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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 9 November 2012
I bought this book based on the reviews of the previous book by the same authors - "Killing Lincoln". According to the Associated Press, O'Reilly had previously said "Killing Kennedy" will "answer many questions" about the death of JFK, who was murdered on Nov. 22, 1963.

Well let me assure you of one thing, the book answers no such questions. If it had been written in 1965 the members of the Warren Commission would have been rubbing their hands with glee. As for the painstaking research and interviews that the authors were supposed to have undertaken then for the life of me I cannot see any results of their undertakings included in the book. Oswald is simply confirmed as an out and out communist who defected to Russia and whose disillusionment with life in the USA (and Russia) led him to murder the President, and by the way Officer JD Tippit. None of the other possible suspects, and there are many, are even put in the frame for consideration in the murders.

The book is written in the style of a novel, with thoughts and words being put into the characters minds and mouths which could never be substantiated. There are one or two decent diagrams e.g. on the Bay of Pigs incident, but certainly not much else, unless you wish to read about Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, and some of the Kennedy family's personal lives. With all the genuine, valid, research that has been undertaken over the last 45 or so years into the Assassination by some very competent authors and historians, it is quite staggering how all the evidence that has been uncovered can simply be glossed over or totally ignored by the authors of this book.

Reference to material sources are virtually non-existent, being confined to about 5 pages at the end of a book of over 300 pages. Each chapter is simply given one short reference and I mean short. As an example, the sources for Chapters 13 and 14 are given in less than two lines each. This book is just a regurgitation of all the lies that were promulgated by the Warren Commission.

How the publishers, Macmillan, ever agreed to distribute the book is beyond me. I urge you not to waste £14, or any money come to that, on this worthless tome.
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on 4 November 2012
Too bad Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard did not interview former special FBI Agent George B. Mettler before writing "Killing Kennedy." Mettler provides a different picture in his new book "Secrets and Lies: Memoir of the Kennedy Years." He calls himself a "reluctant witness." He says Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone. Growing up in an Italian-American neighborhood in Tampa, FL Mettler unknowingly became friends with the mafia higher-ups who lived nearby. He knew many of the people associated with the assassination of Kennedy including Mafia godfathers Santo Trafficante, Carlos Marcello, CIA renegade agent Philip Agee, Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Ruby and others. While assigned to the FBI organized crime undercover operation Mettler learned the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) hired the Mafia to assassinate Kennedy. Mettler says the Kennedy assassin was not Lee Harvey Oswald or a handful of exile fanatics, Mafiosi, or a gang of right-wing Super Patriots operating on their own. John Kennedy was a threat to all the power brokers, corporate and government, the warmongers, the briefcase gangsters and their easy-money cronies. John and Bobby Kennedy were zeroing in and they were all scared to death. He says ultimately the FBI, Hoover, the Government, the Mafia, the industrialists and the oil barons killed Jack and Bobby Kennedy. The mob hated the Kennedy brothers. Their father Joe Kennedy's Mafia pals Giancana and Costello helped raise campaign funds for Jack's election. Joe's close relationship with them went back to Prohibition days when he was a prominent bootlegger. Mettler says the Warren Commission, President Johnson, the Secret Service, Hoover and the FBI lied about the assassination including evidence that there had been assassination plans to kill Kennedy in Chicago and Tampa. The three designated patsies for the Chicago and Tampa plots were in Dallas when Kennedy was assassinated. Mettler became disillusioned with the FBI and left several months before Kennedy's assassination. He said he couldn't trust anyone inside the bureau anymore. He later became a practicing attorney of civil and criminal law, co-owned two newspapers and served as a financial advisor in America and abroad. He says his book is not an academic history, it's based on first-hand life experience, recovered memory and later assiduous research. I think Mettler's account is closer to the truth.
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on 21 February 2014
Unlike most books written on the subject, 'Killing Kennedy' contributes nothing new to solving the mystery of the JFK murder. Simply a rehash of of what one already knows.

It is no coincidence the top political murders of the twentieth century involved left wing liberals: 1) the American president John Kennedy, 2) Italian prime minister Aldo Moro, and 3) the 33-day Pope who taunted right wing curial cardinals: "We have made of sex the greatest of sins, whereas it is nothing more than human nature and not a sin at all."

