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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 2 October 2012
Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Rather than comparing this book to Dan Brown and his plagiaristic output I was reminded so much of the excitement I felt when first I went on adventures with Enid Blyton. Books should be exciting, or, at least, some of them! Also I was taken back to those sojourns into the exotic and romantic East taken by the intrepid heroines of Agatha Christie in her books from the 1930s.

From the very first page of the mysterious A.M.Dean's book I was hooked and pursued Emily (such a jolly heroine's name)as she followed clue after impossible clue in her search, as in all good treasure hunts for an impossibility made reality. No holy grail here but something much more explosive and far reaching.

The action takes place within a few days and the pace is so fast I felt like I was clinging on for dear life at some points. Any reader of misdirectional fiction will probably be able to keep up and even overtake our lovely heroine as the book does unfortunately take a turn into a slight flabbiness ~ padding; exposition ~ but that does at least give you time to catch your breath.

The chapter headings give evidence to the speed the action is undergoing and it is best not to break your read for too long as there are a few plot holes you could fit a pyramid in, this is nonetheless a very exciting read and would make a tedious journey whizz past. If you enjoyed the "National Treasure" or "Indiana Jones" or "Mummy" films this one is definitely for you
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Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
THE LOST LIBRARY by A.M.Dean is a novel about the search for The Lost Library of Alexandria known to have been a major institution and source of knowledge in the ancient world. It was believed to have been destroyed by fire 2,000 years ago whether by accident or design clearly is not known.

In this story we have an old and very well respected professor who appears to be "The Keeper" of the knowledge about the library and a group of well placed people who seek details and will kill to obtain them. The professor is murdered but since he knows they are coming for him manages to pass some clues on to a colleague Emily Wess. Having some knowledge on the matter she sets out on an adventure tasked with finding and protecting his secrets. An unlikely heroine by way of her age and circumstances, she is smart enough to work through the clues and lead us though all the twists and turns of what develops into a fast moving adventure whist being followed by those determined gain the knowledge for themselves. There are cryptic clues, detective work and discoveries as she undertakes the task passed to her. Does she find the lost library ? .......why don't you give this book the chance to tell you. It is an ideal holiday read which will leave the feeling that finding out has been a pleasurable experience.

A.M.Dean is the pseudonym for a leading academic who knows what he is writing about. Some historical novels involving the ancient world however well researched don't hang together - this one does.
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on 20 June 2013
A M Dean's powerful debut conspiracy thriller, The Lost Library, draws you in and sets you off on a dangerous and gripping journey full of mystery and suspense and a plot that weaves and interlinks adding depth and layers to the fast paced storyline.
After the keeper of the secret hiding place of the Library of Alexandria is murdered, the unlikely heroine of the story, Emily Wess sets out across the globe following clue after clue in the hope of discovering its whereabouts and saving and protecting the knowledge within it from falling into the corrupt hands of the Council. Meanwhile, in the USA, a political plot is set into motion with the Council once again the masterminds behind this subversive plan.
This for me was an excellent read and one I would certainly recommend. I am very much looking forward to the next.
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on 1 September 2013
A thoroughly enjoyable read. The story is fast-paced and, in places, intriguing. I didn't want to put it down! Informative and intelligently written, it takes one of the world's great mysteries and turns it into an extremely entertaining read.
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Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Thoroughly enjoyed this ripping adventure yarn.

I really liked the fact that the hero of the story was female and she was the adventurer, it was great to read about her adventures and all the dangers she gets herself into.

In some instances it reminded me a lot of the famous five, now bear with me on this, but you know how they always had to solve mystery's, well this is kinda like that, searching out clues and deciphering cryptic texts.

A colleagues murder, a lost library, two secret societies, manipulation of world events involving those seated at the top of government, far fetched?

Emily Wess, has been picked as the chosen one to unravel the clues to what would be the biggest find in history, thrown in at the deep end, some things cannot be just given, they have to be discovered, how far would you go to protect a legacy, a centuries old drama steeped in deception, death and destruction, would you want to take a stand for a cause that went far beyond anything you could ever imagine. Travelling across continents, Emily follows the trail of clues, until she realises those close to her are in danger.

Fight or flight , well you`ll have to read it to find out more.

I really liked it and would definitely read another in the series if it was to come out.
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on 24 September 2012
The Lost Library must surely be among the worst examples of this type of modern picaresque fiction. The plot is numbingly predictable - amazingly there are two groups of powerful men (not too many women make an appearance, other than the central character) one of which claims to control all the world's 'knowledge' while the other is out to gain absolute power at any cost. The two groups play out their duel against an equally unsurprising background of political shennanigans in Washington while the hero character is sent to various locations as she is inducted into the 'good guys' and, via a series of cyptic clues is lead to attempt to thwart the intertwining plots.

