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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
The Vampire Diaries: Shadow Souls: Book 6: 2/3
Format: Paperback|Change
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on 19 September 2017
Daughter loves these books and cannot put them down once started, A great price.
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on 14 September 2017
Cannot coment as book was brought as a present
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on 9 July 2015
A brilliant story on how to brothers fall for the same girl and she doesn't realize she's been compelled. After finding out that Damon and Stefan are fighting over her will Elena be forced to choose
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on 26 April 2017
it was a good book
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on 1 May 2011
I really enjoyed the previous books, so why *this*??? Damn it!
To be brief: Stefan is held in a prison. Fell's Church is controlled by the evil Damon, Elena and the fugitive Matt decide to enter the Dark Dimension, another "world" where Stefan's prison is situated and trying to free him. Damon and Elena get closer. Too close. It's not being clear, but I think very much close (if you know what I mean...). Only after Elena's virtue was restored, the one virtue she and her friends so hard tried to destroy in order to be "famous" girls at school. Anyway, poor Stefan is in a cage and Elena finds a way to go and visit him twice with an out of body experience. Something goes wrong between Matt and Elena, the boy drives back to Fell's Church and the other two friends take his place. Meredith and Bonnie. To enter the Dark Dimension the girls must be Damon's slaves. Once they're in this dimension, Elena can't help but making her usual mess of everything by saving another female slave. But in the end this will turn out to be a very useful event. Needless to say they find and save Stefan (I know, but come on, would you really expect anything else?). What should I say. Well, I am so disappointed that I really don't know what to say. The plot is not a 500 pages story. It was so boring I fell asleep twice (in an afternoon). In the end I even jumped sentences. A third of the book is about such tedious crap like dresses, make up and how humiliating it is to be a slave (as if the girls were real slaves and not only pretending). No suspense at all, the most important thing to Elena when she went to pay a visit to Stefan in prison was to take a bath, have a depilatory session, and a sexy dress, to remind him of what was waiting for him (come on!). What else? Not even Damon saved the day this time. He turned into a sloppy, tender puppy, who was complaining all the time about how bad he was, how sad a.s.o.
Probably (and this is the real spoiler if you want) the most exciting thing happens in the end, when he gets human instead of Stefan. I've come this far now. So I can't really give up and I will read the seventh and last book. Please make it be good! Don't let me read another "Twilight" experience again! I am so glad about the TV series now. I was before too, but THAT is a really exciting story!
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VINE VOICEon 1 February 2011
Firstly I just have to say that I was really put off by the spelling and grammatical errors, these made it a real struggle to get through the story.

I adored the other Vampire Diaries books but was a bit confounded with this one. I just felt underwhelmed by the storyline. The imagery was repetitive and the characterization differed so much from the characters previous interactions that it was dis-jarring. Elena, Stefan and Damon just seemed like completely different people to previous encounters. It was all a bit confusing.

I am a big fan of LJ Smith and have devoured her other novels, I really had high hopes for this one and was left feeling more than a little disappointed. Nothing tied together there were bits of the plot that were mentioned and then never taken any furtehr. Leaving the reader questioning what was happening.

I know that I am going to carry on reading the other Vampire Diaries books that come out I only hope they improve especially the spelling and grammar. I do not want to fall out of love with them.
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on 8 April 2010
Like many others who have reviewed, the original series of books were a big part of my early teen years and, along with some others, such as Anne Rice, really helped cultivate my love for Vampire related books.

I actually quite enjoyed Nightfall. I re-read the original four books before reading it, and found Nightfall much more enjoyable as an adult. But it was rather strange and disjointed, and whilst Shadow Souls is a bit more coherent, it still has a similar vibe.

Shadow Souls starts where Nightfall ended, with Damon, Elena and Matt off on their mission to go to the 'Dark Dimension' to solve the riddle to find the key to free Stefan.

I appear to be in the minority, but I find the strange world filled with mixtures of myths and folklore that L.J Smith has tried to create quite interesting and intriguing. But something does just seem to be off with it. It's almost as if she just picked random parts of folk lore out she liked and decided to mash them all together, and what comes out doesn't always work. If time had been spent by the author carefully constructing this alternate world that bled through to the 'real world' in Nightfall, and is fully explored by Elena and co. in Shadow Souls, then I think this new trilogy could have been highly successful.

What saves this book I think is the character Damon. Like Anne Rice and her love for her character Lestat, L.J Smith seems to write Damon the most successfully and he is a very intriguing and interesting character.

The trouble with the type of character archetype Damon is, is that it is hard to make him not loose his edge. And there are moments where he comes close in this book. However, the best moments in the book involve him as well. In the book he seems the only character who isn't a bit of a parody.

Whilst I do love the original books, I don't ever think the characters were very well written, with the exception of Damon, so maybe this is why Nightfall and Shadow Souls don't seem to make me as angry as some of the other fans of the original books, because Damon is actually more of a focus in the new books, and a more well rounded character.

Elena, what to say about Elena. I don't think she has ever been a particularly sympathetic character to be honest, she's always been the perfect 'angel' type of character who everyone loves and admires, and just as this aspect has always put me off Stefan even as a 13 year old many years ago, it can't help but still put me off her. The author had a real chance to add some depth to her character in this novel with her growing feelings for Damon, and to be honest some of the best moments in this book are the Elena/Damon moments, but it just isn't explored in any depth or with any real emotion.