This book does a relatively good job of getting to the bottom of the 1963 Kennedy murder. The Vatican Murders: The Life and Death of John Paul I proves the hypothesis of Avro Manhattan of South Shield England: The conspiracy that planned the Great Vatican Bank Scandal was the same conspiracy that plotted the murder of Aldo Moro and John Paul I in 1978.
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on 24 November 2012
Anyone looking for crackpot conspiracy theories won't find them here. What we have instead is an very interesting and plausible account of events leading up to the murder of Kennedy by Oswald, told in an easily accessible journalistic style. The only reference to conspiracy theories is to point out that the so-called 'magic bullet' theory has been satisfactorily demolished and there remains no good reason for thinking Oswald couldn't have done it on his own.
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on 11 February 2013
A decent book that was pretty easy to read but not giving any new information that I was expecting to read.
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on 20 January 2015
Revealing the 'other' side of the coin-

In reference to the JFK shooting:

(6) S E C O N D S

2 different rifles used
2 different kinds of ammunition used
2 different shooting locations
2 shooters
1 freak accident =

A newly assigned Secret Service agent by the name of, George Hickey, 'accidentally discharged' his AR-15 rifle while picking it up off the floorboard in the vehicle behind JFK after Hickey spotted Oswald firing from the window of the book depository, and in a 'freak accident' while the Secret Service vehicle sped forward caused the .223 round 'accidentally' fired from Hickey's AR-15 rifle to strike JFK in the head.


Oswald's first shot missed JFK, and struck the pavement according to witnesses.
George Hickey, turns to his right and spots Oswald in the window, and reaches for his AR-15 rifle taking the safety off.
Oswald's second shot strikes JFK and Connally.
And the 'freak accident shot' by George Hickey standing in the backseat of the open Secret Service vehicle strikes JFK.

There is a photo of Hickey holding a rifle and standing in the backseat of the open Secret Service vehicle behind JFK's vehicle prior to the third and fatal shot.

Gunpowder from the AR-15 rifle, could be smelled at street level by witnesses including Lt. Colonel Ralph Yarborough riding with LBJ in the third vehicle behind JFK, coming from the Secret Service vehicle behind, and to the left of JFK's vehicle.

This all occurred under (6) seconds.

The recent release of 'sealed' documents by a Federal Judge finally put the remaining pieces of the puzzle to the JFK shooting in perspective.

~~~The books, Mortal Error, and JFK: The Smoking Gun, puts all the missing pieces of the puzzle together.

The Kennedy's were prone to tragic accidents.

Makes 'perfect sense' and is 'logical' to those who are familiar and have fired the military M-16 or AR-15 rifle and to those who know what a .223 round can do.

It also makes 'perfect sense' to police crime scene units, and to seasoned detectives in law enforcement.

Oswald's round went through JFK and Connally without exploding upon impact.

Once again, there is a photo of George Hickey in the Secret Service vehicle behind JFK's vehicle holding an AR-15 rifle.

The .223 round 'accidentally' fired from Hickey's AR-15 rifle at street level exploded upon impact and was fired from behind JFK's vehicle.

The missing pieces of the puzzle have now been revealed and fit perfectly.

We will never know if JFK could have survived Oswald's shot that pierced JFK's neck.

The Warren Commission did not interview Yarborough who had been in the military, or if they had, did not bother to print his 'valuable testimony.'

Of all the 'conspiracy theories' surrounding JFK that will continue to go on and on and on to eternity without any 'relevant substance,' to the 'end result,' this 'reality theory' is the best explanation of JFK being shot by the 2,2,2,2, 'freak accident' theory.

'Freak accidents' occur daily all over the world.

It all fits together and now makes more sense than any of the conspiracy theories.

(6) Seconds in history.

The following 2013 documentaries have aired on DirecTv REELZ channel #238:

JFK: For the Record. 30 minutes. Federal Judge Tunheim, who chaired the Board, that released secret JFK assassination records.

JFK: The Smoking Gun. 2 hours. Former Austrian detective, Colin McLaren, investigates the assassination of JFK with a ballistics expert.

Killing JFK: 50 Questions Answered, 1 hour, examines the many aspects of the assassination of JFK that surrounded the tragedy.

JFK: Inside the Evidence, hosted by Bill Kurtis. 1 hour.
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on 23 July 2013
I enjoyed the book, but having read lots about JFK and Camelot it was "same old same old". However I did not know very much about Lee harvey Oswold so that was interesting and also the bit about JFK's heroism in the Pacific was worth reading. It was an easy read.
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on 19 August 2016
Personal this book is really classic. If you want to know this part history, I recommend you read it.

It is a tragedy. See how world changed.
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on 21 January 2014
Despite knowing the basic facts this book held my attention and revealed several facts especially about Lee Harvey Oswald of which I was previously ignorant. A very good read.
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on 2 November 2013
I love the Kennedy era and this was very well written would recommend it. Brought out the real character of Kennedy and what the Kennedy clan were really like.
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