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on 1 December 2001
"Here's To You, Rachel Robinson" follows on from "Just As Long As We're Together", narrated by Rachel's best friend Stephanie. Rachel is a straight-A student, talented musician and incredibly gifted 13-year-old. But she's also endearingly human, and that's what you'll love about her. Rachel remains my favourite fictional character to date, and I first read this book more than five years ago.
Rachel's brother Charles is a bit of a troublemaker. Although his comments on paper don't sound overly dramatic, as other reviewers have mentioned, when you imagine living with someone so hostile you understand their reactions. Either that, or Judy Blume is commenting on how a perfect family react to an average teenager and how they really can't cope in the way that others might be able to. It's up for debate.
Charles returns home from boarding school and sends family life out of kilter, but there are other things going on in Rachel's life. Too many extracurricular activities threaten to overwhelm her, and she has developed a crush on Charles's tutor Paul. Meanwhile Jeremy Dragon (of the famed chartreuse dragon jacket, as anyone who's read "Just As Long..." will remember) is developing an interest in her.
I loved this book. I still love it. I strongly recommend that you buy it for the overachiever in your life. Trust me, they'll appreciate it.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 15 October 2014
Rachel is a child prodigy. She's the youngest of three children and achievements are important in her family. Rachel is the smartest one at home, which makes her feel extremely pressured. Everyone is expecting so much of her and it means she has to do a lot of extra activities, because people think she'll be good at them. It's a compliment, but all of this is making Rachel feel stressed and tense as well. When her brother comes home from boarding school her worries increase. Her friends seem to love him and there's nobody she can talk to about her anxiety, she's especially scared when he's making fun of her as she has no idea how to handle the situation. Is her brother really a bad person or is he just different?

Rachel is such a serious girl. There isn't much room in her life for fun. She can't seem to loosen up. I felt so sorry for this girl as she had so much potential, but she couldn't enjoy it. Here's To You Rachel Robinson made me think about gifted children and what's often being expected of them. Being talented and special seems to be what everybody wants. This book shows in a beautiful way how it is when you have the gifts that so many people desire to have. It isn't an easy life and Rachel has to learn how to choose at a very young age. She also has to learn how to solve her own problems and how to make things easier for herself. That is a lot for someone that young and she made me feel proud. I loved this book, it's very insightful and I think the story might be helpful for children who are in the same situation as Rachel.
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on 1 August 2001
Dear Readers, You have to know something before you read this review. I'm not a great book - lover. Oh well, I read this book anyway and this is what i thought of it..... This book follows on from another book by Judy Blume which is called 'Just as Long as We're Together' so I recommend that you read that book first. Once you've read that book, you will keep the plot (which is very good) in your mind so you don't have to read them straight after one another. Anyway, this book is about a young teenage girl called Rachel. She is the A* student of her class and has always been the perfect one in her family, but, this doesn't mean that she doesn't have her fair share of problems......Her brother, Charles is the trouble - maker in the Robinson Family and is trying to make Rachel's life a living hell. The thing is, no matter how clever Rachel is, she just can't figure out why... This book is written as Rachel and 'Just as Long as We're Together' is written as Rachel's friend, Steph. This book is great which you can't actually say that often these days and I would recomend it to all of my mates! Thanks for reading this review Amazon readers! By the way, just as a final note, this book is NOT recomended by me for BOYS! I hope you buy and enjoy this book, you'll love it! Love From Kt xXx ENJOY! :)
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on 17 April 1999
I had heard all about Judy Blume books and decided to actually read one. I had already read JUST AS LONG AS WE'RE TOGETHER,BLUBBER, ITS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD and ARE YOU THERE GOD? ITS ME, MARGARET and was amazed by Judy blumes way of knowing the exact way we are thinking.To her friends eyes Rachel lives a perfect life. A straight A student,almost professional musician, and with a loving family they dont see the problems Rachel faces. They dont know that the show her obnoxious disruptive older good looking brother puts on when their there is a show and they dont know what misery he puts her family through. The book expresses wildly and brilliantly the emotion Rachel would be feeling. A brilliant sequel to the first about the three friends, JUST AS LONG AS WE'RE TOGETHER.
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on 1 April 2002
This book is the second one after Just as Long as we're Together. The compassion and trust of the main character Rachel Robinson is very high. Her older brother Charles is nasty and a big bully. Rachel and her older sister Jessica though stick together to try and fight the nasty older and younger brother. Will Jesica and Rachel be able to get their own back ? Find out by reading it!
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on 11 April 2001
This is a book following 'Just as long as we're together' it is from the view of Rachel Robinson one in a group of three friends.The previous book sees things from Stephanies point of view however they are very different people and this is rachels view a year afterwards.Rachel is a perfect child in the perfect family.....with an exception, Charles her brother. Charles has been sent away to a boarding school because of his behaviour and his family even take it to the extent of hiring a physicatrist. I can see how his behaviour is upsetting but to an average family his comments would upset but are also quite witty. This book is about Rachel's life with friends and how although she seems perfect there are a lot of things she hides. She finds it hard to fit in as she is so clever she is moved up at school and many people are jealous of her. Everyone loves her brother..when they dont have to live with him that is! This is generally an all round good book with some occasional corney moments but i would recommend it. Surprisingly it has some bad language but only once. I'd read this after 'Just as long as we're together'
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on 16 September 2011
When I was at school Judy Blume books were passed around quietly. The school library didn't stock them, there was too much grown up content. I found it enormously comforting to read about girls who thought and felt like me. Now I have my own daughter I decided to buy some of these books for her to read in a few years. They are still a joy to read. In this one Rachel struggles with her quest for perfection. Her mother is a lawyer who takes to her bed if she loses a case, hardly a good example. Poor Rachel tries to console her but ends up tidying her shoes away. Her father hates confrontation and her brother is is seething with resentment for the rest of the family. Rachel's sister is suffering from terrible acne and Rachel is very concerned about her. Poor Rachel is concerned about too many things. As she is a gifted student the school heap more and more responsibility onto her. On top of all this she is developing crushes on boys and struggling with friendships. These books are still relevant today and an absolute must for any girl 12+.
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on 7 December 1998
I read all Judy Blume's books when I was younger (I'm now 21) and even though Here's To You Rachel Robinson is for younger readers, I had to read it. It's more or less a sequel to Just As Long As We're Together, which was my favourite book during my teens, and I am amazed at how Judy can write from the mind of any teenager or child - even if they're gifted, like Rachel in this book. From her friends' point of view, Rachel doesn't have any problems, but what other people see as advantages, Rachel sees as setbacks - such as being in Enriched Maths and having an older brother who constantly bugs her. This is another classic book from Judy Blume, and all teenage girls should read it!
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on 21 January 2008
I first got given "Just as long as we're together" and after that, the follow-on "Here's to you Rachel Robinson" I found both books excellent.
Rachel Robinson is a straight A* student and is enjoying life she begins to have problems at home and things just get worse when her brother is excluded from boarding school and comes back home. Her brother seems to always be mocking her and ruining her life and the only question on Rachel's mind is why? This is a brilliant book and is a definite must read along with "Just as long as we're together" I reccomend this book highly to all girls.
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on 5 February 2001
My mum actually bought me this book last summer,and i'm one of these people who will only read a book if I feel that i can connect to the charcters.I had read Just As Long As were together and had throughly enjoyed it,so I was looking forward to reading the sequal.I read this book within a few hrs(i'm a seriously slow reader so i was real suprised)I felt I could realate to Rachel,because I also have had sibling trouble,like herself.The book is a great read,and I couldn't put it down.I would recommend this to over eleven's or something.
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