Love triangles, if done well, can be very interesting, and if Elena showed any real turmoil over the fact that while her 'one true love' Stefan is locked up she finds herself continually locked in embraces, kisses and general blood sucking with his brother, then the book would have been more believable. Yet no one seems to see it as an issue, even Stefan by the sounds of it, because apparently Elena loves Stefan so much.

Again, the only person who reacts in a believable and interesting manner about the situation is Damon who at many points in the books struggles to resist Elena in his desire not only for her blood, but as a 'man desires a woman.' When moments between them do happen, how much it effects him are the only real moments of love or passion expressed throughout the whole book, no matter how many time Stefan calls Elena 'angel' or she writes about how much she loves him. There are the beginnings of some steamy moments between Elena and Damon, but due to the target audience of the books it never really goes anywhere apart from one time, where it is abruptly cut off an you never know what really happens between them.

Essentially, if you are a fan of Damon's character you will like this book regardless of whether you like him paired with Elena or not, because these new books really are more focused on him. I wonder if many of the negative reviews are because this book has very little Stefan/Elena and even if it was when some reviewers were young and originally read the series, wanted Elena with Stefan.

These books are aimed at teenagers and not even older teenagers, as there is no real adult themes explored at all, unlike some of the other Vampire romance novels aimed at teens since Twilight. I think when reading this new series it is important to remember that and it might make you enjoy it more, and whilst there is some superb vampire literature written for teens these days (and no I don't count Twilight in that group) this isn't one of them, and in my opinion, the series never was, but nonetheless is entertaining and kept me gripped the whole way through despite the wasted potential to make this new trilogy excellent.
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on 11 July 2010
I read the whole series of vampire diaries in a small amount of time, after getting into the TV series, which is completely different to the book series but brilliant all the same.

I thought this book was amazing and I really couldn't put it down until I had finished it, you get a real insight into Damons way of thinking, and as he is one of my favourite characters that was a big plus for me.

This book takes you into a whole new world, literally as a lot of it is set in a different dimension, we get to meet loads of fantastic new characters but without leaving the old ones behind.

I don't want to go on because I'll end up telling half the story I'll just say that it's well worth the read and will leave you desperate for more, thats how I felt at least.
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on 31 October 2010
I thought that this book was the best so far in the entire series. It was gripping, humerous and well written. It also went into more detail (i personally think) about the souroundings which made up the setting of the book than the previous books did. I bought this book new and got it earlier than expected, in mint condition and excactly as it was described and pictured on Amazon.

A must read by anyones standards, and totally worth your time and money.

p.s. The books audience is aimed mainly at teens so it would be a greet book/gift for teen girls and those who love that whole supernatural, vampire stuff!
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on 17 July 2011
This is the second book of the new series of Vampire Diaries and continues right after Nightfall. With Damon as their guide, Elena sets off to the Dark Dimension with Matt. However, half way through the journey, they have to split up to create a diversion. And Matt secretly goes back to Fells Church. To her surprise, Bonnie and Meredith turn up.

They enter the Dark Dimension via one of the gates and end up in a savage world. The Dark Dimension is a world where vampire and demons roam free and humans are slave. To free Stefan, they have to look for 2 halves of a key to Stefan's cell. As disguise, the girls become Damon's slave. They pretend to "settle down" into the society of the Dark Dimension while beginning their mission. After a lot of effort, they finally manage to rescue Stefan.

On the other hand, back in Fells Church, Matt joins forces with Mrs Flower to investigate the strange events happening in Fells Church and try to find out the plan of the kitsune twins who are behind that.

When the gang return to Fells Church, Stefan receives a gift from the good kitsune who shared the cell with him in the Dark Dimension. However, Damon's curiosity seals his fate. When he opens the package, he is turned into human.

It's a good but long read. This book explores more on the kitsune legend as the gang have to understand what kind of creatures the kitsunes are, in order to solve the riddle given by the kitsune twins which gives the location of the keys to Stefan's cell. Being an Asian myself, kitsune legends are not new stuff to me but it's interesting to hear about the legend from the Japanese approach. We are also introduced to the new world of Dark Dimension and its inhabitants as previous books focus on Fells Church.

On the other hand, there is further development between Elena and Damon. They put more trust on each other and get closer. They even exchange blood a few times throughout the story and this deepens their connection. This is going to give interesting dynamics to the love triangle as the story moves on. I quite like the way the author describes Damon's inner conscious as a little boy after Elena exchanges blood with him, how he buried his deepest feelings. Elena being able to leave her body and meet Stefan in her dream is also a good creation.

However, I do feel like the author put too much emphasis or effort on the Dark Dimension adventure, rather than balance out on accounting what's going on in Dark Dimension and Fells Church. We only get a glimpse on what Matt is doing on the outside world. And I am not sure if I want to know every single detail of the girls getting ready for party and the design of their dresses!!I do feel a bit bored during middle of the story until the climax in the end and the pace of the story picks up again.

Last, but not the least, the biggest shock comes in the end of the story when Damon becomes human again. This is such as big cliffhanger. Obviously the gift is intended for Stefan as he wants to become human again to be with Elena. I guess we will find out in the next book.
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