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on 3 January 2013
Dee Snider is on my guest list of interesting people I'd like to have over for dinner. Of course, in the abscence of such an unlikely scenario, this book will suffice. And what a cracking read it is too. Dee is a true rocker and comes across as (underneath the 'goes-with-the-job' rock star ego etc) a genuinely decent bloke. Everybody talks about the drive and determination of Henry Rollins but, after reading this autobiography, I'd have to say that the sheer dogged determination and attitude Snider (especially) and the other TS lads exhibited during their frustrating, snail-like ascent to the top and beyond is equally as admirable, if not more so than that of Rollin's legendary motivation. Told in an informal, conversational style, Dee recounts all the hurdles, bad luck, good fortune, all the highs and lows of his career and personal life thus far from the bars and clubs to heyday and present day. It's nice, for a change, to read a rock autobiography by a guy who had no taste for drink and drugs etc and this, I think, makes his perspective that much more clearer, different and less cliched than alot of other rock stories. It's a rags to riches to rags to (relative) riches story told with verve, originality and alot of humour; a great read, even if you're not a Twisted Sister fan. Being a bit too young to have seen them 'back in the day', I sure hope they do a few shows in England sometime in the future, as I'd love rock out to some classic TS numbers straight from the horses mouth! Rock on SMFs!
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on 1 October 2014
Throughout almost the whole book, Dee writes a very interesting, funny and informative tale of the rise and fall of Twisted Sister. The difference with this rock star autobiography is that it avoids the typical tales of addiction to drink, drugs and women, which leads to a detailed but never uninteresting account of his life. He is also quick to point out his own mistakes and personality disorders, which is refreshing. The only way in which this book failed for me was that after all the great detail put in to everything up until the end of Dee's original success up until his lowest points, the next 20 years are rushed through in no detail at all. He briefly mentions the other work he partook in this time and the fact that Twisted Sister reunited 10 years ago...But that's it. No information about how it came to be, no more funny tales or anecdotes, almost no information past the early 90s, just a hint of what he did, which is a shame because I think that definitely be interesting to read, especially after becoming so invested in the story after reading the whole of the book.
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on 28 May 2014
This book gets full marks.

Dee is a great and intelligent writer. His story is amazing too. Dee seems to have everything all planned out in advance regarding his life.

The book tells of the early bands of Dee, prior to Twisted - incredibly the UK is responsible for getting Twisted signed.

He then writes of the rise to the top, then of some sneaking suspicion that instead of reaching the heights of Prince or Alice Cooper, things are heading down.

Im a fan of Dee, but in reading this book you can see how irritating he could have been to band members. He mentions within the band there was constant piss taking of eachother and that he upset the others with his snide remarks. Earlier on he mentions a drummer (Tony Petri) throwing a boot at him in the dressing room. Snider says he won't tolerate violence. So tolerating insults is ok but not a flying boot?

At the end of the book, Love is for suckers, Desperado and Widowmaker are sketched over. This is a shame, especially as he says these bands are some of his finest work and I would agree. Maybe there will be a second book on this?

Some history is omitted from the book including the fact that Love is for suckers was all overdubbed by a session guitarist Reb Beech and that Joe Franco played synth drums on it instead of a proper kit.

Anway, my review is all over the place but in short: Dee is a great, hilarious writer. If you're a Twisted or Dee fan, buy this book. It's a real page turner!
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on 11 April 2013
Waited so long to hear Dee Snider tell his story, and it was well worth the wait. This is an amazing story of one of rocks most entertaining performers, from the worlds most underrated band. Anybody intrested in Dee Snider, Twisted Sister, or just loves a good read should get this book.
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on 4 April 2013
Great insight into a legendary a legendary frontman. Tells it how it was, the struggle to make it big and how the industry works ,or in Dees case worked against him more often than not. By the end of the book you cannot help but admire him and genuinely like the guy for his morals and stamina. Great book. If you get the chance to see him live then treat yourself, my wife doesn't like metal but still says it was the best show ever!
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on 7 November 2012
Being a big SMF and massive fan of Dee Snider, I downloaded the digital version of this book at once when I learnt the book was already published. I enjoyed every chapter thoroughly for I followed Twisted Sister all throughout Under The Blade, You Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll, Stay Hungry, Come Out And Play and Love Is For Suckers. And Mr. Dee writes here about making those albums and Twisted Sister MTV videos of 'We're Not Gonna Take It' and 'I Wanna Rock' and all that.

