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Everything for Us (Bad Boys 3)
Format: Paperback|Change
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on 17 September 2013
Oh my, emotional or what.

to be really honest I didn't actually like Nash, he waltzes in during the previous book, thinking he was going to save the day! Putting Cash's noise out of joint, but the chemistry between Marissa and Nash was so way out there, you could feel it!

I called Marissa Melissa in my review of up to us, because I didn't think she was going to play much of a part, how wrong was I, not only was she influential in bringing the case to the fore front, she actually grew a pair! And really came into her own, I was really proud of how she stood up to her overpowering father.

Nash also really grew on me, I absolutely loved Olivia and Cash, they really were so good for each other.

The boys dad came over as totally I unselfish, loyal and maybe he made some wrong choices with the boys, keeping them separate!

I really enjoyed the storyline, and glad I waited for all three books. The boys turned out to be truly happy after everything that they had endured, both coming out better men.

Really loved the wedding scene and the proposal, both very romantic.

I was really saddened for Marissa when ahge thought she lost him, but so so happy with the ending, couldn't have been more perfect.
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on 14 September 2013
Unfortunately not! After waiting months for this sequel I was left feeling disappointed that the third book follows the story of Olivia's cousin Marrissa and Cash's true brother Nash. I absolutely loved the first two books in the Bad Boys series and couldn't wait to read more about Olivia and Cash in the third and although they still appear, the humour and love that their romance bought I think is missing from this book. Whilst this book is still a good read, if you enjoyed the first two so much as I did it will leave the majority of Olivia and Cash fans disappointed, particularly as the characters in this book have a bad history with our favoured Olivia and Cash so it doesn't have you warming to Marrissa and Nash as much. One of my favourite authors and I will continue to read any future books released by Michelle.
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on 27 October 2013
This book really let the trilogy down in my opinion. Book 1 and 2 were great but I felt the story should have continued from Cash and Olivia's point of view. I found myself flicking through this book rather than taking it all in, like I did with the first two. I also found the romance between Nash and Marissa to be very much like Cash and Olivia's, the same feelings they had about keeping away from each other etc...even the sex in front of the mirror was the same, it was all to familiar.
I didn't connect with these two either, I'd just gotten to know Cash and Olivia. A big disappointment.
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on 12 September 2013
It was an ok read, read it all today. If there had been no cash and Olivia in the book I would have marked lower. Found both characters of Marrisa and Nash awkward and not likeable. Cash was an arrogant bad boy but oozed sex and a loveable quality, Nash should have been amazing all tortured soul, bad boy but he failed me. Was really looking forward to this book after a long wait and if you are a fan of the bad boy series I would hugely recommend you read, everyone is in there even ginger. Still don't like Marrisa and Nash is a douche but due to the fact Cash has to be the best bad boy book boyfriend after Rule, M.Leighton still rocks
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on 12 September 2013
A great third book in the trilogy. Loved the first two and it's great that as well as Marissa and Nash's story, it also finished Olivia and Cash's. Well written with a great story line that flows well. You will not be disappointed.
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on 5 October 2016
Emotional and I want my own cash/nash until I find my own il keep on reading the bad boy series!!lol
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on 11 October 2013
3.75 stars

EVERYTHING FOR US is the third installment in M.Leighton's contemporary Bad Boys series focusing on the Davenport men and the women they love. This is Nash and Marissa's storyline.

Everything for Us is a revealing look at the previous seven years in Nash Davenport's life on the high seas. Through flashbacks and intimate recounting we learn that following the death of his mother and his subsequent run from those responsible for the explosion, Nash is forced into some pretty dangerous positions and `assignments'. Returning home, to find his brother Cash had been living a double life, did not sit too well. Hoping to reveal the truth behind their mother's death, Nash appoints himself the person to do the job. But, Marissa needs a guardian to protect her from those hoping to draw Nash into the open, he steps up only to find himself falling for the beauty who was once a thorn in many people's side.

