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on 7 September 2015
My favourite Indian cookbook! And I have a few....
She uses a lot of oil, but I generally halve it and the recipes still work out well. I purchased a good sized mortar & pestle to use with this book, as she uses a masala paste in a lot of the recipes. I would advise this, as you get a better depth of flavour than you get with just chopping stuff up and it's a lot of fun (until you get chilli in your eye!)
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on 13 May 2017
This cookbook has changed my life! I've rarely cooked vegetarian meals in the past but this book has changed everything. The tarka daal recipe is sensational. I must have made it 10 times or more in six months!
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on 13 July 2017
Great book written in a very easy style, with some really good recipes. I have only cooked two so far (one three times though!) but look forward to working my way through it
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on 24 March 2017
Wonderful book, good food
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on 4 September 2017
I have read most of the recipes, and am will be trying shortly, I will however be using less cooking oil and salt.
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on 14 July 2017
I’ve tried out nearly 20 recipes from this book and I love it. Although I didn’t get success every time, I found so many amazing recipes in this book that it gets top marks. The recipes are clearly explained and reasonably easy to follow (except the chickpea pancake rolls). Most of the ingredients are fairly easy to get hold of, though it’s no surprise that you’ll need a decent range of spices.

Listed below are all the recipes we’ve made from the book, with notes and a star rating from 1-5.

The book is vegetarian (milk, yogurt and butter used, but no eggs), where there was dairy, it was replaced with vegan ingredients. This was mostly successful, but as you’ll see from the notes below, not always.

Chapatti balls pg 50 *****
Amazing flavour. The recipe suggested frying them, with baking as an alternative. They were slightly dry when baked but still fantastic. I also tried the filling with the potato covering from page 52 and it worked really well (one recipe of the potato filling covered 14-16 balls).

Garlic-coconut filled potato balls pg 52 ***
Needed more potato and too dry. I did not have fresh coconut or the correct sev which might explain this, so it’s probably not the fault of the recipe.

Spicy chickpea cake pg 62 **
Needs a live set vegan yogurt. I used a plain vegan yogurt, which seemed to affect the texture, which was dense. I wouldn’t make it again without live set vegan yogurt.

Chickpea pancake rolls pg 70 *
The recipe warned that you might need to practice these a few times to get them right. I tried once and made such a mess that I was not motivated enough to try them again. Lots of skill required and the book couldn’t adequately teach this.

Potato and cauliflower stuffed flatbread pg 94 *****
Very nice, an extra-special flatbread to go with a meal.

Aubergine and Indian broad bean curry pg 110 ****
Very nice, needed a bit more flavour. I used regular UK broad beans, they would have been nicer shelled.

Tamarind, tomato and potato curry pg 113 *****
Tasty sweet and sour curry. Liquid needed adjusting slightly, there was too much.

Corn-on-the-cob curry pg 121 *****
Brilliant. Frozen corn on the cob was listed in the recipe and it didn’t sound too promising, but it worked well and was really tasty. It was fun to eat the curry with the big chunks of corn on the cob in it.

Chickpea curry pg 132 ****
Not enough liquid. Nice enough flavours, but I probably wouldn’t make it again.

Spinach and mushroom curry pg 135 *****
Delicious with a delicate flavour. Loaded with spinach which was great.

Spicy tomato and cheese pg 142 *****
Excellent – star recipe of the book so far. I added in some extra vegetables, used Bute Island non-melty cheddar sheese and adapted the method. The flavours are best if you leave it to stand for at least an hour before re-heating and eating. It was/is fabulous.

Tarka dhal pg 143 *****
Best dhal I’ve ever made.

Cumin-infused rice pg 158 ****
Nice – subtle flavour

Sambar pg 190 ****
Tasty, but not my favourite ever sambar.

Spiced yogurt soup pg 193 *
Didn’t work with soya yogurt – curdled.

Red pepper and carrot relish 206 *****
Good fresh flavour.

Yogurt and mint dip 211 *****
Really good. This has Colmans mint sauce in it, a surprisingly good addition.

Raita 212 ***
Ok, flavour needs improving.

