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on 20 March 2018
So if you haven't read any of the books then you won't know anything you have to read in order and this is one of the more slower books of the series but you have to read otherwise your gonna miss things it's just that simple.
This time around reading this I realise that there was a little cameo appearance of a character is season 2 as the author calls it. Silver Merchant and I am slowly putting the pieces together it's only taken me mmmmmm a few years to get there putting it down to having one of those moments.
Once you pick up one of Nalini Singh's books your going to be a fan trust me...
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I have been wanting to read Dorian's story ever since I first started reading the Psy-Changeling series, he's such a fantastic character and I couldn't wait to delve deeper into his background. Dorian is a leopard changeling but due to a genetic anomaly he has never been able to shift into his animal form. That hasn't stopped him becoming a well respected and powerful DarkRiver Sentinel though and although he can't change he is still incredibly strong both physically and mentally. Not many people would want to cross DarkRiver's top sniper! Dorian has more reason than most of the Changelings to hate the Psy, his sister was the victim of a Psy serial killer and he has never got over the guilt he feels for not protecting her. The last thing he wants is to be saddled with protection duty for the Psy Ashaya and her son Keenan but he will do his duty for the sake of the pack.

What Dorian doesn't expect is for his inner leopard to feel so possessive over Ashaya. The attraction he feels towards her seems like a betrayal of his sister and he fights it all the way. In fact I was a little disappointed in the way that Dorian treated Ashaya at times, he is so determined not to accept her as his mate and it makes him treat her quite badly in the beginning. I'm used to Dorian being such a charmer and I missed that about him. Don't get me wrong, we do see him turn on the charm in this book too but for a long time it was directed at other female members of the pack rather than his mate. I could understand why he felt the way he did though and I enjoyed seeing him come to terms with his feelings and slowly open up to Ashaya.

Ashaya is quite different to the previous Psy heroines in the series, she isn't quite as cold as they were in the beginning and she's already shown how much she cares for her son by risking her life to free him from Psy clutches. She has a very good reason to keep a lid on her emotions though, not just because of the training she has received since birth but also because of the connection she has to her twin sister. Her relationship with Amara adds an interesting dimension to the story and I really had no idea how Nalini Singh would be able to resolve the issues between them so the story kept me on the edge of my seat.

I really liked the slow build of the relationship between Dorian and Ashaya but I think one of my favourite things about the book was both of their interactions with her son Keenan. He was such a cutie and I loved that Dorian immediately took the little boy under his wings, there was no way he would have let anything hurt Keenan - not even his mother! Ashaya has had to keep her distance from Keenan emotionally because if anyone realised how important he was to her it would paint a target on his back. Although she has spent years pretending not to care about him Keenan knows it is just an act and he understands how much she loves him. It was great to see the pair of them learning how to express their affection though and Dorian really helped them with that.

Hostage to Pleasure is another fantastic instalment to the series and I can't wait to carry on reading these books. Nalini Singh has quickly become a favourite author and without a doubt anything she writes is automatically going on my pre-order list (I don't pre-order books by many authors so that is high praise from me!).
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on 9 January 2014
As a huge fan of Ms Feehans' Dark Carpathians and J R Wards' Black Dagger Brotherhood i am always looking for an absorbing new series that grabs my attention and this one certainly did.
Not only did i thoroughly enjoy this book but i have since read and enjoyed the whole series that follows, i can give no greater recommendation than that.
I will not spoil the plot by writing spoilers etc but will say that the depth of the characters as they are introduced and the fact that each book follows on where the last left off builds the readers anticipation for the next book and story. Previous characters feature in subsequent books so its nice to keep up with them and further explore the ones that soon become favorites. I would highly recommend this book and the whole series to any fan of the fantasy genre especially anyone who , like me, has always enjoyed Ms Feehan and Ms Wards characters, stories and worlds.
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on 31 March 2011
On the surface Ashaya Aleine appears to be the perfect Psy - cool, calm and emotionless. But beneath that cover lies a woman fighting to escape from the clutches of the Psy Council who are holding her son captive to force her to work on an implant that will basically enslave her entire race. Ashaya manages to free herself and her son, only to land in DarkRiver hands. Dorian Christensen may not be able to change into a leopard but he is one of the deadliest most anti-psy members of DarkRiver and when he finds Ashaya he is drawn into the biggest conflict of his life.