Marissa is a character who has done a 180 in the series. Once a spoiled, pampered young woman who graduated (summa cum laude) from law school, Marissa has learned her lessons the hard way. And falling for the bad boy was never in the plans. She will begin to pull away from the only life she has never known, but a life that has left her less than whole.

EVERYTHING FOR US is a story of forbidden love, heartbreaking revelations and uncovering the truth. It is also a story of one man's struggle to right the wrongs of the past, although some wrongs can never be undone. M. Leighton pulls the reader into a storyline that is emotionally cathartic for the leading characters as both felt incomplete and that something was missing from their lives.

1. Down to You
2. Up To Me
3. Everything For Us
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on 10 September 2013
*I received a copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*

Well the wait is over!! It feels like forever we have been waiting for more of the Davenport brothers! And even though I was pleased to be back in their world I was equally sad to say goodbye.

So we heard from Cash and Olivia and now it was Nash and Marissa's turn to take the spotlight. I must admit I wasn't exactly #TeamNash in the second book, Cash had my heart since the first body shot *giggles* so it was with trepidation I began Everything for Us. On finishing the book I was so happy Nash and Marissa got their turn, as each had a story to tell!

Nash was carrying around a lot of anger and quite rightly so, he was exiled for seven years albeit for his own protection but that didn't help the fact he was grieving for his mother and missing his father and brother. So on his return it wasn't all hugs and family reunions; no Nash had a lot of trust issues, he convinced himself he didn't need anyone and above all he was out to avenge his mother's death. We got to see a side of Nash that was closed off and I really enjoyed being in his head. A lot happened to him and it was great to witness the journey his character went on from the start of the book until the end.

Marissa was another character we were geared to dislike from the first two books, she was superficial, materialistic and only out for herself. I felt the change in her character during Everything for Us was genuine, a near death experience will do that to you. But also Marissa learned some shocking truths about her family and her position in society. Nash came along at the right time for Marissa and together they helped heal the other.

And of course it wouldn't be a M. Leighton book without mentioning the smexy time!! Oh yes, Nash isn't the only Davenport brother with a penchant for mirrors ;) the scenes between Nash and Marissa were sizzling and even though Nash adopted the old 'I'm just using her, I haven't actually fallen head over heels for her' approach, I loved every moment they were together!

Cash and Olivia appeared in the story as well, but it was very much about Marissa and Nash. Cash was too busy being all caveman protective on Olivia in between being sickly sweet. It was nice to see Olivia and him remaining strong in amongst all the angst with his dad going down. I was so pleased to see the return of Ginger!! Olivia's friend from back home, honestly every word out of her mouth had me laughing. I really would love to go on an night out with her! Could we have a novella from Ginger? She needs to get a man for herself or a few knowing her ;) She was more than happy to give Marissa advice: "I don't know if Olivia told you, but I give great advice about sex, so if you get hold of that hot piece of ass and don't know what to do with it, don't be afraid to call. I've always got some ideas." and she didn't hold back sharing her thoughts on Nash: "That one, the rough one, looks like he could tear a woman to shreds with just one look. I'd be highly disappointed if he didn't turn your panties inside out and your world upside down."

Towards the end, the pace of the story slowed somewhat, there were a few time jumps and I really wanted that part to be over, I know it was perhaps to build the tension with everything going on but I'm all for instant gratification, I was just shouting 'hurry up already!' ;) The end of the story was super sweet. Really who would have thought those devilish twins could be so romantic? :)

I really liked the link to the past between Marissa and Nash, even though Nash didn't have the best intentions in mind (it was kinda hot though) it proved that Nash and Marissa shared a connection they couldn't deny. Small details like this are one of the many reasons why I enjoy M. Leighton's story telling, you think you know what is up ahead and then surprises come out of nowhere. The story was well written and even though there wasn't as much action as the last few books, a lot of demons were put to rest, truths were confronted and fresh starts were made. All in all it was a very fitting conclusion to the series and one you shouldn't miss! ~Ava
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on 22 July 2014
Having read the first two book in the Bad Boy's Series, I loved the characters, the story, the them of the book and everything else that was included in this amazing story. After reading the back of the book I could see that this book would be different from the first two book but I loved that people were about to read the other two main characters in the story, Marissa and Nash.