Mr. Dee warned in Forewarned (Foreword) page that this book is not about Sex, Drugs & Rock 'N' Roll like autobiographies by other rockstars. But it's about Anger, Violence, Love & Rock 'N' Roll which is what Mr. Dee's life was about. His angry attitude as a young man. His devotion for his family all the way. And his dream of rock 'n' roll. His effort in making the dream come true and at the same time trying to be a good husband and a good father makes me adore this Iron Man of Rock ten times more.

Reading this book feels like as if Mr. Dee is doing the talking and I listening in some pub drinking beer. I laughed many times. He talks about his life as a kid, family and school. His childhood obsession of being centre of attention. His adolescent hanging around streets with school buddies. His teenage dream to be a rockstar. Joining Twisted Sister. Finding his true love and future wife Suzette. Some ugly insight into the music industry. His Grammy Award presentation experience and of other TV shows, radio shows, broadway shows and movies. PMRC issues and his statements. And a lot more. He pours out all his anger, sentiments, hatred, egotism, mistakes with one hundred percent of honesty.

It was interesting to learn about his bands before and after Twisted Sister such as Desperado and Widowmaker. But most of the book revolves around the Twisted days like the Club Daze. The rise from the bars to the stars and then downfall. The fall of the Monster of Rock. In the last chapters, I was moved by his story of achieving the rock stardom where he lived like a king and then back at hitting rock bottom where he had to sell his house and everything. Kinda The Story Of Anvil.

What makes me feel sorry is that Mr. Dee talks mostly about his self-importance in Twisted Sister and many credits go to himself alone. He doesn't give much credits to other band members as much as he gives to Ms. Suzette. That enough says the members surely had big problems (or hatred?) between themselves and on the other side it shows how much his love of life means to him. Of course, no doubt about Mrs. Snider's responsible role in designing unique TS costumes and make ups. We all SMF love Suzette and Suzette's song. And no doubt about Mr. Snider's talent, creativity and extraordinary showmanship. In all twisted albums I have, almost every Twisted song reads 'written by Dee Snider'. I think it's his stage attitude, performance and powerful vocal (together with TS music and the band's musicianship of course) that drew worldwide attention.

What also makes me think is what is the cause that completely destroys the career of Iron Men of Rock or specially Dee Snider, the most talented frontman in the heavy metal world? Was it the dawn of a new generation, the grunge alternative rock music, the 90's? Was it the MTV undergoing a revolution? Was it that Mr. Dee's stubbornness to refuse to listen to people in the business, i.e., for Come Out And Play? Was it the band members' personal problem with each other? Was it the record company? Or was it the powerful politicians linked with PMRC who may have control over the industry?

Whatever ... I believed in enigmatic and energetic Dee Snider. I believed in Jay Jay, Eddie, Mark and AJ. I believed in Twisted ****ing Sister. It would be great if Twisted Sister would come up with one more album like their peers. The book ends (epilogue) with Mr. Dee's positive attitude towards life. That he has not lost his family and happiness which has always been the most important and blessed thing for him. And he hasn't given up on his dreams. He believes in Don't stop believing, Hold On To That Feeling. At the end, photographs from the author's personal collection brought smile on my face. I wanna read more, Mr. Dee! Just shut up and give us the second book!

Enjoy reading, Mutha !
Rock 'N' Roll !
an SMF.
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on 21 April 2016
This is by far one of the best metal biogs I have read. It is full of enthralling tales and Dees wit.
Could not put this one down and it took me back to my favourite era, reminding me of events and a time that I enjoyed the most.
If you liked TS or are just curious, read it, you won't be disappointed.
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on 12 August 2014
Brutally honest.What a life this guy has had. If you are a big metal fan it is great fun to follow the time line of Twisted Sister involving many ups and downs and all the other bands that intermingle along the way. Couldn't put it down.
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on 26 September 2013
I like Dee Snider, he seems like a pretty genuine guy and that really shines through in his writing.
WARNING: If you want to read a book about drug-riddled rockstars, this is not the one for you.
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on 22 June 2013
I like twisted sister but do not consider myself a fan. I really enjoyed this book I was expect the usual sex,drugs and rock and roll. But what I actually got was an honest sober ,drug free recollection of how Dee Snider fought and scrambled to the top of the rock tower only to fall down to earth but not giving up and keep going for his family.
I will if you tried to a wife using Dee's methods, Hesse day it would called stalking. Well done Mr Snider, bravo sir for an auto biography that really breaks the mold and stands out from the others.
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