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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 10 May 2013
Wow! I do not know where to begin.....As a Palliative Care Nurse - worked for Marie Curie CC for many years....Also I am a Mother, Sister, Auntie etc....I can see Bernie's book from so many sides! I have followed the Nolan's since I was a little girl - singing and copying every dance move to my vinyls in my bedroom @ my parents home - my Mam became a big fan cos I played their music so much! From seeing the girls in concert in 1981, having the pleasure of meeting them then and many times after...including their 2009 reunion tour.... I have felt they were part of my everyday life!
I have followed ALL their career paths, individually and collectively and I have cried...and laughed...with every event...good and has thrown at them. However, Bernie's journey has touched me the most....if ever anyone deserved a miracle it is Bernie....her zest for life and her sadness that she will not see Erin grow older is heartbreaking! Her love and devotion for Steve and Erin shines like a beacon throughout her book and her unconditional love for ALL her siblings is crystal clear. I am very very sad that Bernie's cancer could not be treated this time and her journey in this life is coming to an end :-( I salute you for you courageous, dignified battle to are an inspiration and role model to us ALL....thank you for all the years we have been lucky and privileged to have had you in our lives...thank you for the music...but most of all...thank you for being YOU!
God Bless you Bernie, when God finally calls you home...we will miss you...but you will be one of the nicest, most beautiful Angels in Heaven.... xxxx
Please God give Erin, Steve, her sisters and ALL her family the strength they will need....xxxx
God Bless you all....
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on 9 May 2013
I have followed Bernie journey first as part of the Nolans, then in Brookside and especially the last few years fighting like a trouper so publicly against the evil cancer that seems so determined to take her from her loving family and the world she so clearly enjoys being such a vibrant part of - I was truly gutted for her when I read in the papers that she was losing her war but my god she certainly has won many a battles with it, never have I been so moved as I have been by a book clearly written by Bernie (and her husband towards the end) herself - unlike many of these 'celebrity' titles - this one really does come from the heart. She has shown and especially in this book that she truly is a one of lifes troupers - you will laugh, smile and you will certainly cry when you read this book - I read it in one go and couldn't put it down, I've now given it to my friend - try it you wont regret it AND you might just feel differently about what really matters to us all because her will to live despite all the odds stacked against her are awe inspiring - Bernie if you ever read this - or your family do - I salute you.
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on 9 May 2013
Laughed, cried and cried again.....such a wonderful insight into the life of Bernie and her family, one in which the love for each other shines through. Thank you Bernie and Steve for sharing this with the public....and thank you for the music x

Sadly I have just heard the news that Bernie lost her battle for life on 4th July 2013. RIP Bernie and thanks for the memories
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on 22 September 2013

What a wonderful woman Bernie was. I used to be a fan of the Nolan sisters- I even had their album of greatest hits with 'I'm In The Mood For Dancing', and 'Who's Gonna Rock You' etc. on. It's been nice to see the various sisters pop up on TV in recent years, eg. Coleen on Loose Women, This Morning and Dancing On Ice and Bernie in The Bill. I was very sad to hear about Bernie's fight with breast cancer a few years ago, also of her sisters Anne and Linda already having fought this dreadful disease. I decided to leave reading this book a few months after Bernie had passed away rather than reading straight away. I'm so glad Bernie decided to write this and what a remarkable job she did. It's very cleverly written-it feels like she's just sat there having a conversation with you, telling you about her life. It's so honest, she tells everything just like it was.This book is not all doom and gloom, it's a real celebration of all her life and tells of her early life, the beginnings of the sisters' singing career, where they've gigged and who they've met celebrity-wise over the years. So many achievements yet told with no boasting at all, just a genuine joy for life and love for all she's been able to achieve with her music and acting. The writing is so easy to read without any exhaustive descripions/scene setting etc, no unnecessary stuff. She just starts telling her life story and you just want to listen and read and read in one sitting. Bernie's husband Steve has written a final chapter to finish off her book and this is also very well done. The book includes numerous photos of Bernie and all her family. So glad I read this and it left me speechless when I had finished it. What a wonderful momento for Bernie to have left her family and everyone who reads this.
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on 26 December 2015
A very easy book to read, very detailed recounting of the Nolan's rise to fame which will satisfy fans but what really disturbed me was her attitude towards her dad, Tommy, as an abusive husband and father. Bernie has an apologist approach to the issue of her father's appalling cruelty - he beat his wife because he never wanted to be a family man, he felt trapped, he was unhappy, blah blah blah. As for her father's sexual abuse of elder sister Anne, Bernie is more bothered about her speaking out about her experience than anything else and goes so far as to proclaim her love for her father because she shared a 'bond' with him. There's just an unnerving acceptance of what he did to her mother and sister that did not sit well with me...there's a very clear message of 'I cant criticise him because he was good to me'. Bernie's courage in the face of terminal illness is admirable however her drive to to keep working and spending time away from home in pantos and shows when she was on such limited time is strange, most people would be looking to spend as much time as possible with their loved ones rather than working. I sensed a selfish streak in Bernie with regards to her career, so much time away from home leaving her child to be raised almost exclusively by her father and her constant self-praise of 'I'm a professional; I have a very strong work ethic; My voice is everything to me' left me at times feeling rather annoyed with her to be honest. I am left with an impression of a woman who was more than a little selfish about her own needs and wants which, I guess, came from being near the youngest in such a large family. I felt she owed her ailing mother a lot more of her time than the little she gave her - there's again a sense of Bernie preferring things to do with her mother being swept under the rug rather than faced full on and, having read this book, I have to say it is her mother's story which really overshadowed Bernie's. Her mother deserved a lot better than what she got from a very hard and often painful life.
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on 10 May 2013
What a truly amazing life , you have shared so much in this with so many , no doubt inspiring so many as well . Thank you for making me laugh cry and hiccup !! A truly lovely family , a daughter to be proud of and a husband who is worth a million , yourself someone who has given so much to everything A true lovely genuine lady and its been a pleasure and honour to read a truly remarkable life keep fighting and always look for the sunflower at the end of the rainbow xx
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on 11 May 2013
The saddest book I have ever read.

For anyone to write an autobiography, knowing they have such a short time to live, must be heart breaking. Bernie is so brave and to put down in words, the pain and emotions she is experiencing, and what her husband and daughter are also going through is horrendous.

I bought this book at 7pm and couldn't go to bed until I had finished it. But it is a truly sad story x
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on 15 February 2016
I found the book funny, sad, full of life, and I'm glad I read it! Without going into a lot of detail, (which obviously has been done already in the hundreds of reviews), just want to add....loved her totally honesty about everything! Refreshing. As a cancer survivor myself, it was easy to relate to much of the detail of her journey through the disease. Sad she didn't make it, as she was a "real gutsy lady, greedy for life"! Read it, it's life, it's what sometimes happens...sadly.
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on 12 May 2013
What a special lady you are..... once I started reading your book I couldn't put it down. Felt like your voice was reading this to me. What a fabulous life you have had with wonderful family and friends. Everybody should read this book and realise how precious life is.... much love Bernie Nolan xxxx
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on 5 November 2014
I enjoyed reading this book, although I was aware of how it was going to end and wasn't sure how I would feel for Bernie and her family come that time. Bernie described everything in great detail, it was funny, sad and very frank at times but it was a lovely insight into her life and family. Bernie will be sadly missed but leaves behind a loving family and legacy.
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