Mustard seed, curry leaf and coconut dip 214 *****
Lovely and delicate with the chunks of flaked coconut in it. I used half tinned coconut milk and half soya yogurt, and flaked coconut instead of desiccated.
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on 8 July 2017
I completely agree with Eve's review. I have tried out four main course recipes and would give them 50, 35, 35 & 25 out of a hundred respectively. I too was amazed at the poor quality of the end products after reading the glowing reviews of the book on Amazon. I have been cooking for 40 years, covering British, French, Italian, Middle Eastern, Chinese, Indian & Thai cuisines, and have lived on the subcontinent for fifteen years. So the poor outcomes cannot be put down to either inexperience or to an uneducated palate.

I have not been to the writer's restaurant, but the discrepancy between the results of her recipes per the book, and the tripadvisor reviews of the restaurant strongly suggests that the book's recipes are no where near the real deal.
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on 18 August 2015
I've been a Western vegetarian for about 19 years, which basically means dairy, pasta, Quorn and wheat in large quantities, leading to a weight problem ...yes, yes, I know it doesn't have to be that way but this is my review so please be quiet :). In 2010 I had a revelation - I needed to learn how to cook Asian food, so I could eat lots of tasty and healthy Asian dishes, and move away from Western vegetarianism. The first problem was I didn't have a clue how to cook good Asian food - I hadn't grown up in an Asian household, learning at my mother's knee so to speak, so I began the very lengthy process of learning to cook another cuisine from scratch, when I'm not a particularly good cook in the first place. I bought a few different cook books - my inital food forrays into Asian cooking weren't pleasant on the taste buds and usually got thrown away. But my love of tasty Asian food made me persevere and bit by bit I started to make sense of what was being asked of me, particularly when I bought Kaushy's beautiful book. At the risk of stating the obvious I had to do a certain amount of shopping to get started - I would head out to the shops with a shopping list of spices, and as time went by I bought myself things like a masala tray and a flat bottomed pancake type thing to heat my chappatis. I have now mastered one dish so well, that I can make it almost with my eyes closed, but I make it every week like clockwork. I may just be making one dish successfully at the moment but I believe I have finally understood the processes of the initial mustard and cumin seeds, the asoefatida, the turmeric, the masala, of how to tie the whole dish together. I roast spices and grind them too! I love Kaushy's comments through the book about her family, and the beautiful pictures. It is absolutely my favourite cookbook.
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on 7 January 2014
This book could turn even the most committed meat eaters into at least part-time vegetarians. The dishes are mouthwatering and the textures and flavours are superb. I find I have to cut down the amount of salt and chilli a little, but the recipes are very forgiving and this never detracts from the overall taste. If you're not used to cooking Indian food, my advice is go back to basics and take the Delia approach i.e. prepare, weigh and measure everything out fully before you switch the stove/pan on! If you're an experience cook you'll find these recipes easy, if you're a novice, try them on a rainy day when you've got plenty of time to potter around in the kitchen. Without doubt the best cookery book I bought in 2013.
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on 15 February 2013
I only received this book as although Im not a practicing veggie its generally all I cook when Im at home. I also like a bit of spice in my food & after reading the reviews already on hear took the plunge.

On first look I was a bit dissapointed as there didnt seem to be that many straight forward curry receipes..But then I had bought this book as I thought the receipes were going to be something original so I can't have it all ways :-) Anyway I could read through the book time & time again or I could actually have a go at making something then make my mind up. Im so glad I did! I decided to invite all the housemates (so cooking for 6) for a meal involving 4 of the recipes as well as some dhal. I cant remember all the names but I made rustic flatbreads (my mouth is watering as I think of these, will be making them again this weekend for sure!), quick spicy sweetcorn (my favorite), riata (yay, I can make a nicer one that my localy take away now!), Garlicky black chickpeas & potato curry (I thought this was going to be pretty bland and dry, how wrong I was).

Every receipe was simple to make & really well explained. There wasnt a single bit of food left and the flatmates were still thanking me two days later! I cant wait to work my way through the whole book to learn new things and more importantly eat very interesting healthy food! Thank you...
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