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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 22 August 2015

Nostalgia. That's what made me read this weighty tome. See, I grew up with the TV movie (yes, it sounds sick that a child should grow up with a movie about a killer clown), and that's why I just HAD to read the book. I am, after all, a Stephen King fan.

So, I wanted to give this monster of a novel only four stars.
Here's why:

'It' is a big book. A HUGE book, and unecessarily so. For the first time in my thirty years of life, I skipped some pages. Because I was DETERMINED to get to the end of this thing.

THE BIG CONTROVERSIAL topic is the scene where Beverly goes sixes on a bastard with the Losers. I've seen the other reviews - I'm sure you have too - and it seems to be nothing more than a battleground where eveybody wants to voice their opinion on the matter. I can actually see what Stephen was trying to say, of course, but an eleven-year-old virgin doesn't see sex as a beautiful thing.
But the problem with saying this, is that everybody wants to give an earful to those people if it conflicts with THEIR opinion on the matter.
And so I will say this: personally, whether it be right or wrong for the story, I personally did not like that scene.

I've said it's too big but it's not that there are unimportant chapters, only that I think some of those chapters are too long. I honestly do not want to read about the architecture of a building for three pages if a scene won't even be SET in that building!

Anyhow, those are the four-star reasons.
The five? These are deserved because King had not failed to deliver an entire world for the reader to become absorbed. The story in itself is nothing short of unappreciated genius (let's face it folks, it's not a horror. It's an epic story of love, loss, and friendship).
For its size alone, it's not a book I will ever come back to, and although i found myself bored silly on more than one occassion, I will forever appreciate the characters I was introduced to within the book. I closed the final page with a feeling of warmth flowing inside me.

I will forever hold The Losers Club close to my heart, and I sincerely thank Mr King for allowing me to meet them.
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on 28 October 2015
I purchased this on the kindle ( not entirely sure how to review kindle books) but as it's still the same story I think it should be okay reviewing it on here.
Very rarely leave reviews but for this I had to.
Yes, it's a long book. 1,300 approx. But even that for me wasn't long enough. I felt like I was actually living in this story and the world created.
The first few hundred pages are slow, it's just typical Stephen King giving you the backstory. Read through that bit and just enjoy getting to know these brilliant characters who make up The Losers Club.

As I said, I lived in this story while reading it. I could see Derry, I could actually feel some sort of insidious presence to the town while I was watching the Losers Club going through their adventures.
Now I probably wouldn't have wanted to be actually living in this world at that time given what lurked in the sewers, but the fact that this is the only story ever to have this effect on me (I have read an awful lot of books) makes it very special.
Don't be put off by the length, this book is truly worth every single page and detail.
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on 19 August 2013
I was sure I read this years ago, but when the town of Derry and its troubles were mentioned in Stephen King's 11/22/63 I decided I needed to read it again. There was so much that I don't remember, so either I only ever watched the movie, or over the years my memory has degraded.

I know that many complain of how much backstory and background he can go into, but that's part of what I love about him. OK a few thousand pages does seem overkill, but I can't imagine a thing I would leave out of it. The more we know about each of the characters the more we care.

I do sometimes feel that sometimes he's put so much into the backstory though, that once we get to the end if just kind of ends, and there's not the same kind of thought. But I can't say it disappointed me, just wish that since I'd invested so much that there'd been a little bit more once they all collected in Derry of who they are now.

Classic Stephen King. Up there with Cujo (the book NOT the movie), Needful Things (book, not movie), The Stand...
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on 21 August 2014
I do enjoy SKs books and own many, my favourite being Christine as it was the first one I read! I found this book quite disappointing though.

It took a while to get into as a lot of things were so detailed, drawn out and sometimes seemed pointless! I carried on reading as I enjoyed the TV series and if I hadn't have already seen that I probably wouldn't have had a clue as to what was going on as it was going back and forward in time without much given notice.

The main thing about the book that I did enjoy was learning more about the characters, the losers, the bullies and also the history of Derry.

The biggest let down for me, which I wasn't expecting as I hadn't read any reviews, is the 11 year olds, 6 boys and 1 girl all having sex in the sewers (which was also drawn out over a few pages). I don't know what SK was thinking and what it contributed to the story! The children already had a bond, they went to face uncertain death together! Was that not enough? It probably doesn't help that I have an 11 year old daughter myself and I really didn't like the image I had in my head. It put me off the book and I put it down for a couple of days but then forced myself to carry on reading just to say "I finished it".

