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on 18 June 2015
Ok, so i'm only a quarter of the way through this - its not quite as easy as they make it sound but it is really working for me - albeit with plenty of recapping. It works best on an iPhone or similar whilst you're next to the pause button. Really clear and working very well so far - I would certainly recommend it!
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on 23 September 2015
Just what my son needed. He listens to it on the way to work which can be up to an hour. Perfect for the car or van.
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on 2 April 2014
The language course itself is very good with a logical progression, but something must have gone wrong in production! We have an iMac and a MacBook Pro, and this course won't play on either of them. The discs couldn't be read on one of them and jammed the cd reader on the other. As luck would have it we also have an old PC laptop and the course does play on that, but you cannot import the tracks. The disadvantage therefore is that I can only listen to the course from the PC laptop when I have the actual discs with me, whereas I would have liked to have uploaded the discs to iTunes and listened to the course from my iPad or iPod! See other reviews for technical difficulties. As Michel Thomas always looked to make life easy, I'm sure this is not what he would have wanted! Technical difficulties impede learning, so perhaps look for other audio courses before going for this one.
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on 19 February 2013
I've already used the Michel Thomas Polish. I find this approach really suits me especially alongside more traditional grammar books.
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on 30 November 2012
This course was a total non-starter.
I had the first set replaced when certain CDs were unreadable - more of them were unreadable in the second set and the third time round, they did not have anything to send me and refunded the money. Amazon were great. The replacements arrived before I had dispatched the faulty goods and the refund was immediately in my account.
Now like most people wanting to do this course, I intended to copy the content to iTunes and load it onto a portable MP3 player. With Polish and Russian, which I have also done, all the tracks imported. The Polish version was sorted automatically into the correct order (lessons 1 to 50-or whatever) whereas Russian tracks I had to sort manually. The Portuguese tracks that I was able to get off were not able to pull in track names from Gracenotes and were thus named "Untitled 1" to 10 etc on each CD and would not hold a manually sorted order thereafter, regardless what I tried. This would mean that it would want to play "Untitled 1" from the first CD followed by "Untitled 1" on the second.
Being a reasonable sort and knowing that this was the 'New' series, I wrote to them with details of my experience and asking if a second edition was due once the clearly needed recall had happened . . . . ( the initial production studio fired and a new lot put on the job, etc.)
I never got a reply. It was actually difficult to find someone to contact in the first instance - shades of RyanAir.
Until this product is relaunched, don't bother. Try and source a second-hand version of the old Portuguese course. The Michel Thomas method is great but the company obviously lost some vital skilled people when they set about refreshing the line-up, making silly errors and showing corner- and cost-cutting in the new series.
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on 30 December 2017
Personally I find the two “students” very distracting. I’m not sure whether they help you to learn by their mistakes or help you learn their mistakes. I can’t help feeling more concentration on the correct structure and pronunciation would e beneficial. The teacher is also extremely annoying with her silly mnemonics and comparisons with portugese words and the roots thereof.

Having said all that, I know more portugese now than I did before, so something is going in.
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on 13 September 2014
This is a very good product which works on the basis of a simple but very good method, though you get out what you put in - I do the course in the mornings on the train to work and my fellow passengers are bemused when I repeat the sentences under my breath. The other reviews are correct and it is useful going through the course with the two (occasionally stumbling) students and Paulo, the native Portuguese speaker with a very nice sonorous Portuguese voice. I am on disk 2 and it is slow going for me but I am already gaining confidence and am able to predict how to say what the teacher asks for. I would recommend this course. I would suggest that lessons (which are about 5-8 minutes in length) are repeated 3-4 times.
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on 30 July 2012
I've completed 3 CDs out of 8 of Total Portuguese. I find the method very gradual, intuitive and through. Yes, there is one of the student who seems to get it wrong most of the time. For me, this is a bonus, because this confirms that I haven't got it wrong! Sometimes I do make mistakes. But on the whole, the method builds on a few words. If there is an analogy with the English, it is given. Then you practice vy repeating the "no"-form and the question-form. Words are added to the sentence that you have to repeat. Example: How do you say go out? Sair. Please tell me, I want to go out, Quero sair. I want to go out with you, Quero sair com o senhor. I want to go out with you tonight, quero sair com o senhor esta noite, etc. i tis this build-up of sentences which makes the method invaluable, because you learn how to make sentences yourself. That's the brilliant part about the method.
The teacher helps herself with a Portuguese native to Portugal to speak the words with the native accent. This is invaluable too.
For me, this is really quite a remarkable course.. Highly recommended.
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on 19 May 2014
I'm moving to Portugal after finishing my studies so basic Portuguese, especially European Portuguese is very necessary. Even the dictionaries I found in bookstores focus only on Brazilian Portuguese so this Euro Portuguese course is invaluable. Before learning Portuguese I have studied Spanish for a few years so the words are not alien to me. However Portuguese does have a few situations where knowledge of Spanish fails to fit. and this is dealt with throughout the course with ease and those rules I used to memorise are "melted" within the learning process. I'm in the middle of CD 6 and it's going great.

Maybe a few cons would be that there is no natural interval between the question and answer so I need to hit stop when thinking about a long sentence. besides, the female student seems to have some knowledge of Spanish or French? She tries to pronounce every word with a Spanish pronunciation, yet making many many mistakes, some of which are exactly the same ones. This really wastes a lot of time. A 7 min audio is always filled up with at least 2 min of re-explaining to the woman.

cons aside, it's definitief worth purchasing and worth the money.
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on 16 August 2012
I have just finished the whole 8 CD course included in this product, and have to say I am very impressed. The format of the course is a classroom - there is a teacher, two students who learn with you and a native speaker. As you go through the course you are taught how to build sentences very gradually using common verbs and phrases. The teacher will tell you a verb or word - then ask you a sentence. You have to pause the CD and talk aloud. Then resume the CD and you hear one of the students attempting. It finishes with the native speaker telling you how it should be pronounced. The two students are at different levels (one keeps getting things wrong and the other is quite good - this is clever as you are encouraged by being better than one and try to get as good as the other student!) It is very conversational and natural unlike a lot of other courses - this keeps it interesting.

The course is also very useful as it helps you construct sentences, and unlike other audio courses it is not just via repetition of the same words. (which quickly becomes incredibly boring.) It also tells you how to convert English words into Portuguese (for example "..able" becomes "..ivel") and later in the course helps you learn tenses via changing sounds. It covers the present and present continuous, imperative, conditional, future and preterite. For some reason the imperfect is not included but this must be in the advance course.

Another reason the course is so good is that it really focuses on pronunciation - and particularly pronunciation of different tenses - this is important as some different tenses are spelt the same but are pronounced differently (for example compraram (they will buy) and compraram (they bought) only differ in where you stress the word.) This is where an audio course really excels compared to a written or book course.

I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants/needs to learn portuguese and is a complete beginner.
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