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Great book by Ricky Hatton. I was a bit dubious buying this book as I knew about the problems he was facing out side the ring I really did not want to remember Hatton for the way his career ended and the problems he had to face there after. I glad the book ends with him managing to find some peace, yes his trials and tribulations are ongoing and he will need to fight his demons on a daily biases, but he seem to be in a better and better equipped to deal with them.

If you read Ricky's first book The Hitman the first 100 pages are a condensed version of that book. Starting with Ricky's start in training and boxing. Unlike his frist book which started and finished with everything was going great in his life. War and Peace, as the name implies, deals with Hatton having to deal with losses for the first time in his career, the coming to terms with life after boxing, going off the rails in his personal life, and the fall out of all that. The people who stuck by him anf the ones who distanced themselves from him.

Even is you are not a Hatton fan but a boxing fan, you would still enjoy this book because Ricky brings all his skill including his sports commentary chop he picked up during his time doing analysis on Sky sports. Ricky does a superb job of his analysing his own fights, I honestly believe you cannot get better analyst than a boxer talking about boxing. Ricky's honesty about his fights and his opponents, I think his commentary was spot on.

This brings us to the Mayweather fight. I am impressed with the way Hatton is very complimentary of Mayweather's boxing skill, even though he cannot stand him as a person. I agree completely with Ricky about the ref, he does not make excuses for losing, but I do belive it would have been a very different fight if a different ref was asigned. For people who dod not see the fight. Explain to me how Mayweather was alowed to crawl on the floor but Hatton was cautioned? Or Mayweather jumped out of the ring over the top rope but Hatton had a point taken off for this.

I good book it is always nice to have the greats leaves a sport like boxing with more than he came in with. Too many time we hear stories of boxers broken down mentally, physicality, and financially. Unfortunately Hattons worst losses were outside the ring, but it is good to know he is dealing with them and in a good place for now. Go no Ricky.
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on 13 December 2016
A decent read. I wasn't a Ricky Hatton fan as I couldn't be doing with all that City/blue moon rubbish. Its a good honest account of his life and how he struggled with his defeats and life outside of the ring. He doesn't think he is an alcoholic but after reading this book it is clearly evident that drink usually starts the ball rolling with regards the manageability in his life. What was particularly sad was the fact he has fallen out with his mum and dad. He needs to try and sort this out and clearly be the bigger man. You only get one set of parents and whatever happened can be fixed as they previously were very supportive to him and it is obvious that he needs them in his life. I hope he finds the serenity he craves and finds peace as he comes across as a really likeable lad.
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on 8 November 2015
Ricky's story covering his early life and career up until after his retirement and attempted comeback.
Basically the tale of how he achieved success then was unable to cope when his career took a nosedive. It still seems that he's not really in a good place and is still dealing with the baggage from his private life. I guess there are downsides to being a successful sportsman namely learning to accept when its over, and cope with life without the highs of sporting success.
Quite honest and revealing, but you get the feeling he's not quite telling you 100% of the story. I'd like to give it 3.5 out of 5.
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on 9 January 2014
An absolute must read for any fan of Ricky Hatton and boxing in general. Ricky comes across with what seems like a No Holds Barred attitude to the portrayal of his life. Much like his fighting career it is direct, hard hitting and raw at times. I was always a massive fan of Ricky's (still am) so maybe he was already preaching to the converted but I think he has been so very brave with his honesty about some of his darker moments and the troubles with his family. You will be treated to a fair amount of the great sense of humor that has been part and parcel with Ricky throughout. A true legend.
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on 1 June 2017
Brilliant read, going into the trials and tribulations of the life of one of Britains greatest ever fighters, his highs and many lows are all dealt with here, from the highs of beating Kosta Tsyzu on that fantastic night in Manchester to the crushing lows of the defeats to Pacquiao and Mayweather jr, Ricky bares his soul, a must read
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on 18 July 2015
I liked Ricky Hatton when he was boxing, and I also like his book. It is well written and gives an insight into how he abused his body, by the way he let himself go after a fight and how he got back into shape for a fight. He was well liked when he was boxing and had a fantastic fan support. If you like boxing and a human story you will enjoy this book. The title of the book sums up his life
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on 4 December 2013
An honest and open read where a boxer realises you cannot keep mixing abuse with top sport. Dedicated when training but utterly lazy when not. Ricky opens his heart about his boxing and family, which for him doesn't always end the way he wanted. A genuine nice guy where sometimes you need to be as ruthless out of the ring as in it. A good insight into what goes on behind the scenes that you never get to know about.
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on 28 April 2014
In this, book , Ricky tells the story of his career and for those that travelled and followed him this book is a great way of recalling your own great memories . I was fortunate enough to be there when he beat kostya tszyu with 2 mates . And for all the euphoria of that night I can remember walking back to Piccadilly station in near silence totally worn out with the emotion the adrenaline low that was now kicking in .having watched one of the greatest nights in British boxing you just knew nights like these were not to be repeated . And that can be said of many of Ricky,s fights many of which I experienced first hand . For me he should be sorry for nothing , apologise to no one , for us fans owe him a debt of gratitude , for great nights ,great fights and great memories .. . Thanks Ricky
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on 25 April 2015
Great service, very quick. Book is in great condition and the read itself is outstanding, would recommend to anyone not just boxing fans. Ricky Hatton is such a colour character with a legendary career a rollercoaster life. 10/10.
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on 20 December 2015
Excellent, honest book by one of the greatest British fighters to grace boxing. Growing up near Ricky I knew a fair bit about his boxing career, but it's always great to hear it from the man himself. Highly recommend!
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