Overall it was an OK read but it wasn't his best! If you liked the series stick with that!
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on 29 January 2015
This is the only book I've ever read twice, ironically enough the first time was around 25-27 years ago, this time prompted by a conversation with my nephew on a good scary book he should aspire to reading soon (though maybe not at eleven)! For old times sake I treated myself to reading the sample, just to relive the initial page turning thrill. Sure enough I bought the book and reread it. What a self indulgent treat it was too, even better for being savoured rather than devoured. Still creepy, scary, enthralling it takes you to another time and place, for someone who grew up in 1970s England I feel I know late 50s Maine, more than that I long to be there, be one of the losers gang and share their adventure. I love the time shifting narrative and interweaving stories, I feel I love the experience of the group and keep my fingers crossed for them, waiting and wanting them to form their group. Much is made of the ending, originally I also found it slightly unsatisfactory or incomplete, but not this time, this time the weirdness seemed right, chiming with the innate incomprehensibility of "it"; even if it hadn't, you know what, sometimes it's the journey more than the destination that makes an amazing story, and what a story. By the end I could hardly bear to finish the book, to be parted from these companions I'd found and gradually forget them just as they forgot one another once and will again, and how achingly sad is it that at the end they had inevitability it seems, begun to forget again. Pennywise, IT, is of course a work of genius, but ultimately it's the story of the relationships of the protagonists both as adults but especially as children, that makes this the exciting, beautiful, dreadful and enthralling creation it is. Truly King's masterpiece, and one I intend to hopefully treat myself to in another 25 years or so. (Unless he does a sequel before then).
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on 20 July 2006
This is a truly fantastic novel...shocking and electrifying.

A complex plot is well constructed and literally crackles with energy, menace and surprises.

A must-read for any horror fan.
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on 12 June 2006
This is the ultimate Stephen King novel, and then some! I don't know how he managed to pull off such an epic masterpiece that enthrals with every single page, but here it is.

The characters are so brilliantly realised - so much so that you find yourself truly caring for them. People always just think of the clown (that's probably down to Tim Curry's great turn as Pennywise in the 'IT' TV movie) but the book is much deeper than that. It really chills your heart in places. And then when the kids rise up against the evil it's so stirring and triumphant.

I'm a big King fan but I find that 'IT' totally eclipses everything else he's written, including 'The Stand' which is generally seen as his best (I don't care for it that much to be honest). I'm telling you, if you ain't read this you ain't read nothing yet!
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on 14 July 2011
Want to get your hands on a classic King novel? You can do no wrong with 'It'.

When I was about 10 years old I watched the movie It (thank you mother). You can not believe how scared I was for a long long time. Now I'm 29 years old and I still believe that clowns are scary creatures. I hate clowns. My mother has always been a Stephen King fan, and I remember there was always some King book lying around in the living room. I was always fascinated by the covers. When I was old enough, about 15 years, I had the courage to start reading 'It'. The book as usual is better than the movie.
Maybe it's because I'm almost turning 30 and I 'm in some sort of nostalgic mood, I have the urge to relive some parts of my youth. So recently, I bought IT through amazon, with the old school cover and it has been a joy reading this book again. Having read most of Kings books, IT is one of my all time favorites. It doesn't really 'scare' me, but I remember how I felt back in the days when I first saw the movie.

Stephen King is no John Steinbeck or Capote... But King is truly a master in telling a story, and giving you a feeling of being in the story. IT is a page turner, and that's a good thing considering it's length.

Yesterday, I had graveyard shift at the police station, I was reading IT. Some collegues passed by, looking at my book. 'Oh that's the book with the clown and the children', 'Oh, it's IT!' ...

IT is a classic.
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on 19 April 2016
If you ever want to know what a great writer is, read this book. Stephen King's detractors forget to mention that he is an expert at drawing you into another world, making each and every character real and believable. It's not just about the terror; it's about how it affects characters you love to love and love to hate.
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on 30 December 2002
This is It. And it really is. This is, to my mind, without doubt the greatest work of horror fiction ever written. I read it when I was eleven, after the much hyped movie had failed to deliver the scares that it had promised. I've read it six times since.
It combines all of the elements that have made Stephen King into one of the most highly (though not universally) respected writers of this century. The childhood memories, the emotional struggles (a demonic killer paling into comparison next to getting the girl you like to notice you, or standing up to the local bully), friendship, unity and sheer, heart-stopping terror.
It is slow, so if you prefer a story that will thrust you into the thick of it right away, don't be fooled by the opening of this one. There is a shocking opening, but after that, there is a lot of scene-setting before things really get going again. However, if you want to experience this master storyteller at his very best, then let him take you into the very heart and soul of Derry, and he'll leave you changed forever.
This book, as with so many of King's works, plays on the bonds between the principal characters, but with the page count well into the thousand mark, he really has time to make you feel for them.
DO NOT judge this book on the basis of the movie. The movie was terrible by comparison, forsaking large chunks of the story for the sake of the nicely-nicely Hollywood machine. Read this in its own right, and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.
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