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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 4 November 2011
Read the book on Kindle first, then took a hard copy on holiday to begin planning my food future.

It's easy to read, and to follow, and the hints and tips really make a difference. Coming to the end of my third week now having followed the plan EXACTLY - and have lost 9lbs in weight, and my shape has changed - I can really see the difference.

I am NEVER hungry, or expereince cravings - it's as though a switch has been flicked and I'm finally seeing food in a different light. Life is beginnning to get good !!!

If you want to shed the weight for the LAST time, get reading.
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on 22 June 2012
Do not read this long review if you don't like listening to 'diet bores'...

Dr Dukan is not the greatest writer in translation. His original book (on Kindle) is very rambling in style. I wouldn't recommend that you buy the electronic version of the book if your Kindle doesn't have touch screen page turning.

I haven't actually bought this book yet, but the new 'Dukan Diet Cookbook' is quite good. After a few weeks of the diet, you will anyway get an intuition of which foods you can/should eat and combine. Another book by Joanna Goodchild was very helpful to me. It is based upon recipes with oat bran and has a very useful one for 'bread' made in the microwave. I adapted this recipe to make nice sponge type cakes, 'Tiramisu' chocolate gateau etc. With the availability of 'bread', we can also take 'sandwiches' to work and eat things 'on toast'. This useful recipe is better and quicker than the standard Dukan 'bread' recipe.

The diet is working well for both my husband and self. We started on April 3rd 2012. He commenced weighing in at 18.5 stone and has lost 3.5 stone so far. I started at 14.5 stone and have lost 2.5 stones. We are still on the 2nd 'Cruise' stage, alternating pure protein days with protein and vegetable days. We have had some delicious food and have NEVER felt hungry. Some recipes would be presentable anywhere e.g. Luc Lac Beef (or with chicken) which is a great favourite of ours. We have it at least weekly on a 'pure protein' day. My 'bad' cholesterol level has dropped from 6.8 to 4.5,despite eating more prawns and eggs, so I don't think that the diet is doing me any harm. We both have clearly defined waists and flatter stomachs now and have both dropped several clothing sizes.You start off by watching the scales for your progress, but then, the mirror becomes even more motivating!

This is less expensive to follow than the Cambridge Diet or Lighter Life Diet and much less expensive than Diet Chef. There are no fees to pay and you don't attend classes. If you are not a cook or cannot follow recipes, then I don't think you would find it very easy, as most of the food has to be freshly prepared (and thought out and shopped for in advance) The diet would become totally tedious if you were only using food that didn't need to be prepared. It begins to come as second nature to operate in this way and most of the recipes are quick and straightforward. It would also be very difficult for Vegetarians who don't eat fish and impossible (in my opinion) for Vegans. You need to source and buy different products. A number of low fat, no sugar, dairy products are a staple. Read labels carefully. Some of the cheaper own brands actually taste better. Two Chicks pasteurised liquid egg white is a godsend (Sains..... larger branches) as is the cheap but flavourful value fat-reduced cocoa,(Tes..) Oh, the chocolate cakes, meringues, muffins and cookies we have made!! You also have to bulk buy oat bran to use as 'flour' and I get mine from an Amazon supplier. After the first couple of weeks it is easy to eat in restaurants. You just have grilled meat or fish or an omelette with salad or vegetables on a 'protein and vegetable' day.

Frankly, the hardest part for us has been giving up booze for stages 1 and 2. However, when I recently had dry white and red wine on my husband's birthday, it tasted horribly sweet to me and when I had Vodka and Tonic, I couldn't actually taste the spirit,so just ended up drinking it like water, paying for this error the next day. To sum up, I just didn't enjoy it anymore. So, apart from Champagne very occasionally, I don't think that I will go back to the old drinking habits that mostly created my larger self (estimated 4 stones gain over 10 years) What is the point of spending all of that money if you don't enjoy it?

You can actually eat a lot on this diet, but we have found that our portion sizes have actually shrunk - we just can't eat as much as we used to, but as previously said, so long as you eat regularly, you don't feel hungry.

My husband has thrived on this regime, he's absolutely vibrant with new energy and has stopped snoring too! I felt very tired during the first couple of weeks, but since I have lost all of the weight, I find myself running up the stairs and walking for miles without becoming breathless. I feel and look younger too, although my skin doesn't fit quite as well as it used to (nothing really unsightly though)

Although we don't yet know how we will survive once the 100% regime is lifted, I just have to recommend the diet and anything connected to it. Our self-esteem has improved and we both feel much happier.I hope that it works for you too!
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on 1 December 2011
I started Dukan over a year ago and lost over 5 stones in a year and was really committed to the diet. Then my 40th happened,and I thought what the heck and I then went by the wayside over the last few months and have put 2 stone back on - and not because of the diet, because I started to really binge eat the wrong foods, chocolate, sweets, chips, KFC's (basically I nearly inhaled the food - but that is due to my own relationship with food rather than the failing of the diet) - I bought this book to help try and re-invigorate my mojo and I have to say, if you are thinking of doing the Dukan diet, buy this book and not the paperbacks. This is more user friendly - you can see pictures of the recipes and there looks some absolutely gorgeous stuff in there.

Last Christmas I was on the Dukan diet and coped really well and really stuck to it, so I'm not going to use it's nearly Christmas as an excuse to start the program again.