This is the fifth book in the Psy-Changeling series (after Slave to Sensation,Visions of Heat,Caressed by Ice and Mine to Possess). This is one of my favourite paranormal romance series, and I was really excited to read this as Ashaya was introduced in the previous book and the storyline about her son set up. Ashaya traded favours with DarkRiver in the previous book and now she has called in her favour - DarkRiver are to rescue her son from his Psy captors.

Ashaya also manages to escape and ends up in DarkRiver territory, but has not only the Psy after her but human groups as well. It took me a long time to warm to Ashaya and she's probably my least favourite heroine of the series so far. I don't dislike her, but I can't identify with her. However I loved how her relationship with Dorian developed, especially as he is so vehemently opposed to all things psy.

Unlike the previous books, this has journal and letter snippets at the start of many of the chapters. While they provide insight into Ashaya's mind I found them distracting and they interferred with the pacing of the book at times. After Ashaya's escape the revelations and development of the world occurs quickly and these snippets were a little irritating.

As usual the world is developed further, with some Psy councillors receiving a bit more backstory along with some changelings, Mercy in particular. Ashaya's actions create major ripples in the psy world so I'm interested in seeing how that plays out, as well as how the new psy and human groups are developed.

All in all, this was another great read and I can't wait to get stuck into Branded by Fire.

Plot: 10/10
Characters: 9/10
Ending: 10/10
Enjoyment: 9/10
Cover: 8/10

Overall: 46/50
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on 22 October 2012
As always, Nalini did it again.

This is the 5th book in the series and just as good as the previous 4. But don't worry you won't feel as if you're coming in at the middle of the movie if you read this book before the previous ones. Though it is always better to start at the beginning with "SLAVE TO SENSATION". As always with the psy-changeling books, I read the stories way into the night and could not put it down until the last page was read.

Back to this book...Not to give too much away, but this is the story of Dorian Christensen, a latent leopard changeling and sniper for the Darkriver Group, and Ashaya Aleine, an M-Psy working directly under the Psy-Council on the Protocol I project. That is all that I will say about this book. For those that don't know......Changelings HATE the Psy and the Psy, well they just don't feel anything and do not believe in emotion.

I just have 1 issue with Kindle itself. I have actually read all the paperbacks through to about the 10th or 12th book. It take so long between electronic books to appear. It seems as if it is about 6 - 8 months between the electronic books......

Happy reading
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on 11 May 2017
Wonderful! Can a mother's love overcome all? See how it mends a flaw. I have read this several times and have the hard copy. Similar to Day and Ward. Highly recommended to all.
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on 1 July 2015
I love this series and have them in both paper and e formats. This book was bought to replace an early copy which was disintegrating. The characters are well developed and rounded. Dorian has always been one of my favourite characters. Both Nalini's series, this and the archangel series have well thought out. Some of the books I didn't enjoy as much as the others. The books have storylines and you care about the characters.
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on 28 March 2018
Another great book in this series, can be read alone but the storyline is continuous.
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on 18 August 2009
I just love Nalini Singh. Her rich universe with the 3 species, the Psy, the Changelings and humans, is just captivating. She manages to weave in the main story of Dorian and Ashaya with the other characters so well, that you want to follow the plot on and on and see what is coming next. She is a great story-teller. The San Francisco wolves and leopards' adventures in the cruel world of the Psy makes for a real page turner. I love this series. As good as the BDB or Dark-Hunters, it's one of my favorites.
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VINE VOICEon 29 September 2009
I have read the whole series of psy-changeling books and always given them 5 stars but I found this to be the weakest book so far, as in there was too much netmind/council stuff going on, add to that Ashara's twin Amara's thoughts and there were whole chapters of the book that I admit to skim reading! Dorian was the saving element to the book as I felt no empathy to Ashara at all, her character was the least charismatic of all Nalini singh's female leads so far.
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