Unlike the first two books in the series, this third and final book is set in Marissa and Nash Point's of View, compared to the first two book which were in Olivia and Cash's Points of View. Though they are both still in the book but this story revolves around these other two character that people have either grown to love or hate but I really hope it is not the latter.

Marissa is Olivia's rich cousin who comes across as really off and doesn't have time for anyone in the first book but moving in the second one the story revolves more around Marissa as she gets caught up in something that is linked the Cash and Nash's past. Though moving into this book, you get to see Marissa in a different light and you can see why she is the way she is. You also get to see what happens in her life through her own eyes and in through someone else's. Being a lawyer she is determined to stick to the right way in everything but when Nash Davenport comes into her life everything is throw out of the window.

Nash is the twin brother to Cash and up until the second book he was believed to have died years ago in the same explosion that killed their mother. He is a even bigger mystery than his brother, Cash. Though Nash doesn't know what he wants in life and even if his plans include Marissa but he feels a connection with her, that he has never felt before. What will happen though when he finally decides what he wants in his life and will it include Marissa.

This is a thrilling conclusion to the best selling book series by M. Leighton. It has everything you want in a book romance, sex, lust, love, getting even with people from your past and putting right the things that have gone wrong. This is a book series that everyone should read as it is amazing and will leave you wanting more.

If I had to sum this book up in three words, they would be; Enthralling, Sexy and Obsessive.

Though as this is the last book in the Bad Boy's Series, if I had to sum this series up in three words they would be, Amazing, Thrilling and Unbelievable.

If you love a story that will hold your attention the whole way through then this is the book for you, this is the epic conclusion to the amazing Bad Boy's Series by M. Leighton.
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on 12 September 2013
Now I can start by saying that I am totally and hopelessly addicted to Cash, who is most probably my number one book boyfriend! So getting my hands on a copy of Everything For Us by the lovely and very talented Michelle Leighton, I could do nothing but dive straight in.

This story carries straight on from Up To Me (The Bad Boys #2)and I could not wait to get reacquainted with the swoon worthy Cash Davenport. This all quickly changed when my bad boy eye starts wondering and lands on....wait a minute he looks like Cash but meaner, rougher and damn, a whole lot sexier! If that's possible (and I can tell you now) HELL YES it is. In walks Nash!! I don't think I have swooned, dribbled, sighed, cried, stepped outside (more times than not) to cool myself down, as much as I did with Nash, he is now totally my number 1 book boyfriend with Cash slightly underneath (me) *winks* I wish!!

I have got to admit I found Marissa in the last books a total bitch from hell, and she made me grit my teeth at the way she treated Olivia and how self centred she was, well I can say she totally redeemed herself in this book, and buy the end found myself loving her character as much as Olivia's (yes that much).

This story is jammed packed with things we associate the Davenport twins with, hot, steamy sex, with suspense and crime that adds to their bad boy image. Twist and turns that keep you turning the page, as the plot thickens, and wanting to delve in to Nash's trousers (sorry I mean mind).

I love Michelle's style of writing, which always pulls you in from the first page, and leaves you wanting more when you have read the very last. I truly can say from the heart that this book #3 in The Bad Boy series has totally floored me and that truly takes some doing, as 1 I now love Nash more than Cash, 2 writing a third book that tops the previous two!! But hey we are talking about Michelle Leighton who is the queen of giving us a damn hot sexy man, with a equally sexy story. I'm now waiting and looking forward as always to reading one of Michelle's next books.

Finally, he lowers his head to mine, his lips brushing softly, sweetly over mine, "I don't know what to do with you," he whispers. "Love me" I answer, reaching behind his head to pull his mouth more firmly against mine
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