The diet works, if you are in the right headspace and if you can only afford one Dukan book, this is the one to buy in my humble opinion.

Good Luck and may I see less of you next year :-)
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on 20 November 2011
I bought both the recipe book and the original book in paperback recently and then decided to get this too - this is a much better laid out book with lots of pictures to look at and in a much easier pick up and look at format (I just find it far easier and more interesting to navigate).

Really inspired me much more than the paperback.
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on 4 March 2012
As someone who has always had to watch her weight I have been amazed at how easy this diet is.Not eating fruit has taken some getting use to and I was glad to get to the 2nd phase but I have not missed carbs-and I was convinced I would.My weight loss so far has been very good-better than all previous diets but I am convinced that this diet changes your brain-I have not been able to stay so focussed on any other diet.
A TIP-always have your bran-This is the only difficulty I have had to overcome but it is necessary on a high protein diet.
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on 23 May 2012
This review is more to do with the diet rather than this specific book - I've bought the paperback, the recipe book and 'The Dukan Diet Life Plan'. All are good, the former has more information, the latter makes for a more pleasing package.

I've been wanting to shift 3 - 4 stone for about 10 years, and was forever losing about a stone, getting complacent or bored after a few weeks and the stone would go back on, until the next attempt. Like many here I tried various methods - Atkins, Slimming World, The Cambridge Diet etc. I'd never really heard about Dukan until I came across it on Amazon, and thought I may as well try another one...

I ordered the paperback and read it over before taking the plunge. I was slightly concerned as it seemed rather draconian in part, and I knew that if I was to be succesful I'd be on it for a very long time. I'd not got on well with Atkins, another high protein/low carb diet and hoped this would be better. It was. Within a day or two of starting this I knew it could be different this time; I soon lost all urges to eat any of the processed and sugary food I used to. I soon lost any obsession I had with food. On previous diets I'd find it hard to resist biscuits, chocolates etc - I'd think 'I'll have one and count it' whereas now I'm not tempted at all. I started the diet early Feb 2012. It's now mid May and I've lost 48 pounds. I lost 8 or 9 pounds on the attack phase and it just dropped of consistently at a rate of 2-4 pounds each week since. I'm about 6 pounds off the target weight I set myself but now know I'll go on at least another stone beyond that, as long as the weight is dropping off I know this is my chance not just to get to a weight I'd previously been comfortable with, but to actually get slim.

I rarely feel hungry, do not feel deprived, I'll carry on eating much of the food way past the diet; I'd say it really has changed my eating habits. My wife is doing it too - she's lost 2 stone in 2 months. neither of us are in any way tempted to cheat or even come off until we are happy with our weights. Since the day I started I haven't had one biscuit, not one chocolate - not cheated once - because it's easy to stay committed. The only thing I have had that the book says no to is wine - I have a few glasses now and again and it hasn't slowed my weight loss, or if it has it's still at a rate that keeps me very motivated.

It's great getting up in the morning and not feeling and looking the way I did. All my 'fat clothes' are gone, new wardrobe now, clothes shopping is a pleasure again, no going back...
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on 2 November 2011
I really looked forward to this version having followed the original book for 18months and losing 98lbs in the first 10 months. I was expecting to see more input for my vegetarian friends, and for me because I like the odd veggie meal. I know the US version includes tofu, seitan and tempeh. As a coached member of the Dukan Diet I also know that quorn is allowed as are lentils for vegetarians, yet absolutely no mention is made of any of these in the book, except for tofu!! Why not? This was an ideal opportunity to update the book but all they have done is revamped the layout, which I have to admit is so much better than the original UK & US versions.
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on 14 December 2011
I have read the original Dukan Diet book but this one is much easier to follow. The pictures are eye-catching and appealing. Although the book is basically the same as the original (but with pictures and some more recipes added) you can pick it up and flick through it easily to the part you want.
I did try the diet when I read the original book (it did work) but I gave up before reaching the consolidation phase - I found it a bit boring trying to reread the parts I needed. This book is different, it has the phases laid out in such a way that you can't help but want to give it a go!
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on 8 July 2012
This diet has really worked for my sister which is why I thought I'd give it a try. I read the book before I started and it it is very accessible. I did the 5 day protein only start and can honestly say I wasn't hungry during those five days, and I did lose 4.5 pounds. However, not eating fruit and veg did not seem right to me.I felt rather peculiar, with quite sharp stomach pains and an unpleasant taste in my mouth. I suspected that the amount of fibre would be inadequate so I took Fibogel as well. Even so, I became dreadfully constipated and it has taken nearly a month for my system to feel right again. My sister had none of these problems and the weight has really come off, so perhaps it's just me, but this diet did not suit me at all.
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on 12 February 2012
if you are thinking of trying the Dukan diet , then this book is the only one youll need . i got the paper back one last year but didnt start until January 16 th , have lost 10 pounds already , only 3 more to go. wish i'd seen this version first tho as its set out beautufully with lots of pictures and it's simple to follow. You even have meal ideas for each section for a whole week and i realise i'm probably not eating enough . The recipies look great and ill be trying them out for sure. this book is fantastic and i highly recommend it , and one last word THIS DIET WORKS AND STOPS SUGAR CRAVINGS and i just love it
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