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on 15 November 2014
Great book for anyone looking to put a stop to their biggest procastination;).
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on 3 April 2012
Like the previous reviewer I enjoyed the author's other book 'Eat That Frog'. That was about personal effectiveness in business, whereas 'Kiss That Frog' ventures into counselling and self-help.

The book's strength is its clear concise writing and easy to understand ideas. It aims to be inspirational and practical at the same time and mostly succeeds. Most of the information and ideas here come from the basic principles of cognitive behavioural therapy (or CBT) with aspects of Reality Therapy and other similar counselling approaches.

The whole 'frog' metaphor is continued from the previous book mentioned above. It's not a bad idea but it really begins to grate after a few chapters. Also the talk of frogs and handsome princes might be a little alienating for a male reader especially when combined with the liberal use of the female pronoun, although 'he' gets make some random appearances.

I did find some of the book's pronouncements to be a little too trite and simplisitic and in some cases I could immediately think of several compelling arguments as to why they just weren't true, or only true in some situations. I know the book aims to be short and snappy but some of the ideas are poorly developed and the authors are prone to unhelpful generalisations at times.

My biggest issue with the book is that the authors sneak in some of their own political and religious leanings at times, to no constructive effect. Comments disapproving of socialism and communism and a call to only admire and never criticise rich people hint at the authors having some personal issues of their own, and perhaps not always practicing what they preach regarding positivity and avoiding criticism and resentment.

There's also some risible abject nonsense about the Law of Attraction and positive force-fields that is just irresponsible and unprofessional considering one of the authors is a psychotherapist, who is otherwise promoting evidence-based methods. Surely a good editor should have removed some or all of the above?

Overall not as good as 'Eat That Frog' but not bad if you want a quick easy read to get you feeling more positive about life and yourself. It loses stars for some of its strange and random comments and the awful rubbish that I suspect comes from another popular self help bestseller.
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Once upon a time, a princess kissed a frog. It turned into the prince of her dreams, and they lived happily ever after. The father-daughter team of motivational author and speaker Brian Tracy and psychotherapist Christina Tracy Stein expand on that fairy tale (which was also the title hook of his earlier book, Eat That Frog) to teach you to recognize and learn from your frogs - fears, uncertainties and wounds that prevent you from achieving joy and fulfillment. Their prescriptive approach can help you banish negativity and replace self-limiting behaviors with positive expectation. Short chapters include exercises and techniques that the authors promise will have near-immediate effects on your perspective. While some suggestions are reminiscent of other self-help books, getAbstract recommends their 12 doable steps to leading a positive life to any princesses or princes who are still sitting by the pond waiting for life to change.
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on 17 April 2012
I enjoyed Eat that Frog more and felt this one just tried to piggy back the initial book. Not really offer any more insight than trying to reassure yourself that you are in control (which in some ways is why people - like me - pick these books up. Always in the hope of finding another nugget to use in day to day life.....
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on 30 March 2012
Kiss That Frog is amazing! I read EAT THAT FROG by the same author and loved that. So thought I would give this book a whirl. Not only was it direct and to the point, but was not lengthy with pages and pages of information. It was a written well and made me feel empowered to take control of my life. The way the book used the old phrase "Kiss that Frog to turn into a prince" was great, made the book light hearted and even more enjoyable to read. Especially loved the 7 truths about you in the first chapter....so inspired I wrote them on stars and put them round my mirror to remind me that I am all of those things!
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on 24 April 2013
Kiss That Frog uses the metaphor of an ugly frog for those things in life that we know we should tackle, but hold back from doing, through fear and other negative emotions.

I borrowed this book from the library, and Mind mapped the contents to remember them.
The book starts with 'Seven Truths About You', a morale boosting taster to spur you on.
There are 'Now Do This' action points throughout, and seven positive traits to enable you to get more out of life.
The book contains twelve short chapters, taking only a few hours to read.

The book, perhaps, necessarily with regards to the title, gets 'swamped', (excuse the pun), with negative emotions, eg worry, fear, anxieties. These topics take up around 80% of the content.

Kissing that frog may be necessary, but leaves a bitter after-taste.
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on 21 October 2015
Thought provoking great book full of useful information thank you.
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on 5 September 2012
Excellent! Easy to use, practical ideas that can be used on a daily basis. A definite addition to Eat That Frog by the same author. I also have the audiobook version, which I think comes across better than the printed version. Don't know why. Maybe it is just my preference. I wonder what the next book will be called!!!!!
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on 29 December 2015
Good to have it in your time-management library.
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on 14 September 2014
best help I have had to keep my head above water
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