The writing plods. The sentences are convoluted and strangulated to such an extent that the original meaning is often lost. The vocabulary is limited and where there is variety one suspects that the author simply clicked the 'Thesaurus' button on his lap-top.

The most depressing element is that the editorial errors and inconsistencies are grotesque. A few examples -

- the maps at he beginning of the book serve no purpose - they may as well be maps of Never, Never Land
- The main character manages her multi-national dashes between cities on only a few peanuts snatched during one of her flights.
-She boards a boat in Turkey at the last minute (the boat is actually moving as she does so) and then spots her 'pursuers' who were some way behind her, also made it onto the boat without her noticing.
- She manages to enter one of the key buildings and avoid detection as she wanders its corridors and offices (which are bizarrely referred to as the grounds) by the cunning ruse of using the washroom.
- One of her key allies flees his office at the Alexandrina Library only for his attackers to catch and shoot him yet he is found back in his own office with no explanation.
- The Alexandrina Library is closed on Fridays - as is normal practice in Muslim countries - and so how our hero even gained entry is a mystery
- the timings for jouneys between Heathrow and Oxford take no account of passport control, traffic etc..
- the British police save the day at the last moment, despite the fact that they are not routinely armed.

This book is so poor it makes one wonder whether it was researched (albeit very inadequately) from the comfort of the author's study via the internet. In any event, if, as it is claimed, AM Dean is a 'leading authority on ancient cultures', perhaps that is where he should direct his energies in future.
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VINE VOICEon 26 September 2013
Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )|Verified Purchase
This book will remind you of the Dan Brown books as you start to read it, with Arno Holmstrand killed in his office then two letters to Emily Wess who knew of Arno but did not think he knew her. But he had plans for her and the letters lead her around the world. She learns what Arno had planned for her future then she has another letter from him and she is off again.
This book was one that had you at the first chapter and held you to the end, it would make a great film.
I even ordered the Kindle version of the book for my Brother. A very good read.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 24 November 2013
I still gave it four stars because it is extremely well written and obviously, a lot of hours of research have been involved. But.... and this is where I am disappointed. I expected a solid conspiracy theory, a mysterious quest. The story is all that but it does not feel like it. What is missing is the ''cloak and dagger'' ingredient.I did not feel the anticipation and the shroud of mystery surrounding any conspiracy theory.
I felt I was reading a Nancy Drew's mystery (I am a great fan of Nancy Drew, by the way) rather than a dangerous mission of finding the lost library of Alexandria. I found Emily Weiss extremely naive and annoying, despite being a university professor. She irritated me so much by always denying what was right in front of her eyes.
The problem is that everything was too easy. The clues were too easy, the plot was too easy. If Emily could decipher the clues so easily, especially about the name of her contact, I do not see why the baddies could not.
So, I preferred to concentrate on the academic side of the book, about the history of the Lost Library that I found quite fascinating.
This will not stop me recommending the Lost Library, though, to anyone who likes a ''cosy'' mystery or Indiana Jones' adventures. As I said earlier, it is well written and the history is good. I understand it is a début novel, so, as such it is quite good, and I felt the story was ''warming up'' towards the 75% and things were happening all at once.
I have bought the second in the series, The Keystone and I think it will be a good read as I have already read a sample.
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on 15 January 2014
I have to admit that after reading many historic fiction books I was very surprised at the outcome of this book. A blending of old and new with twists in every chapter.
I am now going to read his next book and I am sure that it will be just as good.
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VINE VOICEon 18 July 2012
Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Reading on the cover that the author is a Professor of Theology and obviously the author of many non fiction texts was initially a little intimidating - would he be able to make the jump to fictionalise history? Simply - yes, and in such a way he has the reader believing that perhaps there is more to the book than simply fiction?
The writing style is fluid and entertaining. The subject of the lost library of Alexandria is one of the world's greatest mystery and in this book A M Dean (a clever pseudonym for such an author) certainly has us entranced with his thrilling novel when the Keeper is suddenly killed and an unusual heroine, a Professor of history Emily Weiss is thrown into the chase to not only find the library and protect its contents at the same time trying to stay alive and ahead of the game. This is a must read thriller and one I could not put down once started. My usual 4:00 am finish was worth the wasted sleep. The ingenuity of the conclusion was indeed a fantastic ending. Great book and so looking forward to the next one by "A M Dean" - hopefully not too long to wait - er, please! The Lost Library
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