, beautifully written, argued and opens the mind to objective thought and questions the general opinion. Highly intellectual, every word melts in the brain.
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on 17 January 2014
Hitchens wrote articles on nearly everything: Blowjobs, Mayor Bloomberg, Water boarding, Isaac Newton, Malcolm Muggeridge, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Cyprus, The Kurds to name a few. His articles were dense with fact and reason, always written with passion and not direct coercion, and always written with wit. making disagreement very hard indeed.

This tome is a representative, but not exhaustive collection of the articles written by Hitchens. Enough are included (Over some 700 pages) to make for an indispensable book; The knowledge contained herein is more than you could ever find in any other work of similar size, and as such this book is of extreme importance to anyone who needs schooling in the events of the last half of the last century.

The author himself needs little extra praise from me. Those not familiar with him have friends who do. These friends undoubtedly say how much the author has influenced their way of thinking and/or what they are thinking. Interested in why this is so? Just buy the book and see
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on 22 June 2017
I love Hitch. Bite size chunks on politics culture and literature delivered with his trademark wit and punch. This is great to dip into or read from cover to cover. I love his opinionated style which was always delivered with a love of his subject and an immense reservoir of knowledge to underpin his judgments. A really great collection of seminal shorter essays.
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It was a couple of days before the death of Kim Jong-il that the world's greatest public intellectual, a man of wit and eloquence, Christopher Hitchens, expelled his last breath. If you don't know Christopher Hitchens's thoughts well enough already to make an educated guess of what he would have said of the late tyrant, this collection is not for you. You should probably read 'God Is Not Great' and watch his many interviews and debates that can be found on YouTube.

For the Hitchens aficionado, this collection being huge is well worth for the money. The collection covers the gamut of Hitchens's interests: war, politics, literature, women, etc. Hitchens was one of the few public figures (I shall not besmirch him with the cheap label 'celebrity') who could make a genuinely intellectual member of the public feel like an ignoramus. This hefty book does not disappoint in that, or any other, regard.

Amazon delivered on time and without fault.
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on 18 March 2013
If the leaders of the world read the works of Christopher Hitchens the world would be an unimaginably better place. His use of logic and his amazing knowledge meant that he was right on an amazing amount of topics. However, his most important message was to think for ourselves and it is important to consider his views as critically as any other (like Jesus). Reading anything written by Hitch will probably have a beneficial effect to your life.
Jesus was probably the most influential person to live. Imagine a world where Hitch overtook him.
'Take the risk of thinking for yourself, much more happiness, truth, beauty, and wisdom will come to you that way'
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on 17 October 2017
Should be COMPULSORY reading. The World is a lesser place without him. The range of subjects is amazing. From writers to Middle East. Even if you don't agree with him, you have to read him. Real Education!!!!
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