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on 10 September 2011
The instructions within the course are very clear, and the content is excellent. I am enjoying the course very much. The material is an extension of the earlier version, and I have learned a lot of new vocabulary.
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on 16 October 2011
I have been using Michel Thomas's Deutsch CDs for the past few months. I have been amazed that just by listening, and then working it out yourself, has really enabled me to improve my sentence structure - particularly because Michel clarifies everything so clearly.
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on 18 February 2013
Absolutely fantastic way to learn a language. It is taught in a very intuitive manner so that the grammer rules come across very clearly.

I have bought another package that is very good for vocab, but as Michel often says, the core of a language is understanding the grammer (use of verbs) and the rest is simple vocab.

I would recommend that you purchase this and listen to each lesson 2-3 times to make it stick because he packs a lot of material into such a short space of time.
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on 13 January 2013
Michel Thomas's method may well be a good method on a one to one basis: one cannot progress until one has understood the language themes he explores, which is good. However, listening to the posh girl continually failing to pronounce the words correctly is in the end tortuous. Thomas moves forward and back over his material until you get it. His use of the simplest sentences to show the fundamentals is good. He gets stuck with "Tun" a lot which is not a good example when continually used to demonstrate the Modal auxilliaries - his "handles" - however it's better than trying to read these grammar texts (like Hammer's) that never translate the examples, if any are given. At least Thomas keeps it simple so the structure is shown.

Where this breaks down in this set is when others take over from his method. The tracks are some 5- 8 minutes long meaning one cannot easily review as one goes along without having to listen again from the start when what has been glossed over say in the say 5th Minute of a track. The attempt to get us guessing the German for the word "cat" in an advanced course is gruelling and sentences like "In Rome cats are everywhere" is tortuous. The course is inconsistent: not all German sentences are translated back to the listener; not all translations are clearly set out, leaving me to have to skip back to the beginning of the track again. The course throughout seems to dwell on the polite "Sie" form even when the "Du" form is set up to follow. No mention of "Ihr" or "Euch." On the whole this is more frustrating the more it is listened to. There is a review part to the course, for when one has gone through the cds, but while one is progressing, it is not delivered in bite sized chunks and there's too much, "guess what the German word for 'address' is" or the like.

I like the grouping of themes, words and their relations and I like the way sentences are broken down comprehensively to show how they are turned into German clause by clause, but I'd rather that Thomas's method, of showing how these different tenses and forms or structures are used and constructed, was adhered to. Like he said, "the rest is just vocabulary" and I have a dictionary for that.
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on 22 June 2012
I studied German at university level some 20 years ago, and needed to brush up quickly. This seemed to be the only option at this level, and I have to say I've been slightly disappointed. Perhaps because I didn't follow the beginners' course, I don't really understand Michel Thomas's terminology, for example "dive" and "handles". He purposely avoids traditional grammar terms, I assume in order to make the course more of a modern and natural method of learning to speak the language. However, for people like me who learnt the traditional way, it's actually rather confusing.

You have to constantly hit the pause button on your CD player to give yourself a chance to respond before the CD does it for you. I also found Michel Thomas's constant halting of the students to highlight minor problems in their pronunciation somewhat tiresome. Finally, by the umpteenth track using the same technique, I started to get a bit bored. Personally, I like to mix up activities to consolidate what I've learnt. As an experienced languages teacher, I think a class with a good teacher is a better way to learn. Having said all that, if you need a course you can do at home, and prefer to learn in a more oral, natural way, then this does manage to get a large amount of vocabulary over fairly quickly. He is also very systematic in the way he builds up grammatical structures.
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on 28 July 2016
I quite like the format of the audio CDs in the way it simulates a small class and the way the teacher periodically explains the finer points of grammar etc. Like some other reviewers I see how it can become irritating when the 'student' on the recordings makes mistakes. My biggest criticism is the clarity of our hero's voice: Herr Thomas was obviously very senior when these recordings were made and regrettably his speech is somewhat 'mushy' for want of a better word. The volume of his voice varies as well and I cannot help but think how good this course would be with as good a teacher but a better speaker. The CD rom exercises were very good and helpful but I would have hoped for more of them
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on 8 June 2012
I am an aging fool, pretending that I can learn German with the U3A easily. I can't, it seems. But having these CDs makes an incredible difference - I listen to them when I'm walking, travelling, sitting at home when there's nothing on the telly...and it is beginning to get inside my head! Many thanks to him for having produced it, and for Amazon for having made it so easy to own. And for my (meagre) bank balance which made it possible!
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on 8 January 2017
Brilliant way to learn colloquial German and be able to converse and understand easily.
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on 31 January 2015
It makes you feel part of a group rather than studying on your own.
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on 17 September 2014
An excellent resource.
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