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on 20 May 2016
A very detailed book assumes that you don't have any web experience or even knowing how is the the web works. Starts from the fundamentals of web and ends with more advanced Java scripts. It might not be very ideal for someone with web development/design background as might find it very detailed with the web basics. The way its written reminds a lot me of college books as it has a lot of pictures, paragraphs built-points and "test yourself" sort of actives which I think are nice to have.
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on 30 May 2015
I'm about to leave a job I hate and persue a career as a web developer, and I owe so much of that to this book. The exercises and end of chapter reviews are such a good learning tool. I wish all code learning books were like this one.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 15 December 2013
"Learning Web Design" written by Jennifer Niederst Robbins is book intended for beginners in web design profession. On its 600 pages student will be taught about basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery but also there can be found some additional information about graphics and their implementation in web design process.

The book main quality is the way it's laid out - with lot of nice illustrations and different colors most important things are highlighted, examples for each and every thing mentioned is included, there are even some small funny comics inside making it a very well put together book. The author intended to graphically show her ideas, to show how to implement them and she did it successfully. Where this book excels is with the introduction of new HTML tags and CSS rules with useful information about browser support and techniques that allow older browsers to benefit from the features of newer language code. The book mainly discusses more restrictive XHTML structure, but in the examples HTML markup is being used.

Book great add-on is inclusion of the links to websites related to topics discussed allowing student to see live examples. These links would help student e.g. how to improve page loading speed or use tips and tricks about most useful JavaScript libraries available. The students are encouraged to continue developing their skills exploring subjects introduced in the book, like responsive design and progressive enhancement.

The book doesn't have major flaws, for some readers maybe additional information could be given about integration of social media into websites and more information about jQuery would be welcome, but in my opinion for those interested there are many books on the market (few of them I already reviewed - JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, JavaScript: The Good Parts, JavaScript & jQuery: The Missing Manual... - feel free to look) where all necessary information can be found.

To be able to design websites many skills are needed, including writing content in HTML and style web pages using CSS. "Learning Web Design" in its fourth edition covered the latest advancements in HTML5 and CSS3, gave introduction to JavaScript and graphics needed to create first efficient and nice looking webpages but also included lot of reference where to go next to be able to continue learning process. Evolution of web design is anyone's guess, but with this book every beginner in web design will get a good foundation what can be done with technology these days.

Highly recommended.
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on 23 January 2013
I used to design web pages in the 1990's, when pictures were just being introduced to the web.

All we had back then was HTML. I made use of tables and yes, the Comic Sans® font. When CSS started to come along, I lost interest. I soon realised that web design was becoming a multi-disciplined environment, and I was neither a programmer, or a designer.

I started to learn web design again in 2012. I bought some very good books that were either too specific, or very tedious to read - I could name them, but there's no point as they are very good books if you have enough ground knowledge.

To the book:

1. The page layout makes it very readable, because it's been written by a Designer - Programmers take note! Many books on Web Design/Programming are rushed out with little regard to their readability, and layout.
2. The use of colour in the book is put to good use. You'd be surprised at how many similarly priced books have no colour at all.
2. It's takes the reader from the very basics to quite advanced topics in a structured way.
3. The latest edition includes information about Responsive Web Design (designing for all screen sizes). It's also bang up to date for CSS3 and HTML5. Web Design is on the move again - now is good time to learn.
4. It's been written by a woman - i.e. no silly jokes.
5. The plethora of links to other books, and online resources is very useful.

I wholly reccommend this book, to anyone that wants to make a start in Web Design, or who needs updating on the latest tools.
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on 22 February 2014
I came to this book with some coding experience but none whatsoever on web design. The book is well laid out gets you started quickly; it explains the clearly what you need to do, why you have to do it and seems very focused on 'good practice'.

The way it is laid out makes it also ideal as a reference book once you start designing websites. It also has a couple of chapters on JavaScript (although I haven't got to those yet)

If you want to learn the basics (and beyond) of HTML 5 and CSS this is the book to get.
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on 30 March 2014
Although I have a programming background and basic knowledge of HTML, version 5 is new to me as are CSS. My preferred style of learning is very much step-by-step with narrative closely linked to those steps. I like to see a clear a-z path that those steps will take me along. While this book is partitioned logically, it doesn't have a strong enough roadmap for me to make it a 5/5.
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on 29 January 2016
This book teaches you the skills you will need to start coding and has a helpful testing section at the end of each chapter. This feature allows you to make sure you have understood what you have learned. It is a little wordy but the detail you are given is much better than some other books I have used.
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on 2 December 2012
Got this as recommended by tutor on Web Design course I'm doing. It would be possible to get relatively proficient using this alone, but alongside the course I'm doing it's great. You won't become the world's premier web designer from this but it'll let you design reasonable websites.
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on 8 October 2015
This is a good book for learning web design.
Lots of nice examples and exercises to work through. Now I'm hungry and I want to go to the Black Goose Bistro. numnumnumnum
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on 8 December 2015
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